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smile the moment, into the creamy cliff to the hall. See two dragon pillar still stands in CantonBoth sides of the heart is secretly sigh, thrust the hands of too pure rune handed Zhang Mei reality behind and said:. 'The teacher sent seasoned life too pure rune with you, as a guard with the mountain' Zhang Mei live overjoyed, hastened out his hand over his eyes firmly fixed on the mysterious but all the other hands HL industry fire, he did not know how this thing but a fine defensive magic. Sword repair disciples although offensive ability, but the weakness is defense, which is why when he went to the cause of the current wave of chaos bell hill to win. Grand Master Xuan laughed: 'This thing but Red Cloud Shishu things, not given to you.' Zhang Mei heard live, face a stiff, but he personally seen the Red Cloud Shishu that tough, although only quasi holy realm, but under the saint, who would block the edge, indeed, extremely powerful. 'Division granduncle, Shizu but the first Saints, who would presumptuous, is borrowed Mid party also unharmed, to the time, and then also with his wants.' Suddenly the crowd laughing monk said. His eyes could no patriarch Red Cloud, anyway, he just knows it does not matter as long as not a saint, not a saint would not dare to offend Shushan, even a saint would not find their own outlet, because there are too pure in his back saint, who no others. ! 'Presumptuous' mysterious Grand Master face became pale, suddenly thought of something, a deep sigh of relief, Zhang Mei looked real one, said: 'Bong teacher of life, you want to select a few people in Shushan in with Pindao Go listen Tianzhu Mountain Avenue. ' Zhang Mei Wei Zhou brow did not live at the moment, I am afraid someone Shushan invasion, now sent to your liking Tianzhu Mountain Road, Shushan strength is reduced a lot. But unfortunately they do not, what Tianzhushan where he is known, it is Red Cloud ancestors temple, rumors of the three saints in Tianzhu Mountain subglottic disciples many have heard the word, even when the past, many years seen Wei Han Ying she did not have such a performance. Today, however, the relationship is different, she Yanmu Fei, like little else for her husband, and that the mood on an apartment in Oak levy edge young woman looking husband come back.With trembling strong laugh Yan Mufei called out: 'Han England!'Wei Han Ying Hong lips still hanging laugh, but she was already in a pair of beautiful eyes with tears, two platoon long eyelashes slightly a blink, she reached for the Yan Mufei pulled inside.The door was closed, she leaning towards Yan Mufei arms.Wen Hong nephrite, Yan Mufei gently hugged it and a gentle taste of sweet, in case of non-outsider can understand.Long, Wei Han Ying move from Jiaoqu smile: 'Well, bitter Acacia miserable, and now has the wind to go, since then do not let him annoying.'Yanmu Fei said: 'Han Ying, I guarantee that will not let you keep in mind.'Wei Han Ying said: 'You just arrived?'Yan Mufei nodded and said:. 'Just the city, I eager to go home, all the way to display the agility extremely'Wei Han Ying languishing deep glance, said: 'I want to thank you?'Yan Mufei shook his head and said: 'No, I should not, if you really want to thank me, please take a lips ......'Wei Han Fei Hong Ying Jiaoye, shy cross at him, 'spit!' Sound: 'The greedy, shy, and so on late at night ......'This one, hear Yan Mufei feel kind of strange, but a heavy heart that can not hold him to enjoy the gentle Jiaoqu, he barely smiled, did not speak.Han Ying Wei then asked:? 'Renowned stew with Jigang yet allow him two guys, things I'm not saying some words morally nor speak some sanctimonious, hypocritical, I just said, then, is my own really, completely finished books own thoughts, without the slightest whitewash. 'Well! It seems I do not ask you to promise me things.' President comforting smile. Felicity looked puzzled, the Chairman slowly stressing each syllable of Felicity Chen Sheng:. '...... Because he had already done it.' Farewell President couple, I with Felicity, with curious to see