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different person come and we want the same boat ride in front of the difficulties it? 'Huang and Li replied:' It is the intention. Iso who came into the life of our time, says the owner of improper home, must find a Wei speak. 'Good husband had finished, the interface replied:' I'm Weiliang Fu. Huangxiong Today's Tao Zhu, name had long admired, this had come, I already know about. Just ask two different people and when and where to meet, to say when and whether the future situation, and what we can speak with. Else, he just said, can discuss. ' Huang and Li also did not expect to be exposed to dream in Ya in white, to also try to be smart, put lipstick small cargo box as though they carry a change of clothes utensils box, cross dry servant to mention to mention, did not care. It arrived a day in front of the station town Yanping , progressive dusk sky, two chair sit for a day, the body felt tired, this go Yanping Tainan there fifty years, no longer willing to rush the way, will be in the local selection of an inn stay, two growing Guangdong, are fastidious about food, a limited amount of alcohol, but hi drink two cups. Speaking of listening to the clerk because widows face Tsai local restaurant famous four far, has also made a few good recipes, and sometimes moving the index finger, want to try the new. Pingtui two relatives from the old people, since the restaurant to sell drinks. Went on the road, I met a man from his way through the side of the trunk, tall and thin, wearing an air of gentle just like human. Mostly because of the street between two indigenous and wide, Zhejiang provinces passengers, only this time the population pressing forward shouting, 'Excuse me,' impatient with provincial accent, looked at him a bit more. Busy people, flash his stay, nor care. See three waiters verbal exchanges, increasingly see them as the way, is a lean treat, laughed and asked: 'To what food and wine?' Thin Man said:. 'What the old man to eat, I like to learn it,' Huang and Li are very hungry, He will not point the