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Qi goddess, monster eats every inch of the tree of life, but also an equal ate his vitality. Yoo Ji-day covered his mouth and said: 'We lost, nobody can block falls upon a time, four of God together!' She violently, raising his hand, hold the right Zongda forces like soaring to the sky like fireworks, air traffic appeared countless green woven into a large network, as a face mask will be tightly wrapped around the beast God. Kenshi crazy monster tree of life lost appeal, all turned to stone fall, fall to pieces. Liu Ji face no bloody day: 'The world can only be launched at 15 minutes, with a day to go Kyi, and you can not think of going to the same month died the same day.' Du cold wind tunnel: 'Where?' Yoo Ji-day feminine hint of blush on his face Yang Qi said: 'HeavenLive for hundreds of years, some things never experienced ...... want to experience death. ' Du Fenghuai her head buried in and said: 'Just like you did on the day of shadow, take this last fifteen minutes of the day Ji intact enough to again.' Du bayan wind suddenly gave her a slap in the face, indifference and said:. 'The slap in the face for the shadow to your' Yoo Ji-day beaten cheek swelling, speechless: '! You actually hit me.' Du wind a throwing her and said:. 'Shadow said that her sister was not the world genius, original talent in playing with all these petty jealousies, the last time was still fooling others.' He who ignores Liu Ji day, indifferent and Valkyrie turned Guang said: 'A man Guards, killing one person God this is our last road!.' Liu Ji day not angry, Yang Qi smile on his face, chewing his lips and said: 'Tin Ying princess really did wrong man.' This is indeed the last one way, since Li Guang and Valkyrie any person shot, will lead the congregation God of heaven come to earth, then it can only be shot by one of them while the other until after the congregation of God comes, shot Tu God. Yang Qi roar infuriating Valkyrie hands and said: 'I came to hand, will fly you to deal with the beast of God.' Guang sigh out of Zao approaching, but unfortunately, it will begin brother became pale, then have the ambulance Terran, but then also owed a person or a group of people to the cause. Today, you are also going to have the last one also. ' 'Xiandi, what say?' Town Motoko face became pale. 'Zao was born, it will begin to show the amulet, the saints will be out within the Millennium that year Hongjun Taoist nine words for the extreme, so he will have eight saints sects, has now gathered six saints, which There are two never gather, one of whom was younger, while another one was now still athletic side into a woman. Beastkin then double holy would like Terran blood refining Tu witch sword, you saved Terran But if there had been no witch family to help, I am afraid that there is a danger of fallen brother. Today Houtu upcoming sanctification, too big to be born witch, a big witch witch family bloodline going to sink into the earth, when the amulet, the will of the witch out, that should be robbed. These 10 Temple hell is the year of the master of the Wu family, to be born now, to the government on unattended. So the brother of the ten incarnations want to replace 10 Temple hell. 'Zhen Fang look dull, as if upcoming incarnation of the ten is not the same as his brother. Need to know this is not the ten incarnations cut three dead, Lingbao sustenance of good and evil in general, or is as Laojun general to Arcane into three quasi-holy master general. Motoko town once and turned it into the top ten incarnations, although it is also 10 Temple hell town Motoko, but Daoxing is a lot weaker. Town Motoko frowned, suddenly pointing Zhen Fang Xiao Ma said: 'Look at Xiandi also worth mentioning for consideration for the brother's sake, for the brother to endure for some time, until calm again after birth not too late, but I am! I have also taken away the disciples, so not white do not merit. ' Zhen Fang face suddenly changed, laughed and said:. 'Younger brother is always hiding from the amulet is on the surface that is probably a non- the Gods of the sky on a fairy Daoxing now also scored far above the year, we can see this line touches a good job. The emperor himself and is now a sword, another big fuss too pure rune cover your behind another saint, wanted to hold Shushan enough. Immediately asked: 'Brother to be a few people?' Mysterious Grand Master shook his head, the moment the fire industry HL offerings in the air, I sawHL fire in the large hall in a circle, there cries of brilliance flashed into the industry did not count them among HL fire. Zhang Mei, who live look in the past, was surprised to find the large hall has lost several people figure, respectively Qi Shu Ming couple drunk Taoist, Qijin Chan, Qi Xia children, Qi Lingyun, Qiu Zhi Xian, Li Yingqiong, Zhou Qingyun, Qin purple bell, more than 10 people. HL industry fire received ten people after he landed in the hands of the mysterious Grand Master. Mysterious Grand Master touched the hands of industry fire HL, perhaps in the future a large Shushan know Jianpai, but also left a ten seeds only. Zhang Mei glanced at the moment they live, to see that he still did not want to be hatched and vacated his intention handed sword, heart secretly sighed, and said:. 'For the brother to go to Tianzhu Mountain in the future, I am afraid to go to meet , but also to the following centuries. 'Then with a sigh, clouds flower with a single step, not a trace of a sudden it disappeared. Zhang Mei Meng heard actually live to be a hundred years later in order to see the mysterious Grand Master, and his face became pale while, awaiting greeting mysterious Grand Master, suddenly flashed day become carnage, faint bloody much gas stocks came. Tianzhu Mountain, the mysterious Grand Master Remove HL industry fire, Qi Shu Ming, who will be put out, was surprised to find the immortal pale, and looked sluggish, but extremely robust soul Que, heart alarmed, Lueyisisuo suddenly understand the truth hearts straight sigh Zhen Fang magical wand. Everyone had just Ningbi cliff suddenly fire red lotus in