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sometimes can not guess what Deng playing idea. Sidelines Yang zero and kinship teenagers are frowning, Yang zero mind that Deng back three boxing is a two-star Ancient Warrior contempt, and kinship teenager believes that Deng is Du Fenggang just broken his arm hidden strength feel fear, so in the case of the first punch fierce punches did not work, and to record a few punches to temptation slow. These fledgling kid, totally unaware of the horror Deng strength. Sharon fruit plantations in the city's central park, where the guardian of ancient weapons, most of them have three to four star power, also only four-star Deng to become commander of the battalion training itself is an incredible thing . In fact, the ancient martial association had not appointed commander Deng, but a five-star Old Warrior homosexual tendencies. Campers often have been called him a secret warehouse location, and without exception, clutching his ass out. Finally one day, Deng called strong inside. Then everyone heard the enormous warehouse, none stop for half an hour, it was jealous to think:. 'This guy looks kinda look of determination will Yaochong' Half an hour later, Deng mouth biting former battalion commander's head, struggling to climb out, leaving behind a long trail. The training camp immediately come alive, a report on the situation facing the upper, side sent test site, so that they alarmed that the warehouse is broken mess, but all were destroyed from the former battalion commander of the source of the attack, Deng did not force walls or underground caused a rift, all solidly landed him before the battalion commander. Deng for gas utilization reached one hundred percent! Only four star Deng, efficient use of their means of attack, abruptly killed the star of ancient weapons! Upper command quickly down towards the implementation of brutal physical violence Deng fried marrow criminal law. DETAILED DESCRIPTION Deng is soaked in a solution of hundred percent pure fruit salon, since ancient weapons themselves have the loved ones in a foreign country.' Zhen Fang smiled. 'Yes ah, although there are many Chinese people, but the people here today come rarely.' Ms Palace gentle smile, said: 'You come off, do you want me to be a free guided tour.' 'So wish also, dare ask Seoul!' Zhen Fang on the beautiful and gentle girl touches admiration. People always like to stay with the beautiful, not to mention her beat Palace is a beautiful and gentle girl, in today's society, it is hard to find a thousand miles. Zhen Fang even monastic human, are no exception. 'Do you like this picture?' Palace Ms looked Flying Fig, lamented: 'Unfortunately, this treasure is now living on the outside, does not belong to my article of.' Zhen Fang heart of a dynamic, mysterious suddenly said: '!.. It may perhaps be, that is, this is who can not change the facts.' Palace Ms Heard, suddenly glanced toward Zhen Fang, his eyes reveal a different light, and then gently Coushang, cautiously said: '! You do not want to come ... take it.' Breathing, such as blue, a hint of fragrance nostrils, Zhen Fang could not help but gently suck. This is Ms palace seems to have found wrong, cheeks flushed with shame, so intoxicated audiences around incessantly. There are several handsome foreign tourists like hey presto actually pulled a red rose come, Ms walked toward the palace. 'Hurry.' Zhen Fang mind laughing. Romantic things like this, probably only Western countryOnly exist, if in, to a strange woman courtship, probably already being treated animal in nature to deal with. 'Haha, really interesting.' Ran the museum Zhen Fang could bear, with a laugh. 'You're not a good person.' Ms Palace certainly know what Zhen Fang laughing, could not help but get angry way. Finally, he is over her mouth and gently laughing. 'Master, Master, can be found.' Hain square Chen Lauren Morales inside ran out the side also took a stunning beauty, while secretly praised the strong Zhen Fang, but on the other hand is more concerned Flying Fig photograph. 'Come on, tell us, this is my this probably does not enjoy the peace and quiet. Monkey see town Motoko demeanor, know each other this idea, do not say anything good, justSaid: 'Just when Laosun trance, as if I felt it was a catastrophe Yulong Young, brother cents for ancestral land, have to book, presumably know why this person is, but please book a tenant with his brother. ' Town Motoko face changed, and could not help but sigh: '? Xiandi, you know my history.' Monkey King smiled and said: 'This Monkey naturally know, say it, you and I still Laosun sworn an advantage, I knew his brother, and my teacher peers, are heard Zixiaogong the road, I was there the day the earth Monkey guts also not sworn and brother. ' Town Motoko sighed: 'When I'm with you of course have to be your sworn Buddhist calculating factors in it, but you're that guy still has merit, and with you, but not sworn injustice on the one hand, because your sake. My five village foliage in the West cattle Hezhou can enjoy peace millennium, though Buddhism as large, but it did not Naiwo, while on the other hand, because you sworn, and I escaped unharmed, but today it is different from the past. Xiandi today for the brother to come, that is to say goodbye to you. ' Monkey shocked: 'The brother of yore which the West could there not have eyes to provoke you, could there be such as to that guy??' Can provoke the West in addition to the two saints town Motoko ground outside, but only if more treasure to be able to There are these supernatural powers. Motoko town shook his head and smile:. 'You just let the brother Borrowed book and you watch your Yulong Young's brother killed by hand, in fact, is not someone to kill him, but for the brother of a friend.' 'It seems that his brother is to choose him?' Monkey King red eyes. Also how Emotion Shigeyoshi Motoko said he did not know the town, the heart of the thinking. Town Motoko heard quietly without saying, after a good long while, Fang sighed:. 'Future if needed, can be sent to actively look Tianzhushan Pindao' Carter, Paoxiu