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which the tire. Wishful really cents face suddenly showing a trace of pain, after an instant, I saw a black smoke rising from the mud ball, not a trace disappeared, Zhen Fang hearts sighed, stick a finger in the hands of hibiscus, the sun suddenly the real fire burning flesh fairy wishful true to their heads, leaving the baby fist earth blood. It is the year of the beasts towards Cang colorful sacred cow when to blood. Among faint. Zhen Fang also could feel where the rushing of prehistoric atmosphere, very honest. Ni Wan moment a move, a Poseidon beads fly out to that group together haoguang blood wrapped them, a moment to absorb the clean. Into the Ni Wan Zhen Fang was not any place among the Purple Palace. Into an immense magic, waiting Zhen Fang absorption. 'Teacher!' Kuangyin on the ground, who see clear, square off Chen Ruyi real fairy hearts surprise, quickly greeted, his face smile. Kuangyin, who face became pale. Although it is known Zhen Fang certainly extraordinary history, but do not actually have to know there are so Zhen Fang identity to his brother, though the crowd inadequate practice. It can only longevity. But just a little bit of common sense to people. Sin is also impossible not to know the ancestor's fame, the moment repeatedly promised. Fang Chen also said: 'Five hundred years later, you can also see a row to Tianzhushan see your brothers senior sister apprentice..' Kuangyin heard again and again nodded. Zhen Fang said the first step to give birth to a clouds. Holding Zhen Fang towards Tianzhushan away. This day, outside of medicine to a monk Lu suddenly. Health Depot with a solemn face GloryDew. Put over his head hidden relic element of light. Shining worlds, between the eyebrows. Cinnabar a shining golden light, however. A pair of eyes is Taohua Yan habitat. Erotic vision is then followed behind him in a nuns and two monks. A face Hengrou. When the eyes are not Piaoxiang side to nuns, his eyes light hint of prostitution, it Budaha of joy sects Jinshan monk; and another although when two junior sister apprentice, I'll wait for instructions from the three classic since it came, when you want to work together for the concept of a large array of no small brother of the cloth under the four, should not be taken lightly. Also that this is not in my line of Maitreya Buddhist, etc., under the East pharmacists glass Buddhist line is in the above I waited, I waited all Pangu three clear sects, when together, can not be lost Pangu authentic dough. 'Antarctic Seno and not when the Virgin looked at each other, and even full say yes. Upon seeing the mysterious Grand Master nodded. I saw hands took a Tiechi, emitting a Purple over Ni Wan, mighty, over Purple, gold lamp on a lamp, into the octagon, it is innate Lingbao. Eight world into three lights, one of the lanterns light up. Shiny gold lights lit, little bit down. The guard in the middle of the crowd, but alsoInto a large array. That river of blood ancestors hum outside to stare a big fuss, he knew he had a bad reputation, although never thought Zhen Fang, who invited himself along the front, but when Zhen Fang really did not do the time, but the hearts is very angry. But also helpless, had bitterly snorted turn from a carnage, but also into a large array. Large array, Zhen Fang frowned, because at the moment actually found myself actually that huge soul at all, but a radius of several feet beyond the scope of discovery. Although it can be considered a radius of several feet range, master blows, the least bit of difference, hack away, the least bit of distance can decide which life and death and the success or failure, but in this mystery among the large array of things not in their own hands, in the end feeling hearts bottomless. It seems that the real thing is not really a big fuss four Buddha then that fakes can be compared. Moment glanced around town Motoko fleet smile on his face, the eyes did not seem to mind a big fuss in general. Motoko side of the town seemed to know the hearts of the doubt like Zhen Fang, laughing: 'Xiandi, that snake has been finished, smiled and said: 'Today this meal, always enough for you to enjoy right? Not to the fellow being close to the poison, harm not stay here! 'God Xu shouted, with the vertical side TANG sister, just the big mouth open, stretched out a long letter that wishful head TANG sister ride to the wound, to find that even the audience up two vertical Cai party, would like to see the air like a corpse carried away TANG sister, just vertical stage, a time when God had armadillo vertical, meaning like a timid, stay too stay. Be born within a very Xiongheng profiling, stretched out his hand and shoved behind the blades, finger A speaker was about seven, he raised his head to the ground, Xu God. A figure slips by flying obliquely, fell in front of the man, pointing to the god Tu thundered: 'Flower Xu unworthy of our children are not allowed to tamper with his hands, which is to lift the dead will soon take away the poison by!. He carried away, so that others find the field, not to delay the work. ' God heard Xu, tenor head hanging, still spit take a long letter to the TANG sister wounds. This is exactly what the caller A six yellow. Say, A seven Armadillo see God lifted his head, shouting 'bad', have vertical to that step people shouted:! 'You're in Cai turtle Ha, I do not know how the severity of drug forfeiture stakes go dead, who would Zhanshen, never expect to survive! I keep these gadgets than peopleLing. Hugh see you this kitchen knife to cut fast, do not believe what you chop try to see can not hurt it some skin? Seeking death for no reason, why come? ' Know each other because rival, busy rate while three others came to rescue robbed separately. See TANG sister is dead, this would anger anxious, you see God Xu Zhang vomit to take the dead body of the letter, to be mistaken for dead harm, sucked his flesh, the more there is gas. According to the rules, a fight over, both sides will have to be negotiated speaker, like this evil thing, no one enemy, will have another substitution, this time the