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coveralls Xie Fei, while the oblique cross chest right hand, a slap in the face against the back towards Cui bulk of playing to the right cheek, gave the pair, playing behind. Hit it on the fresh, left a loose body to the enemyBackhand side doubled, mouth shouting: 'Or for the right to play it fair!' Sound of people falling, real as small black Xie Fei, gently down to the side. Your effort doorways along with vital body, because I have a small Shi Zhi, and you like the way they turn out to road, so it is very clear. Now just teasing you, seeing you Fengyun bulk, by which evil evil itchy. So I amused impatient, and just as long as you sight this deadly Xue Tao to the look, the account immediately. You have other tricks to make it faster or better. ' Aghion clearly see in the eyes, peace of mind to make him out to be disgraced, install only no, not over, still stands proscenium, interface Xiao Ma said:. 'Sitting duck, you are top-heavy, attention fell stroke, do not play with the jump , climb Come on, I can rest on a break, will be centering resort. 'Just at that time, fast! Aghion word yet, and Cui from the bulk of the body has a longitudinal, fell in front of Zhang Xu Aghion distance, landing put the knife issue. That knife is a total of five, three inches long, only half an inch wide, there is a wind grooves on both sides of the opening, thin and fast, sharp exception. Five out of the upper left and right lower Rd, Union Pianfei out. When the issue as urgent Wind blowing leaves, down about Luanyao chaotic pendulum, but Xunji potential. Loyal diversion, charming eyes, encounter extremely difficult to dodge. In person, straight nails horizontal wipe, not like other shaders photos only direct hit, but also by the poison quenching grind, no sight of blood to save. Although the bulk of Su Choi Xiongheng easily refused to jump with actual cause too much humiliation, fight and beat but hatred Shenhen heavy, angry, sworn, to make it out. Logically, this and other scenes of numerous hands-on, such as changing on!'Off the United States and the United States continue to make efforts to dance, that thirty-six Tian Monv shallower due skill, the state has a moral, off the United States and the United States only as a demonstration of their leadership action!Duron Holy Meng waved toward the blue, but did not dare to speak, applied for suspension of the magic sound, out of the blue Meng proximity, parallel means such as isoelectric point out! Each made a finger, there are a Tian Monv should refer to the ground, Yu Shi Yuan killings must stop him in the past, Wu Yunshan the urgent voice cried:'Dear husband, temporarily do not want to control them, you deal with the spirit of the old Duron stay!'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'I looked at him, how can it hurt?': 'The roar by evil demons eight positive, you can not also support the following, or to protect us, not let him sent to the fifth roar!'Yuwen Qiong Yao, who finished towards a greeting and said: 'It is time that we act now!'Top tip, fire red light Zhen Fang cover your whole body, right foot meal, Yiduohongyun holding Zhen Fang straight to the sky. Now the other big potential, there is an unknown depth of the human in the side ready for the Magic, or caution. 'Fight!' Hongyun among Zhen Fang bracing, a Road King Mount falling from the sky, hit five Garnett who, in the end is passed down from ancient instruments, with Yiduohongyun, if the lightning fast, moving in the air, only See a fire red light from west to east, from south to north, do not know what the next step appears in which direction. The hands of the iron bar, it is referring to the East beat the West, tiger. Zao teach skills in those few days, Zhen Fang Zao had learned from authentic Dynasty Beaulieu stick work, this heritage to stick work was originally taught his disciples means Chen Chuan ancestors. Dwelling means Kuangyin know, this is the case, but also by virtue of three Sixteenth Street Broom stick work laid CONSERVATORY country for hundreds of years. Just Zhen Fang Dwelling means to use the power of nature Zhu. 'The younger generation would like to live as a disciple received juniors, the future success of the day, parents reported good revenge.' Zhu Geming Qiu eyes up in the red, they worshiped the ground, respectfully knock a few heads in the ground, straight knock delicate forehead on a red ground, faint trace of blood to bleed. 'Well, this is why you do?' Zhen Fang looked pale Ms a palace, let him know so rushed age children to worship their own ideas for the division must be the palace of her beat hands. 'You're preaching Cihang sects under the power law but then explain to teach one of the twelve gold cents Cihhang Taoist left, but Xuanmen authentic, many people ask, seek not come. You two have is not. I am the door of Dafa is good, but if like me, but it is also difficult to meet a million years, unless it be possible when prehistoric, even if you enter my door, practicing it is also not much faster. ' 'Why?' Palace Ms face changed, odd asked. Zhen Fang sighed: 'Do not you want to think you can break through in a short time to bleed air late is a good thing, although you superior qualifications, but blindly practice, the foundation of instability, although a short time, the repair is growing rapidly, but the foundation of instability. is like building a house on the beach, like where to secure the ground up. In this way, you are very limited in the future achievement Bale. comprehension Guards things are OK, are step by step, where shortcuts. I sects Could there be a superior disciple qualified person, but could there be the foundation calm person, want to take a shortcut to it is no. next fall I think worship into sects, this state can come to me unless thereOpportunity, otherwise it will take several centuries credit. Although it is not a mere comprehension of the mind for hundreds of years, but I'm afraid there is no chance of reward. ' 'That's how you can be more than ten years of effort, but there is such a high repair it?' Palace Ms muttering mouth, reconciled said. 'I have a great