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you are very familiar to me.' Guang sadly: 'Independence Day guess, is true you this Prince of heaven and earth should be able to know everything?.' Guang burst after the body shiver, no soaring past the state, sadly: 'She is ...... she is ......' According to Liu away laughing, stressing each syllable authentic: 'She is the Queen of the day Han Yang zero today, as far as ancient prehistoric before, side by side with the Emperor of heaven at the top of the first generation of heaven Princess Willow day zero.' Liu Ji also stared day, Liu can not easily accept data words. Princess heaven heaven well documented, and that is from the second generation onwards Tin Ying Liu princess, the illusory firstPrincess generation heaven exists only in legend among never knew her name yet who now where, hiding behind Du wind out of the atmosphere did not dare even Yang zero, actually is the first generation of the princess of heaven. Young zero almost scared not even breathless, and all eyes are focused and flame like her. Yoo Ji-day hum: 'What you say is what the General Lee, you come to confirm what she is not?.' Guang strangely silent, just did not hear words like Yoo Ji-day, just quietly watching Young zero eyes. For a long time, from the back of a huge iron out of a bow, and gave zero Yang, Yang was terrified zero did not dare pick up hands, Li would like a drunk standing wood carving. Du wind suddenly a kind of wonderful feeling, Li's body weeks, there has been another heavy weight heavy cocoon, and soon he will understand that this is definitely not your own illusion, in the eyes of all are reflected out of that cocoon layer, it is driving force Guang immortal immortal thoughts. Iron bow from the hands down, begins to crush. Form horses emerge from the Guang body, then flick broken into decadent soil. Followed inlaid with dragon-shaped flag, armored Tieji, also turned to dust off the rotten soil. Guang's body began to flow out of blood, blood slowly gathered in the hand, turned into a Treasure of the