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clear, exudes a strange shining This is what things? 'Zhen Fang hearts shocked world good luck, all God cave to extremely cold place, although not Zhen Fang ah did not tryThat place Hantan how cold, but presumably also very powerful role. Yin and, parallel to each other, since there are lava here, another naturally is the polar ice. Looked at the fire red trees, Zhen Fang amazed, gave birth to a Hantan Yamata no Orochi, another birth but this red trees. 'Sorry!' Zhen Fang look for a move, right hand shot five Guanghua, on North Korea to take the trees caught in the past. 'Boom!' Sound Qing Xiang, was surprised to find a fire red flames gushing out, a surge of hot breath blowing, the five Guanghua crushing blow. Zhen Fang laughed, did not think Fengyun trees is actually a baby. 'Humph! Surely take you, you can kill the snake piece of it!' Zhen Fang look for a move, a loud shout, hands hold together, the fiery brilliance of an colorful trees tightly wrapped in one, and regardless of that gushing and hair lava. Red face, as if exhausted, like whole body strength, slowly pull the trees. 'Drink!' Dong Fu, suddenly burst shaking earth have been falling, as if to stand up to the dragon, the entire space would collapse in general. Raofang Chen period but anti imaginary characters, but also the whole body shake, not stable. Well quite a while stopped down, Zhen Fang have time to scrutinize the trees begin. I saw a fire red cane in hand, about the length of three feet, four branches made a fulcrum, just made a handle. Whole body red, crystal clear, as if, like the best of Russian ruby, flashing red haoguang, Bao Yingying color. Zhen Fang looked overjoyed to know that a baby. Contemporary soul of a move, a trace element which God broke into a sudden light comes on crutches, numerous information from the Park day cover. Huang Zhong Li, the most noble, the rumors have innate Five gifted, but who do not know where, it was reported for the Road all, this is a fine yellow bell Lee five elements of earth, it is absorbed