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; that's hidden weapon was anxious to play accurate, sound waves, going to the mouth into. Han also original expert, though dodge less, have self awareness, hearts started to bite off my mouth, trying to bite hidden weapon. Not expected to be slightly slower, and that a total of only Cunxu hidden weapon size, actually glide up and down by two rows of teeth, and the right to break the palate, tongue swollen to eat. Finally rub upper and lower teeth, biting a little tip of the tail, teeth, althoughMove the two forces greatly reduced, not being penetrated the bone. Busy felt that something crispy and sweet, not like copper and iron things, Huang Budie spit a look, but a large fresh dates, Jinu hearts and minds, no time speaker, he heard a child side accent shouted: 'You busy, I'll send you a dates! 'sound to people that, at the same time by flying obliquely in a child, holding the hands of a capable software can be hard strange weapons, there are more than six feet long, little finger thickness, Quintana dense scales , black and shiny, the head of a pit-shaped steel vertebra, about half a foot long, two three-inch thick, one to the front, they point to Dangxiong, showed their curse:! 'shameless Gouzei want Fly tricky, wounding two dozen a hidden weapon it? I also sent you a date to eat, what you see is delicious? ' I will some nurturing, first killed this big, good and evil come an opening red. Struck by this idea, just to catch up in the past should be a Heimo Le see that Han slips eyebrows stood, head flashing fiercely, suddenly jump forward, according to the ancestral week deposit is a mace head, eat Xu. Zu duo with a sword while a wave across the shock go through. Han like the unexpectedly sudden, vertical side, his face became Jiang Zi Hengrou are Jinu color profiling more significant evil. Due date had just taken the road too much, pocket fit, stuffed in the back asked several within Phascolosoma, I suddenly remembered the time to turn around, fear and fight the enemy to use the hidden weapon, mixed with trapped. Jane launched in embroidery, while numerous than even sharp blade into the bamboo, relying on simple surface ejected quickly attacked the goldPeople, the one sweet tone. Gold face people howling: 'The sword of poetry and painting, Lee Han flush, Li Hangong then tie mutiny horsepower adults.' The last one did not attack the earthy eccentric body away, sinking into the soil between the numerous black lake, the lake was filled with silt moment, emerging figure of chess, painting, sword buried by mud bust, unable to move. Gold Face Frankenstein eyes emerged vicious look, shouting: 'The! Soil buried them with the information I have to deal with the remaining two.' He waved his hand, hands appeared sharpened golden light, slips down the middle all broken into two parts. A figure staggered a few steps, headlong Zairu lake of blood in the air to draw a curved line. Lvmang flash, gold face Frankenstein screams, the body was a two-edged swords black throughout. He does not bite the bullet and pull out, he just lived with the body embedded Nabing swords, grinning and said:. 'You see what tricks.' His grinning woman leaning towards the cliffs, the woman's body wearing sackcloth special funeral mourning apparel, back carrying a string to make off with the guqin, and Shen book together in just attack people face after the failure of gold, she The mixing device 'piano' was destroyed, the woman seems to be confusion, numbness eyes still pounding piano. Gold face toward the woman who reached out to pinch neck, grinning: 'You are to give them a funeral ......' He has not met the woman, the woman instinctively pulled from the arms of a bright silver flute, struggling a blow. People trapped in the lake full face became pale, howling: '! Don Love, do not use drive Soul Magic Flute.' Siren sounded in the midday sun, this array flute somewhat tragically. Numerous strange bright silver flute notes from leaping wrapped in gold face people, gold face human face immediately changed green, a large number of vessels in