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where dare neglect. A road clouds sky lightning pierced the void, the sound of countless howl piercing out, just a little bit of vision people can clearly see, above the clouds, and the brightest people in countless comprehension, mostly monster shape, raw grotesque, do not know what kind of animal into shape. But all in one put an over. The clouds, his face showing a mysterious Grand Master Youse, naturally he could see Yaozu has action, and to seize all Luzhou throughout North Dojo, thousands of years of accumulation, these Yaozu not know birth Story number Yaozu, though not comparable to the year when prehistoric appearance Yaozu flourished, but did not under its powerful Terran now. Shushan in the end what moves, which have not taken into account, no doubt, some time ago the monks rushed to North all Luzhou probably will fall into the hands of Yaozu, this way, Simon tribes killing each other, perhaps This is the beginning of the amulet. Grand Master Xuan lonely face was the color. Stature slowly disappear above the clouds. Shushan above, while the large hall silence, originally motivated the immortal Shushan, now faces are showing a trace of hesitation color. Zhang Mei reality is clouded minds unwilling to show plainly, to a huge club Luzhou North soSaid let let up? Shushan rise Jianpai opportunities in their own eyes and thus to give up? Zhang Mei face cold, sweeping the crowd a large hall. Chen Sheng asked: 'When you have heard of Red Cloud Shishu Zuzu, why Pindao Once upon a time in the land for many years, but have never heard of Once upon these figures?' 'Although the future saint, but after all it is still not a saint. Uncles all is not too mysterious to mind at ease.' Ascetic Toutuo hint of sneer on his face. The rest of Immortals also heard nodded thoughtfully. Although it is possible that sanctification Zhen Fang, but after all, is now no sanctification, and now the secret confusion. That is, it is impossible to deduce the secret saint, a fairy is not sanctified, how can inferring it secret.  'Come on, we went to the North Pole.' Large dark sky came the roar of helicopter blades, Du wind silently sitting in the cabin, looking at the broken knee cut Shendao. He has issued a message to the generals and Li Han, Tang and love, they willFor the two groups reached a predetermined location to the current combat capability. Goal is to destroy the base of the soaring to seven, if we can complete the task ahead will toward the rest of the goals. Valkyrie and Shun Lu Ya and his peers, Lu Ya always shy to look Du wind, wind Du hesitated for a while, and finally said:. 'You should not come out.' Lu Ya heart of a sweet, whispered:. 'It does not matter, but only two Du wind face looks the same, in the heart with a wry smile, said Lu Ya apparently to their own children, the top ancient weapons encountered this kind of thing, too. I do not know what to do. they can not renounce to marry Lu Ya Yang Ying, Lu Ya can now situation is self-inflicted. Valkyrie with strange eyes a wind swept Du, Du wind distracted. And did not notice the strange Valkyrie. Valkyrie slowly:. 'Independence Day Today you must first defeat God in heaven, and then seal it to keep?' Du distracted wind tunnel: 'I do not want God in heaven and fight.' Valkyrie lowered his voice. With a strange voice said: 'You want to isolate human and heaven, maintaining the status quo, so why not never see your wife?' Du wind light: 'There is no place to shut her so bad?' Valkyrie suddenly grinning and said: 'Oh!' He suddenly stood up, stood up in the moment Valkyrie, after the helicopter to half Valkyrie armor plates were all opened, he suddenly beat up, inserted into the heart of Du wind, breaking through the entire dome force helicopters, this aircraft giant iron and steel products in the air into a pile of scrap metal, scattered open. Du wind as steely wrists firmly grasp the hand of Valkyrie, he never dreamed Valkyrie trance actually attack him while he was with the shocking ancient martial art in the most cruel tricks. Valkyrie into his chest longer words, holding hopeful fell asleep. Jin Shiyi guard beside her, thinking, such as tide, somehow, actually feel the chill Zhitou heart! moonlight from the gap at the top of the cave shone, Lisheng Nan was going to sleep, lips half stew, micro smile now, you can imagine she isProud of doing the dream, this is a particularly charming Sleeping Beauty, moonlight sleeping Lisheng Nan laugh nightmare flowery, appear more attractive the. Jin Shiyi past three years have seen I do not know how many times sleeping capacity, never once have seen tonight so cute, but he told this charming Sleeping Beauty, but faint fear, a sense of fear Tonight is not only of the past three years, when he and a single candle Lisheng Nan relative time, always felt a sense of fear, but this feeling, but the most powerful river tonight, that he almost did not dare to gaze Lisheng Nan to reach that dream smile! 'Since recognize it from that day, she has been haunting me like my shadow, so how do I have to get rid of is not open. She told me the truth crushes or ulterior motives? Want me to help her get to Joe North sea martial arts secrets, Tips to help her excel on superior martial arts, and then home to help her revive sound, rule the roost in the world? 'Jin Shiyi thought, such as tide, and tempting looked at her, her clothes stained where there is little blood on it after her own shattered meridians, are slightly out of the blood, Jin Shiyi can not help but be a thrill, fear is also a bit touched, yes ah, that is considered her ulterior motives, but they can not deny that she is indeed on their own a truth. Outside the moon seems to be dark clouds suddenly covered her, a dark cave, Jin Shiyi suddenly had a strange feeling, to feel that they are being dragged Lisheng Nan, hurtled that bottomless abyss of darkness! This benefit was, he remembered tempting to these two equally glamorous flower girl is much different at the end of Oh! Gu Zhihua like the morning sun, that is considered the most sad in her frustrated when, from its body, Good luck disciples live close, I Lung Fu Shan have thousands of disciples, but do not have to see such a qualified disciple really made Pindao admire.' Xiyi seeing real laughed and said: '?! Now come here to drink tea, to see such a qualification, I wonder if there is a gift to send to know Pindao but then sent a fine gift Oh.' Zhang heard a red face, was taken down from the sleeves to a gourd, poured two immortality, pleasant fragrance, delivery and two said: 'This dragon-saver, though not a good thing, but it can also be washed by cutting pulp, less three decades of practice. While you master the power of studies, no supernatural powers now, good luck meritorious cases, sooner or later you two immortal enlightenment is to do, but if two or three decades is the icing on the cake to save. ' Dragon with longevity and looking at Zhen Fang, Fang Chen laughed:. 'Since your uncles give you immortality, you two do not thanked Zhang uncles, this is a rare opportunity,' now that the lack of human aura, it is the elixir hard to find, can be condensed out of this dragon saver, will spend a lot of time and effort up. 'Xie Zhang uncles.' Two small overjoyed. Joy quickly took over. While asked to live with seeing no real wind, pointing Xi Yi and Zhang Xiao Ma said: 'two large fortune, but I'll wait for depriving will not light ah!' Said also to take some of immortality and spells. Although the duo Zhang Xi Yi live with two people a large fortune, but to send out their own but not bad on the surface, the two Chunyang Dan can also save time on three decades, but it is to live without the wind Chen Fang seen tenrai spell, everyone obviously felt the energy which contained no less than just deal with that kind of Yamata no Orochi. Zhen Fang see two small rapturous look even more inviting some think is not in front of people in the futurePerhaps their own sects do not have their own magic refining. 'Gentlemen Daoxiong, humble dwelling, so of you Daoxiong laughed.' Zhen Fang cited several candidates for a pavilion and