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divination?' 'You want what things?' Zhao Kuang Yi laughed. Zhen Fang look for a move, smiles'Pindao good view of the mountain, and Pindao can give a foothold?' Although Kuangyin Zhen Fang said to be shocked, but quickly got it back, squinting his eyes. Present laughed: 'So this general with a head piece would send a foothold..' Then again, pointing Zhen Fang's robes laughs: 'here and no size, if it is not to a head with the body of the robes for This little place Nengzhe robes, send and track how long the place. With this place, way long, you can also have a foothold, if mountains Leekpai. The General Ye day to ask. Road longer think? 'Side to Zhao Yi Kuang heard, knows his brother is ready to see Zhen Fang joke. Moment nodded, smiled and said: '? If this is true long road, after my brother really can Albatron Miracle in the above, will share with a pulse length of the road, said that how long.' Zhen Fang heard laughed, pointing to the two laughed: '? His Majesty said that two can count.' 'My brother said is what I said.' Kuangyin look startled, and said solemnly: 'I Kuangyin though but a community Takeo, but also a man of indomitable spirit, the words poured out like water, land, Hath not count ceremony. just worry about whether this will be a long road I really robes circled piece of land, the establishment of the gate where do. ' Zhen Fang laughed and said: 'As long as you must not regret it.' Then take the body robes, waved his hand, and saw that the robe drifts, it rose to the sky, two brothers looked up, Zhen Fang is ready to see the joke, suddenly Zhen Fang mouth hint of mysterious smile, shot a purple light on his right hand, but the little finger first thickness, instant, their big as a bucket, straight to the sky, did not enter into that robe, I saw That purple robes suddenly rang out, shining the whole sky, the sun should shine on the day Que Shibi, stabbed two hearts Kuangyin immense panic, this time they found in front of the young Taoist probably not a simple role, hearts awaiting a looking ashen, but soon returned to normal, as if in calculating what they like. Under Yanmenguan, Zhen Fang looked indifferent, like a pair of all things in their own hands. Zhao Guangyi overjoyed, quickly asked: 'Huangxiong there?' Zhen Fang Zhao Guangyi glanced eyes ghost of a smile, said: 'The land pressure crazy, nailhead seven arrows book not actually called Zhong Yao, is really a useless thing, these people actually want to attempt to recover the year Yaozu get glory. As a practitioner, land pressure is still a little talent, but unfortunately, that is not their place to grasp an attempt contaminated with the emperor, the emperor's seat that is what people are able to occupy it? really no brain person. 'Sitting next to Zhao Guangyi first heard his face changed, and heart was shocked, as if every word Zhen Fang for himself, pale as a sheet, the hearts stop beating. Finally calm down, look at the time, on top of the bed's first cloud Zhen Fang has no traces, so just exhaled, and quickly pulled out a large account, to the outside of the time, only to find themselves back already wet, Heart also stop dancing. Yaozu big business among Yaoqi diffuse clouds around, evil spirits sky, seen across the Kuangyin, who also revealed uneasy look on his face. Did not expect to land pressure actually desperate to recruit the demon world Zhong Yao called streamers, gathered in circles the mountain, just ignore the situation silk all Luzhou North lair, to be the outcome of a battle. Among big business, land pressure hideous face, between the eyebrows, black gas filled the air, as if to hear the roaring monster of them. In front of his white-taek, commercial sheep, the British move, Bi Fang, Yao Zu Story, surface color are puzzled look. The move apparently shouted land pressure puzzled even anger. , 'Your Majesty.' Sheep and other providers who face became pale and could not kneel on the floor, afraid to speak. Lu saying too much pressure, not only accusing them afraid to die, but they will be compared with the Roc. I still love it in the end love ' He always thought he was the love After , but after an accident this evening, he played ears, felt remorse and sorrow, now calmly think about it, it seems that not only is his infatuation unilateral love, but he also produced an unexplained feelings! Jin Shiyi grew more and more confused, do not knowDeep ...... 'Valley Ming: 'Brothers in Maixue on poison control, not the invisible Jian Qi display!'Blue Meng shouted: 'At this time why should cast Jian Qi, a sword to solve!'Yu Shi Qiong Yao Yuan and Owen are also awakened, the two are like poisoned deep, want to struggle getting up, but could do nothing, Xue waited a life fighting and cried: 'Kangsi Han princess, you come over here, blue Meng is coming! 'Blue Meng because the wrist was injured, skill greatly reduced, urgent voice shouted:! 'Valley brother you fast hands Yeah, etc. one, difficult to get out, and this blame you too cautious, be sure to fancy come before in the other channel children, otherwise with these two gossips, sword solved! 'Then came the beggars who have heard, green damask, who also arrived, we all approached the siege blue Meng Xue waited busy shouted: 'Do not worry about this old guy, tents there is one, Jordan and Miss Owen is probably unable to resist, come to intercept the guy! 'Green Aya, who desperately rushed forward, blue Meng rose sword, blocking them.Also towards the tent and shouted: '! Valley brother you quickly start, Zaichi I can stop you!'Unplug the valley next bite flying wrist, pulled his waist sword, runoff straight into Shushi yuan amputation, Yu Shi Yuan with a piece of white arms wrapped over a block! When a crash, the valley out of the sword in two parts, that he will cut payments that sticks cut iron dagger hidden in white cloth in the valley shocked and cried out: 'They have to prepare a blue brother!!'Meng blue tent to block the crowd back, unseen inside the case, but he does not hear the voice inside, quickly asked: '? What's preparedness.'Ming valley: 'Shushi yuan Xiaoduan my know his intentions, filled with come, invite inside. Yao Min nephew then ordered to go to the never ending waiting phase, self and Yoshio, Xinmin within the Hyosung accompany the rear garden Jin homes, but also to accompany the meal. Hyosung urged people within the Yao people reunite with their families, self and money, Wei two with drinksNeedless to accompany them. Yao people know his temperament, had to go. Thus we live in fear within Hyosung home garden, only a day and Yao people gather to talk about the others banquets, but not outsiders, often when traveling alone, nor the last half a day, do not tell people to come and go more. Yao, China and the others leave it alone, do not interfere. Human remains off paternity before the first government office in Fuzhou serve Hyosung piano paternity, paternity chess, all is Yujia Shi servant. Qin Shi Wang, paternity chess is Zhang's son, are very intelligent hard-working, do not go out a mouth. Wei Qian Ren Suoju but two of five one-chun homes, among a large Great Room, each with two side compartments, one out of a dark, both are red sandalwood carved panels, full wall drawings, Jin Ya display. After rounding a small mound, on both sides of the ring planting banana, mixed flower clip path, purple sweets. Former homes planted with several strains hold more thick plane trees, rocks three to five, rugged chu column, streams right to, to the north, he merged into one, with the main entrance opposite Tianjin homes. Summer Lotus full open, Biwu Takayanagi, Noisy birds, refreshing cool air inside the park resort. Yoshio know there are building five door sill, outside the building there is a platform for the collection of the Yao people, the daily blockades, no one up, two children this for? Exceedingly strange. Tracking cover into a look, two children already aid the front of a sweet-scented osmanthus tree picking up to the platform, one to the top will not sound, nor start building door windows. Childhood fear of two young hearts ignorance to make a bad thing, Yao