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Meng Shentong and' hum ' cry, and said: 'unpromising things, even a little girl have to beat, dare have face to see me? 'Having said that, in his heart he is not without Ju Yi, thought:' David's items only got a second heavy defeat at the hands of her to say Zi Yang Young has got a fifth weight, but just only her uniform, does not make her suffer internal injuries, which was a bit strange. She still young, has won the fifth resist heavy future skill deep, that terrible? 'Meng Shentong eyes wide open, with a look Gu Zhihua, coldly:' I heard Lv Siniang received a close disciple, is that you? 'Gu Zhihua looking pale, silent answer Meng Shentong.' Hey, 'a cry, and said:' You are in vain Lv Siniang disciples, a little courage are not! As long as you tell the truth, I will not kill you. What are you afraid of? 'Gu Zhihua prosperous and open my eyes and said:' I am not afraid for myself, I'm afraid for you! 'Meng Shentong said:' Hey, this is even more surprising, you did this kind, for I was afraid, for I am afraid of you? 'Gu Zhihua said:' You have this one martial arts, but never as a good thing, you, you ...... 'Meng Shentong laughter, interrupted her words, said:' You just said I was a good evil Great Satan, why beat around the bush so to speak. 'Gu Zhihua heartache, such as twist, then the voice said:' You have to know that he has no evil not ashamed, you, you are not afraid of the future retribution it? I, I was afraid for you, fear you not end up ah! 'Meng Shentong laughed:' Never in my life I do not believe in karma, do not you worry about me. 'After the laughter, but suddenly felt very strange, because writing into his life, no one has ever used this tone and talk to him! Obviously his enemies, but he seems to be very concerned. Meng Shentong down Gu Zhihua looked a lot, and said: 'You little girl was quite strange. Well, Well, you do not have to worry about my next goodI might as well tell you, in my martial arts now, there are still about two or three people can Shengde Guo me; until I got to the ninth pirates.' Looking at the two ninjas and two Yin and Yang, the cash cow of four tightly around the middle, Zhen Fang severely cursed road. 'Regardless, the first to take this baby can talk.' Ni Wan a move, a pagoda slowly rising, silver filled, breakthrough fog, soon discovered that four pirates. 'What people? Ah!' Pagoda weight if jin, where ordinary people can carry the live. Four have not yet resorted to means, it was crushing pressure pagoda. . 'Well, Tiaohulishan' Fukuda came Pianting Healthy heard the scream, mind chaos, thundered:. 'Your group Shina pigs, repair blame me heartless I want River City have become a demon type of God! out! 'Carter, while overcast wind came the sound of the crowd called Guikulanghao scared, a huge shadow now the hall. 'Gui Wu?' Enron heart of a dynamic, hands a twist, a beam of light on big fist lightning strike in the past. I saw that shadow laughed, micro stature, actually into a snake, a black and white two-color, ugly, Shekou was the boss, venom dripping on the museum floor tiles, splashing black smoke and emit aStench. Core snake handling, actually inhale the lightning belly, but not the slightest adverse reactions. 'Teng snake?' Enron was shocked. 'Teng snake, give me the immediate elimination of reptiles, I'll give you five hundred boys and girls.' Fukuda Healthy shouted, pointing to Enron. 'Five hundred, well, you must not break faith, or else I'll be your soul to hell, no chance.' Ugly hide Teng snake actually issued. 'Certainly not.' Fu suddenly looked around thundered:. 'What also stunned, quickly release the type of God.' I saw around Onmyouji and ninjas have vomited blood, one after another type of God put out there Xuenv, there are elegant, big skirts, there are days, there Hashihime have Chonchon Man, boy and so there is, or is very glamorous, or the eerie, or ugly, or vicious cunning, the vicissitudes of life in which everyone included, as is really going to like in hell. Teng snake vicious cunning, quick quick, lightning flashed between, on the break the other side. Tianshu fairy suddenly feeling a kind of body, such as falling through the ice, which bears the eyes to something. Let him from head to toe hair cold. Tianshu fairy instinctively drift after a few steps, the arena came Guiku Li Xiao sound like, and those in groups of Xian Qi Du native body began madly wind approaching. Arena is life and life wall demolished. OTC in blue native body like Xian Qi met with delicious food in general. Du scrambling toward the wind. Xian Qi native slower reaction within the body of the arena, but was trampled down underfoot. Noon to sun through the dome to collapse. Du wind to shine in the body. Du stands proudly wind, the sun could not melt like an iceberg. God seven cut style, and finally cut to the legendary Once upon their gods! Independence Day ceremony chop God seven third type - a clean break. Amid the chaos piercing screams, countless blue flying object fragmentation has not see the original form. Xian Qi native support violent body will also be cut off completely clean break, facing the wind Du Xian Qi native body fullY. stood, Mo Lisha Chen Sheng said: '? What do you mean'Blue Meng sneered: 'You tell him to put down weapons and come back, and now I can rest assured that you can, if he went to the front of the Holy One, and you suddenly ordered the attack ......'Mo Lisha discoloration said: 'how do you think it will come up?'Blue Meng said: 'Because the two of you on the force is no longer respect the words of the Holy One, rebel heart has been born, I can not prepare for this with!' said: 'That can not be, you too jealous of his heart cut, put down your weapons and kill him too convenient, ary relation to our future is huge, I can not risk!'Duron saint laughed: 'Even I do not believe you?'Mo Lisha said coldly: 'life and death, I can not believe no one to check the move, seeking out the saints of the, if not the hearts of his saints, you should believe me!'Duron Holy overcast authentic: 'Mo Lisha, I order you to send him back!'Mo Lisha anti channel: '