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wants to go Yu haunted house, secretly monitor for a few days, feel his unpredictable behavior, and had met with Xi awake drunk, asked a little truth and, behold, autumn Touhan fraud Fan Bao, Hou Shao Ching help arm. 'This child really audacious, downright naughty, not from the coach, almost to the pit master to go. That Fan autumn as enemies, dare openly and man-about, steal personal things. Finally good luck, one is of enemy as a teacher, learned a lot from this secret; party and met Tao brother mentoring arrival, secretly assisted, but prevailed everywhere Fan Autumn reconciled suffer, not Cichou non newspaper, the first is to find a small iron. monkey, and the second is the old thieves mentoring. more Cangzhen you that his dream of things for many years, rather round face shame, since bad conduct, reviled by others, also need to be considered to get the hands. angrily as he did today shameless acts as though maybe he went to bloom, and other things coolish, people expected him to avenge the former will not come back, suddenly took the opportunity to usurp. This time is not out to grab the dark Pirates, treasure was heavy, but not beat him. Of course your mother and niece all non-yung flow, not necessarily the opponent, but it can not save him. Lost treasure naturally good, started moving again fled, legends go, the trail scheduled to be known enemy, is wrong. ' 'Fan Xiao autumn still do not know is the year of Taoyuan Yao Jun implicitly, that can currently only two open cast, this is just drawing on a small iron monkey, with the plan to fish, which I do a fake copybook behalf Lanzhen fabricate the root causes of some of their ancestors Depot , look fake stone blocks attached to the top, so that a small iron monkey stolen, find an ancient cave hidden deep in the mountains is good. Some deliberately significant traces in his eyes, then the risk of theft of things came home to see how, for further care. Fortunately, his two early Vendetta knot, do not do this, too, without even coherent. You recently that the pinnacle of time away from home always rival kung fu brother away from home has not yet touched the first-class expert, and I do not know is true or false? 'So there is a martial arts rules, goodwill learn martial arts, only a limited number of the same family that internally within the family home, a home away from home outside, it can be short and finally, some gain from each other, except if the house number, That is the 'contest' rather than 'learn' the year Huyan Asahi himself acting only now in front Jin Shiyi said, is because of the exigencies of Huyan Xu angrily said:. 'willing to vote either brother Bo, Let that among colleagues, peers, not necessarily tied to the martial arts rules, why not try another? 'It is the common phenomenon of a competition to be the two of them, peeking Jin Shiyi sidelines good skill in the end how, Jin Shiyi still deliberately refuse, the common phenomenon of the Road:' Huyan generals say is the future, you have to deal with the enemy outside home to several different insiders thought, to deal with a foreign enemy when, as a whole. 'The common phenomenon of and said:' colleagues learn martial arts contest with different rivers and lakes on who wins and who loses, are not serious. 'He just has a view of the palace B's bloom away, although Xu know Huyan straightforward nature, and because of their own subordinates, defeated the Shadows B did not have to be like, but still account for a good first speak Jin Shiyi said:.' Yes, different number of our house, would not have had to watch on moves. 'Huyan biliary:' Savimbi also, how you say than France? 'Jin Shiyi said:' you're better than me informed, but also a new brother arrived, dare more latent, or by your child draw Road, younger brother is in short fight. 'Xu Huyan by a handful of his anger greatly reduced, busy:' hard to say, hard to say, we will play a five by three also how? I turn to when he played, a series of five punches, afraid Jin Shiyi not mercy? So on the surface is to let people, but it is like to take extradition would end.' Luo Feile disappointed, shook his head and said: '? Once upon a doomsday membership will extradite' Xu Yuan grunted, his eyes swept out with Young zero, can not help but surprised a moment, Luo Feile lost no authentic:. 'She is the sister of Yang Ying' To her surprise, Xu Yuan only lightly Oh sigh, and even the names of zero Yang did not ask you to turn away. Tan Song still hesitant, Du Feng has cold tunnel: 'Tan thread, you bring me down, I promise not to kill your father.' Xu Tan bite:. 'Impossible, I finally stood on the ring, it will not go on.' Tan Song thrown a trace of doubt in the eyes, he thought Mrs Tan Xu was shaken by the wind to the momentum and will adhere to its own hostile, did not expect to actually openly contradict Mrs Tan Xu wind. Xu Tan increasingly agitated tone: 'Northern School Tan legs to heirs, only 17 years old, had qualified to represent the end of the lead on .u a ring, his father, is not that what you desire to see it?' Tan Song body startled, involuntarily step back. Northern School Tan legs have had a brilliant time, however, prevailed upon the ancient martial art, Tan legs were considered to be limited to the leg strength limitations martial art, at most, can be used as auxiliary exercises and not major. Was all the rage to Tan Jiawu Art Museum, also from the deserted, almost to attract less than apprentices. And other forces and desire to ministerDifferent people in Xian Qi, Tan Song force with enough strength to force the five elements of earth pressure cents into the body, he only wants to use the power of the party in control of ancient weapons Association, Tan legs martial arts had to reproduce brilliant. Even the president has become a sub-association after ancient weapons, Tan Song still feel that learning tan legs, though much, but still not showing Tan legs once had appeal. And now he does not do things his son did, Xu Tan extradition will stand on behalf of the end this side of the ring. Even a broken leg, the face several times