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two veins, infuriating pubic line quickly go to the lower abdomen, the back pressure on the countAlso slowly increase, has come to 1800KG. E, Yang Liu fat zero and pretend like trance or reading a book, actually looked at the numbers on the back of Du wind. Infuriating in office, Governor two veins wandering the occasion, the back pressure on the already reached 2500KG. Du wind infuriating pubic region to go down in the pubic region infuriating to reach the entrance of the moment, the pressure has reached 3500KG. Young zero look relish, the legendary ancient martial skills, the compression factor of three-star Bridge Is Falling is 3500KG, Star King, magic is 15000KG, seven-star commoner with no magic is 75000KG. Du infuriating when the wind is now running only four small Zhou thirds, until the gas in the pubic region which shares the cycle, and then diverge to form a large human kidneys Sunday, more than 3500KG times should be no problem. Just when she was full of longing to see King Kong is not bad magic and even a commoner with no magic is what it looks like, Du wind suddenly looking sank back on the counter-pressure index to negative 3500KG, a strong flow from the palm against the incomparable rush out, slamming boom, the whole floor were collapsed Du wind shock. A few people off guard all fall down, Du wind last fall, the air he could not even catch herself lucky, knees heavy fall on the ground, mouth spit blood. Young zero and E Startled to raise him, just met Du wind shoulder, a powerful force immediately penetrate Fanzhen two wrist, will play two dashing out, the figure hit weighing several hundred pounds The steel door above. Entire fan steel door was abruptly dislodged from the concrete wall, separating the skeleton lying on the ground. Du wind rise again spit blood, after which the mouth spit blood, he has just ingested the world of strength completely forced out. In the world of strength is about to enter his heart, his body became infuriating first shares can be freely exchanged, the Du sleeves one possession, the difference since the move went out, closing the door behind also.Yan girl did not move, did not speak, but her face was emerging from a strange look.She is a smart man, Mr. Ren Sanfanliangci save her distress, she still did not know the fact that he is a bit hidden in Warren? But she never thought that she had not been away about Sanfanliangci save her in danger of the fact that he is reputed in the world of 'Desert Dragon' Futian Hao. She only knew the whole team for the people in the fact that he is a good man, never underestimate her, she had never suspected the team in so many people, she felt able to talk with Ren.-------------------------------------------------- xmwjw scanning, sword small world COR, old rain floor exclusive serialization: partial sun West, west halves of a blood-red sky, bustling city gradually bend beneath the horse.Soon the lights of the time, can not rest lively?Lively horse market is gradually break up, in addition to some children, in addition to some of the industry but it is the beginning of the fun.It is those little alley there is a small narrow gate children, those little children in the narrow gate, and out of all men.This is either the first momentCame out, for the pieces of clothes, pale blue poplin gown, her hand to take the folding fan, looks significant benefits flowing free and easy.The fact that he can not go small alley that small children ran through the narrow door, it is not the fact that he went to the children.The only hero able character, is really good romantic celebrities, is a 'celebrity' on the fact that he considered, namely the celebrities or the occasional romantic, dust off the track, and that only comes from the dust, the dust is not dyed Touch of Zen can be worthy of him .Ren into a teahouse children. Teahouse is a leisure place for children, although Pinliu very complicated, what people have, can be regarded as a decent place.This teahouse children not far away from the horse market, but four or five feet away, you can herself in front of Don after day, less than ten feet away from the land. Bingchuantiannv afraid to lose her husband, pull immediately is a trick 'ice thawing' tip jitter, coldness little bit, like hail falling chaos, thousands of points million points will be down! Don is edged by day holding ordinary bronze sword, butHerd issued eight style, a style according to a formula, like the Yangtze River, rolling, people power is amazing, Li wins under their husband and another linking sword Ji Gong, Yingjie they did not dare to find the correspondence, relying only Brisk agility, swords cracks in the drill to drill! After days of fear Lisheng Nan Tang Chung Lee stole two, cast Herd sword firmly forced her to live, do not let her get near them. Jin Shiyi immediately seize the opportunity to display their extremely dodge, flying from the woods grazing, Li Qin regret grabbed his left hand, right hand grabbed Chung Show, among dazzling inside the fork has retreated into the woods, but with the 'day escape acoustic' of the surgery, with Li wins another said: 'You must not misbehave, only to lead them to wait for the next line will open miles outside the hill to meet..' said: '! I care too, I assure you,' Jin Shiyi's speak only Lisheng Nan heard, but Lisheng Nan Zheng lips slightly open, Tang after day across from her, but pay attention to it, in her Tiaohulishan, which also help with Xiao Yaonv come! 'Lisheng Nan princess smile, said:' Tang little head, you can count plummeted today it home! 'Young Longjian empty flash, a move' Lady pinning 'fast as lightning, Tang after day slightest distraction, only to hear the' brush 'is heard, the skirt has been her sword through the day after Don furious, shouted:!' Well, I just ask you this Vamp discuss people! 'Herd Eight-made wind illness, Bingchuantiannv of more of its powerful, circling dance, and turned it into a mass of coldness, but also immediately under the hood Lisheng Nan laughed:.' You want to make, I'm going to Excuse you! 'The end of the laughter stopped, a' small