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be humiliated Simon Makino ! ' heart:.'. This is in imminent death, but also face a significant fine, I told him a lie, 'the moment one side back, side and said:' You're going to throw the book at the ground, I let you live a . 'At this time, to find Phoebe column Flanagan seems levy micro rotation, Lisheng Nan cried:'? What the hell you pound 'skimming ago, Simon tore Makino about the book, the tiger's mouth suddenly felt a numbness, original is Lisheng Nan comes very, lethal injection has his wrist inch vein, detoxification Scriptures that this will fall to the ground. Simon Makino hiss cried: 'I know you, you are the orphan million, retribution, retribution detoxification Scriptures return you now!!' Then he had fallen to the ground, the sound grew weaker Lisheng Nan do not worry, stabbed his sword forward, this found that he had died. Lisheng Nan kill Simon Makino, full of joy, then go check that Baidu Scriptures, I did not realize just one touch, the palm suddenly felt like a bit like Huozhuo to incense, Lisheng Nan shocked, hastily open, palms have played a few bubbles, waves Ma itch, rising straight from the middle finger, once the heart of nausea, malaise, and hurried with the operation 'Days escape acoustic', the call for help with Jin Shiyi. Jin Shiyi arrived, I saw in the Okanagan Phoebe column, down two people, blood everywhere, a Simon Makino, one , while Flanagan wood in rotation. Jin Shiyi only way is a lose-lose, it surprised no trivial matter. said: 'I have been poisoned, you quickly give me the right hand side of the first opened' Weizhong 'and' hear Lisheng Nan Jin Shiyi Jianjing will talk a little relieved, Yi Yan opened for her. '' acupuncture points. Lisheng Nan follow: 'You with Bridget hand, for I will check up that book.' Kim Se still hear her saying this, it is known that book on poisonous, determined to test your own skill and gently with finger touch I just felt a little hot fingers, Jin Shiyi has mastered the evil one's internal organs, so that will be close to all evil does 'You're not one to fight a rule it is not the outcome of their two points, to tell you the front have great real?? you think you are a lot off, useless 'Iraq providers multi jealous, to see their faces only one that someone played, it was the enemy will also fight, Ancun:! Mr. Zhao city came, repeatedly said that the enemy only two or three personal bodyguard, a security man is very good dark dart sly, often with the first shipment of the red slip, fear of escape, he brought the people are afraid not enough; two and they have a friendship, specially fiscal delivery point Hi, everybody to enjoy, this is also not willing to Jiulong Gou Yanshi brothers. Said very nice. But the basis of this case seems clear he saw too many enemies experts fear could not eat, just to encourage yourself to help him succeed. Otherwise, he was ordered Bong Min Fu, kill only three writers, things very easy. Said that three passengers bodyguard together with colleagues, intend incidentally rob, kill two birds, he was sent out two sets of people that have more than a dozen Feel good enough, why should so much effort? When he was given the doubt, for now he hurt a lot of partisans. As to the enemy, even the kids are experts, saw their fame career ruined, but also unspeakable suffering. Mr. Zhao busy then steal a look at the city and that wearing a black, tall skinny kid Jin fight, but also a little overwhelmed, side expected him to be defeated. Mr. Zhao City showed their back, suddenly make a slippery trick, fend off child triangular Emei thorn, vertical up, then Wang Zuoce woods fled. Children did not catchYang only handle one, as if playing a hidden weapon. Rival currently busy with, I do not know do not hit. We desperately for him, killing people, he had to face in spite of the fear of death and fled. Grew more and more gas, micro God a casual, almost in a bit heavy enemy. God had to shake-chun do anything, do it strong to cope with his life. Feng Entrusted by the people, would not want his life, just keep soft tangle. One will