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caught a butterfly, even become somewhat astringent sound dumb: 'Once upon a time it really such a strange legend, was able to raise the dead?' Liu days butterfly hesitate for a moment before: '? If I tell you the truth, you can no longer ask me anything about Once upon a time, unless I voluntarily tell you, whiz' Du wind tunnel did not hesitate: 'whiz!' Liu days Butterfly cleared his throat and said: 'I have heard of, Once upon a time there are things that can make the resurrection, may be an immortality, as long as that person's body does not decay, you can take this immortality to revive . ' Zhao Luan murmured: 'the resurrection of the dead can ......?' Even the day dealing with the human body and the bodies of Zhao Luan, this kind of thing has gone beyond the limits of her knowledge, the legendary medicine man can Roubai Gu death as natural medicine successor Zhao Luan know, the maximum limit of medicine, that is, When we breathe in the human body, in order to save. Legend intrinsic hidden thing called the human soul, after all severed human breath, the soul will drift Gravitropism House go, this is even a god can not be saved. Once upon a time actually has the ability to make the resurrection of the dead, really is incredible. Du face fluctuating wind, cut back Shendao seems to have felt the owner's mood, anger constantly jumping. He was not shocked by the resurrection miracle in itself, but the resurrection might lend object. Twenty years ago, the extradition will be all three poles are wiped Chuansong Zhen, Du wind had already given up their hope of survival. But now this resurrection beyond the limits of human cognitionLove, and renewed hope Du wind hearts. Even if they can not survive, but if they work hard to find their trail, and even a little news, a trace can be. He may have the opportunity to re-see the smiling figure, with his familiar attitude in front of him. That made him unforgettable for two decades, at the day of the journey alone embark on anti-people. Yang Ying. Butterfly originally a temporary mischief done displeased the other mouth, intending to take the snake with embarrassment, this no heart hurt, for it will also unexpected. A snake suddenly saw that wild hair, shocked, busy that snapped restrained, and in no situation has since, seeing the situation as dangerous. see the potential good, positive self dismayed Mengjue silver photoelectric diarrhea, a cold wind off, the snake soon Jijiao fly on an empty patch of with, the body immediately reduced. Nagao actually grazed beside the head piece, not swept in. I heard over and over again along with Heming, the body fell to the ground already. This room was originally a momentary thing, then there is no physiological somewhat less step. Jiang Ming due to stand far away, to see contests, early bird crane to see the whole body white, silver snow, but also sit back with a white nuns, on the occasion of the snake out of the tail hit people, from high flying under the sky, put a claw neck snake caught soar. The snake seems to know no fortune, shrieking cry, the body immediately reduce violence. Look at the situation, like a crane designed for an emergency rescue Hei Mole this, the snake caught in the air, but also missed the down fall to the ground. Xin Lian while Donnie call 'Shishu' sound, people have been treetops Zongla to ground. Heimo Le suffered a false alarm, though, still as calm, without let a noticeable shock tolerance. Look at the back of a crane man, but a wonderful year white nuns, a crane to the ground, then since the vertical down. Donnie are Baifu the ground, the snake has shrunk Chixu size, eating crane on the paws clutching a pair of doomed Heimo Le Xiongjing no fear of the state beg. Tong Xing seeing to drive down. Jiang, black, three children all come backing material is not small. Pending approached each other, the small Nepalese Suddenly nuns Stern said: 'This was despite two Niexu Shan Bao male teacher ban in place, after years of listening, still in the wild, how can any of it with a sword without foundation face became pale and could not resist: 'Zhou stars big fuss? how could, according to legend Zhou stars do not know the loss of a large arrayBeside it stood an eighteen-year-old teenager, the same sword hanging Pathetic, but looks very elegant, handsome peerless. see he did not open, and whispered: '? See wrong with it,' Bao Shude shook his head: 'Founder and not evil!' Baili Chao surprised and said: 'From what you were right from wrong?' said: 'To no reason, but I have this intuition nothing 'Baili Chao suddenly hastily:.' Adelaide, the man bit strange! ' said:'? there 'Bai Lichao whispered:' to the temple went to the ' said:.'? What is strange, 'Bai Lichao side pull him, side whispered:' we went to the temple to see, you pay attention, left two characters also see that weirdo friends, they also like to chase to mean, maybe that Frankenstein is soaring accomplices ' said:.'? I ask you what is strange, what you ramble, do I still do not know that two people move ' said:' That man is a The old man, one thin afraid of people, but they are wearing gowns gown, with two deep, dense white teeth really like the temple of impermanence, 'Bao Shude heard startled, asked:.'!? high or not, 'Barry super show of hands over and said: 'There are nine feet foot, road Akira Akira Yeah.' Baoshu De shocked and said: 'Beware, that person may be 'Kuni zombie' day now, which is the suzerain of four Shishu, is . Red evil magic of the five most toxic one, 'Bai Lichao immediately stopped and said:.' That I can not get out, ' push him and said:.' He does not know us, afraid of what they do not close it wants to 'Bai Lichao said: 'You know you just said?' Bao Shude said: 'I was listening to the home division said, now is not he also do not know.' arrived in front of the temple, Baili Chao suddenly in Baoshu De ear: 'That two a far from us, and stop for a let them go in. 'Baoshu De nodded, immediately pretend the murals.Two ears suddenly heard a somber claimed: 'The Dai, we wait for Uncle, do not be hands-on.' Baoshu De Mother peek and