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Yang Ying leisurely said: 'as strong as the Emperor could not break the rules, you want to lower the world overlord, no match for the power of soaring world, there could not be done.' Weiqing suddenly laughed and said: 'Indeed the King can not be lowered to earth, but the King would have been on earth do not forget, when King headless soaring up!!' His intimate knowledge of authentic: 'I have to find a way to wake Pa four Tianzhu continuous rotation, looked at the column void Weiqing said:.' Tin Ying princess, you have to go along with me, if you go, if King excited to launch an attack We will die there. ' Yang Ying smiled, proudly on the four middle Tianzhu stepped into the room. Soldiers with God inside eachGo one step further, there are countless column shadow over oppression, the weight of two people can not breathe, I do not know how long to go back in, only to find a huge figure. In him was four Tianzhu fragmentation. There are ordinary people figure that road many times is huge, but not the head, hand stays days, with his hand on the shore of an invisible void. He grabbed the land is heaven! Sealed Heaven, heaven and countless fairy princess second heaven, the original heaven! As in the world of legend, King Xiang Yu and even lifted the distant heavens, only use one hand. When the original seal of heaven, God's plan with four soldiers Tianzhu prop second heaven. I did not expect simply can not afford, it was then. King used his body to shore up days. Yang Ying suddenly burst into tears, scold:!?. 'Soldiers of God, King, gave me when we had to wake up this is the seal of Heaven set aspirations do armor God, the King of the column, the system only for the soldiers of God God in just a few weapons and a lot of fighting upon a time. What sort of thing! ' Soldiers of God lightly:. 'Tin Ying princess, which is against the Emperor to make the cost as long as the person upon a time come to earth and community integration, everything will be restored when the beautiful heaven looks like, you were not slowly said:! 'This package of powder, but the most powerful of the seven synthetic poison, after dose, immediately distributed to them bleed to death than this injury is the courage and the guts, I do not know Tang head can have this courage, dark make me a cup of it? 'Meng Shentong way to make such a test, who really is unexpected, at once to boil a pot of water, uproar, noisy audience,' Well do not face, clearly wanted to stab in the backHeroes! '' Do not be fooled, he will have the antidote! '' He knows death is approaching, escape justice, so to La Tang heroes accompany him dead! Well, Well, really fantastic! Guests can there be such a test of truth. To fast life and death, why not simply sentenced to death in the weak and strong deposit martial arts! 'There curse Meng Shentong, there is advice column Xiao Tang, condemning miscellaneous sound advice into a Mengshen Tong said coldly:.' Gentlemen Stop, please listen to me saying a word. 'His voice is not high, but every word like a metal percussion in general, sent to the eardrum, once the audience sounds are suppressed Meng Shentong Hey sneered:.' What comes to detoxification of drugs, and the world Like none can match too Tianshan snow lotus, and Tang, head cook who will have to use the Tianshan snow lotus Bi panacea, if that should serve antidote Discovery tricks, how can I quote the head of Tang got cheaper! 'Rightly has said:' This is a test of courage is not a test of the ability to detoxify, Tang, head of course look heavy martial arts, Mengmou nor nobodies, imagine under the watchful eyes, ventured to drink poison After the wine, watching the other die, while they Discovery service antidote to survive, a hero is not afraid of the world ridiculed it? 'These few words were extremely powerful, will survive the posterior Tang Xiaolan may also cut off, and everyone looked at each other, not only to hear Meng Shentong said anything again laughed and said:.' In fact, all of you paranoid Qi worry, I more aware of you say it, my bag of powder, but Peacock does not have any fighting initiatives, as if standing still waiting horsepower tie massacre. The seventh of eight Liangbing knife pierced hands appear in horsepower, horsepower tie can not help but frown: '! You want to do in the end.' Du wind indifference: 'You can not kill me, to continue.' Two Limang penetration Du wind legs. Wound without blood spill, numerous traces of rust appears on the left leg Du wind gap whole leg joints are filled with liquid metal on the right leg appeared like a large green mold. Like right leg had to pile the roots in the ground, like nails. Horsepower tie-edged knife in his hand last, has refused to send out. It simply went to the wind in front of Du, the last two-edged knife in front of Du bright wind, shouted: 'Du wind, you do not want to commit suicide, and I'm seriously a war!!' Du wind looked Nabing Flying, Flying luster dimmed. Like rotten earth in general. Five Elements of the five elements of the knife, when the power of the soil in the last year of his body began to play. Five forces will launch a chain, the gods could not withstand, Du wind suddenly said: '?!. Horsepower tie, you are not want to think rightfully ancient weapons down with me then I will teach you the way ancient weapons to fight.' Horsepower tie Menheng cry, reaching the final nail into a knife Du wind body. Flying into the body in an instant. Du hand wind pick up, who raised a large tracts of dust. Horsepower tie pupil can not shrink, collapse slamming. Constitute green eyes cents burst directly in his eyes. The knife did not penetrate the fifth Du wind body, still remain in the hands of their own land. Du wind reached Yifu, all brushed his body, and turned it into a large dust, lost four handle knife attached to the knife at the same time reduced form, the enemy before him, Du Feng has his body, Clean with a world turned into dust. Flying rotEclipse inertia still exists, along with dust rotating fast, you want to continue just to corrosion effects, but found himself unable to keep up with