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and looked around the high wind days not peaked wall Zhangpi backhand a giant mech in the legs, played the whole mech buzzing. Looking solemn authentic: 'I was almost killed you.' Luo Feile stepped back in fear, she can see the wind Du This is really angry. This fearless naughty girl, in front of Du wind, like a really cute docile kitten. Du cold wind tunnel: 'Luo Feile, twenty years ago, your grandfather said, you have a super 369 IQ, but EQ is nothing but just did not expect the level of nineteen twenty years later, not only did not progress, EQ also. devolved into nine, only trouble. ' Luo Feile whispered: 'I ...... I see you did not appear worried about you, otherwise, you hit me a good slap in the face outlet.' She was like a kitten close Du wind, to seek spoiled muddle through. Du wind is really a walk away and gave her a slap in the face, I thought that the city made unrecognizable naughty girl, she does not look at remediation will be a big trouble. But he did not under the heavy hand, this slap in the face, at best, which is make Luo Feile electrical ions by the shock body only. 'Popping' sound, like a pile of broken bodies straw like flying more than twenty meters. Du wind shocked even a moment, in the past has been too late when Feizong, body like sandbags heavy fall in the mud, like a pool. Luo Feile burst into no get up and cried and cried: '! You really hit me so cruel.' He beat up 'by the point of shock' is a relative electric ion body, if converted by the human body strength, but even one star ancient weapons have been beaten him to get down on the spot. Had Du feel when exposed to wind Luo Le skin abnormalities, temporarily put away 99% of the force, Luo Feile still alive is already a miracle of miracles. Du wind attend and speak Luo Le, headed Luo Le violently holding down the head of the bearing into her body. After convinced and did not suffer any harm, just let go of his hand. Luo Feile looked up, the left half of white high cheek swollen, tears filledFace and said: 'Do you