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stars from the temple in refined, and Zhen Fang use. Of course one is expecting Zhen Fang will beOnce upon a time this muddy lake, on the other hand, it is because the town Motoko this door is also owned by the master of Tianzhu Mountain, a time Tianzhushan momentum boosted Emperor does not want to win immune. We do not know the origins of the original Zhen Fang, but also know that no ordinary person. This day, working with the town Motoko Zhen Fang Lian streamers and stars in the valley, I saw stars and the next round after round from nine days, the entire valley was shining colorful, Purple vacated, little star, or did not enter into the two Ni Wan or the stars of the upcoming fall streamers formed among the numerous bars that stand stars streamers hanging down emptiness, white flagpole, faint streamer on it now, but it is Tiancan Si surface streamers woven, very dark, banner above the surface, but it is a refinement of the stars of a variety of patterns, or Dragon vacated, or roaring tiger, or basaltic honest, shy or rabbit, etc., presented on a variety of looks, Zhou stars all in which each absorb the essence from the Sunday Star primitive stars, these streamers, flags in the light of the stars shine, the more vigorous. The town Motoko Zhen Fang and two one person dedicated a banner flag. For the sun, moon both sides main streamers shot over Ni Wan little photochemical, run into, it is both the sun and the moon at the same time refining this two streamers. Suddenly, the town Motoko eyes opened, and a naked shot, sighed: 'Xiandi that someone came to the door.' Motoko Daoxing town far above Zhen Fang. That pig into a city of Kaifeng, which can sense the town Motoko, the moment could not help but sigh. But it is not good to speak. Zhen Fang Lueyisisuo heard, but also felt towards Tianzhushan Pig rushing over, glanced at the town Motoko, sighed:. 'Originally they do not so, but now it is to come to a catholic visible Heaven, own heaven, brother although some of its friendship, but in the end are top figure, actually since swear. Flowers by Sigu see them real, residence is not suspected, Suijue deserve all the primary parallel with the main station, but the word is out, it can not be said not to, had to put them in a row is not a gallery. Main stage people, except magician mentoring, both are five provinces south of the lakes predecessors, itself just mostly Greenwood origin, not love answer such under three incense thief, thief Ying flowers. Erzei Sigu met only with flowers, and far apart, on the stage, embarrassed and stuffy, this build a belly indignant, unable to attack, the heart of a dynamic color, but nothing to fear; they count on oil head noodles, women favor to Bo , thought: should not only in finding Jia Xu Lei, just go look at the enemy killed, publicly showing skills, and then afterwards asked the owner a matchmaker, not the absolutely no reason! Name of wishful thinking as one, all fear scooped not yet come to the stage, their brave rushed out, both his back bowed, feet stomp a press strength, Piansi bolt Tuoxian general, by thirty feet away from the station outside, go straight to the stage actually dipped, attitude is very powerful and good-looking, the introduction of praise. Ray should be on the sidelines, came early to see aid field, exceedingly unpleasant, side and drink: '! Wait a minute, such as two daughter down, call later.' the Han Sheng has been the first to speak and said: 'Miss Lei and do not have thief angry, make the sidelines and wait for me to pick up his pathetic life! 'Leihong Ying Ching lack power, it was anxious to succeed, but I do not know the origins Erzei, misuseThat flower, Cai two masters sent toward the ancestral Cunzhou Jiaochi said: '! After a year, I do not want for you today Zaixun you tarry, I do not fight with you.' Two experts fear came to know, can not distinguish among the rush is friend or foe, both sides prepare, just to the side of the flash. Just at that time, fast! Silhouette in front of a flash, I heard a strange laugh, has come as a bird fell came and went in rejoicing Chung-wing, quickly said:.' Kim Dude, you Although mention go! 'Cao Kinji though gas ruin, but also off the face off the music Detuo France monks and Gu Zhihua, when Gu Zhihua law and destroy three hundred monks have been fighting for two strokes, Gu Zhihua fragrant perspiration soaked Troy, stature seemed sluggish than before SwordFrance, he did just that flexible. The two officers Wangdishangyi Jin Shiyi whipped, Yang big laugh three times, and suddenly his eyes opened, sounded murderous, two officers scared out of their wits. Everyone on the hill, suddenly all eyes are focused on Jin Shiyi body, even law and destroy this a wonderful monk extremely war, it did not even read. But see Jin Shiyi The two officers riding in the foot, laughed out loud: 'I am a non-parent, two no wife, no industry, three, four no descendants, the day is not afraid, not afraid to lower, your child emperor of the Tartars and, if so hit my hands, beat him three hundred crutches kill you two little officer, only when two ants trampled to death! 'The two officers scared out of their wits, and my heart complain incessantly, they relies on the identity of the Guards officer, could threaten Cao Kinji, could threaten all Mang sent the disciples, but the hands of Jin Shiyi, but it is no way. The two men in plain temper Geng hard, vapid lives excluded, the Xinyi Heng, then shouted: 'You Qiandaowangua poison, poison ...... Oh, yo ......' his 'murderous mad beggar.' yelled the words have not yet export, Danjue body seems to have thousands scurrying snake biting, pain very tough battle, really can not wait to die that is also better, but why did not die, although the odd pain in the hearts and minds. Theosophy is very clear! Jin Shiyi laughed: 'Well, you do not criticize these two Kobold Yeah you how excited I want to kill you so cheap to do it how I should slowly pastime it???!' Double foot in them vest 'return possession Point', this is the intersection point of the kidneys, the Jin Shiyi toes a little harder, the