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not, and is also preparing to go to you and Don Tianshan by day yet. 'Li Qinmei quickly asked:' You may have to inquire into his news you! 'Chen Tianyu said:' I heard Jin Shiyi also looking for him. ' said:' The sister said Li, Jin Shiyi said before that it is through the xin'anzhen. We are going to immediately rush through last depends on your instructions, I met with the brothers. This time Jin Shiyi news, you areWhy come? ' said:' I heard before that the Xin'an Jin Shiyi said to myself. 'The moment will last for Chen Tianyu said lie Again, Lisheng Nan Li Qinmei will get twice the rescue, it could even Lisheng Nan want to lie to her, and immediately said:' So, I just go along with you, I also have to find He does! 'Youping laughed:' sister willing to go with us, really wish for. We Zhengchou nothing to repay kindness Jinda Xia, now you go on, it is better than to send him any gift! 'Li Qinmei heart sweetly, Yang Chen said:' Chen sister really decent, but not a few years, a meeting you will make fun of me. 'Reluctant Liqin Mei Gu Zhihua, and took her and said:' Sister, you go with us. Anyway, you do not have anything, and the World Heritage brother is also know we can work together to find him, but also some lively. 'Gu Zhihua laughed:' No, I also have things that you did not have time before he finished, I adoptive father died a few years, I have yet to give him a grave yet. 'Liqin Mei was going to say: why not slowed down this laughed:.' Jin Shiyi idea often changes, and I'm afraid he went halfway, suddenly changed his mind, or perhaps not Suzhou. ' surprised and said:' You know how he used to change his mind? 'Mind was thinking:' I get along with him for so long, people do not know about him? But he never Shuoyibuer it! 'Fortunately, the say, put the others, I'm afraid she was not only surprised, but also angry said:.' Jin Shiyi told me that he was going to sea in a month, also told if I got you news, so that chatter mountain shangqinggong to wait for him. Although he and I said the words in front, and my Xiandi say? ' Zhen Fang nodded, a move above the Ni Wan cloud of light, now in its red lotus flower on pearls, beads and downs twelve pieces of Poseidon which, brilliant, shining golden acres surrounding a large merit, only to hear a faint Zhen Fang said:. 'In the shift, month over the loss of material containing the bad, heaven and earth are constant brother, that the BuddhaDoor too full! Brother, Daoxing, in the human world may know Dragon reunion, day-dimensional reproduction of the door when suddenly chaos secret move? ' 'Xiandi mean?' Town Motoko face changed, and could not help but ask. 'Even though I was giving way under the ancestral Purple obscurity, when the congregation at St. Qi out of, but I have not yet attained the meteorite itself. For today's younger brother is probably guess, the amulet as temporary. Materialistic aspect of the human world, to kill the child upon a time Numerous, comprehension of the people to fight for fame and fortune, killing one another, confusion between heaven and earth, cause entanglement, this is coming amulet reasons brother While fighting over the Buddha and Buddhist befriend, but in the end not a Buddhist myself, again not a saint, not a holy end is Monkey Although known that ants fighting over the Buddha, but the Buddhist Dharma, Buddhism Shengjiu but will decline if there is no chance in the future, the first meteorite body is fighting over the Buddha; while he, as a saint of children, Behind the three saints, if he does not die, the person must have an alternative, there is sworn to its meaning brother, brother do not do that substitution of the people, who can replace. ' Motoko town in the end is prehistoric, to become one of the Tao, Buddhism heard calculations do not know how good long while before they sighed: 'Xiandi said even faster thanks to the brother see machine off before the disaster. Although more than a causal future struggle, but as long as over Shajie, yet it can be a Crawford cents better than the alternative of doing things better than