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Independence Day, the first time as a temporary hearing officer to face trial honest tone when whispered: 'I have not done once!' Wind Luo Feile ear whisper a few words, Luo Feile first blush to hear, on bare feet kicking, issued a cat-like grin. After Du wind finished, is convulsed with laughter, intentionally conspire to his ear and said:? 'Is not feel it was great pink pink sister, did not grow into a Yang Ying, pink small pigeon, slender legs, tut tut. ' Du wind frowned: 'You can not put on his clothes.' She excitedly rise, holding out his hands shaking wind Du body: 'The talk about the details, such as her little pink on pink pigeon, how rubbing your body ......' Du cold wind tunnel: 'I am almost angry!' Luo Feile this away grimace and said: 'You want me to teach her a little knowledge of adolescence, then politely express nothing about you and her, OK, no problem.' Her voice getting serious: 'But Independence Day, her body though not destroyed, but unblemished you saw a little girl was bare, and close contact with you for so long, I'm afraid you have to be responsible for Oh . ' Du relentless wind tunnel: 'shall not be responsible, but for me warn you that she later GanluanEven if I do nothing is not responsible. ' Luo Feile looked Du wind, exposing the eyes to appreciate the meaning, nature is always a woman, and I hope the men in addition to their own, but some of the other women are ruthless. Her long and said: 'Oh, OK, but the trauma caused her heart, I'm not responsible for anything.' Du wind light: 'Then I go.'  ah cry, elongated tone said: '? Hey, Independence Day, I can not help you, oh vain' Du wind had expected a small fox will take advantage of extortion, lightly:. 'I owe you one.' 'Ah.' Pretty little fox Pitt eye narrowed a crack, 'I favor this evening will be spent.' Du wind mouth wry smile, twenty years ago, he simply was Luo Feile fooled. When the time arrived for extradition will Du wind, and the extradition of members of tune, so wandering in the base. It happens, when he to be 'big Sumeru sword style' trapped, much like being in the Wild Rivers Rapids struggling, even good swimmers, it is difficult to get out, the slightest carelessly, there drowned disaster! Ji Xiaofeng anhu bad, I thought: 'I lost it does not matter, but know what escapement be required to make life difficult for the master's face, I have to lose some luster lost.' Don is step by step through the day packing, Ji Xiaofeng suddenly to him Sword rushing, Jingsi Huochu their lives do not like. Tang Yi Zheng startled by the day, to know both sides made it clear beforehand that this is a test, but each on behalf of the door, and the other martial arts confirmed, although Weaponry ruthless, and death from life, but Ji Xiaofeng sin not unto death, if accidentally killed, somehow justified. Tang sword through the day has come to send and receive freely realm, your mind a move, tip Wangpang immediately slipped that know exactly what you want him so, moments like these machines, the pressure on a little light, immediately cast 'a chicken sky,' the extremely dodge, free hip dancing, and resorted to 'grasp the yin and yang,' the effort. Swirl, are sufficient to offset the potential sword style Sumeru issued if the skill to achieve master about five percent, it can not only pressure on digestion, and the enemy's force can be borrowedOff the ground, as the Blue Meng Feng Hu, Qiong Yao Yuwen desperately to move forward!Qiong Yao Yuwen swordsmanship is not inferior to him, just do not want him desperately, before taking the defensive, with him on the delay, although the mouth was fierce yuan, in the end I'm sorry to a second attack, on the sidelines do-war! Qiong Yao Yuwen cried: 'Yu main fact, you do not hurry to solve him forget!'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'Shoudaoqinlai, why it is too tight, and believe he can escape to go!'Blue Meng attack after a while, getting as good as previously brave, and Yu Yu straight asthma, swordsmanship also appears disheveled, Qiong Yao Yuwen Lectra see their surplus, but also not called Shushi yuan