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golden light slowly falling, according to the head in eight Qi, great strength as relentless as the pressure down, it's eight head Firmly press down. 'Ow!' Soon Li Xiao, Qi eight eight head suddenly overturned roar, eight green brilliance from the mouth spray out, hit the town of demon tower. This mouth green brilliance but Yam to cold to poison things, do not know how many years after eight Qi practice before they get today if it is to feel the situation is critical, but eight Qi also feel faint own some kind of restraint that has born, where there is left hand. Although the town of demon tower is the finest magic, this time also knocked in the air were rolling milling, into its original size, fall into the hands of Zhen Fang. Suddenly! When 'Zhen Fang crutches awaiting resorted Fuso fleet to air floating, light blue, there are acres of radius size, looks as if the light without substance, the wind moving. Zhen Fang daylights scared, he can not look down upon this little blue cloud, the cloud is the manifold of eight flower rain clouds. The surface looks as if she really like, like cotton, but also in that cloud, do not know how many helicopters and fighter jets to destroy its hands. This visible matter much. Moment suddenly a loud shout, red gourd head on into the sky, red light rain greeted tis Yunfei up. Just listen to 'bang' big sound, Zhen Fang a white face, the first step of Huang hard rawTo drop tens of meters. But it is resisted tis Nimbus, floating above the red gourd pressure. Zhen Fang overjoyed, secretly wondering how this kind of cloud to seize up. Ease, I do not know if the foundation of people, how do you know this floating objects actually have such great ability. Red gourd power, Zhen Fang actually know a lot, definitely innate Lingbao level, even if they can not play it all the power, but is innate innate Lingbao Lingbao, Qi as simple as can be compromised. Just that rain clouds floating about, actually the reduction of nearly tens myself, showing that this interest of Nimbus. 'I eat a above the bottom of the cliff, but it is a blood-red cave, a surge of foul It has an outflow from the cave, according to Zhen Fang's guess, but presumably six months, I am afraid it can leave cliff's really become a sea of ​​blood. 'Xiandi, is not what is found?' Chen Jianghua Zi square face became pale, can not help the head out of the outward look of the past, was surprised to find that filled the foul, can not help but face pale, Dating and said: 'This is Where? ' 'Brother, this thing is probably a large section. The devil actually used the secret law, motivated the jiu deep river of blood, so that the most filthy blood between heaven and earth to make the blood pool. As long as this pool quit,He will die a natural. Hmmm, if not today, I found that, six months later, I am afraid, this Yadi really become a sea of ​​blood, the soldiers will be able to give birth to the devil, and the devil will, they may even lead to the Asura race, so, even if I wait for one day much skill, I am afraid this is not a human opponent. 'Zhen Fang sneered:' Although there is merit Buddhist monks and my gold, I am afraid there is no pool of blood injected into foul ground speed. So where can eliminate that villain. ' 'That's now what to do?' Jiang Huazi toes can think of. After six months Yadi can become a sea of ​​blood, or the amount of time that it will cover the whole foul Shennongjia, although there Shennong nursing Alexander array, but this is a magic weapon capable of destroying most foul, and if this foul spread to nearby Shennong, even Shennong has numerous master, there are countless Shennong spring, can not stop the destruction of the foul. 'In this way. Today on Look at my means. 'Zhen Fang laughed. Now this is still a sea of ​​blood, Chen will not make its mind up. When the sea of ​​blood, but obscurity, the Pangu generated little foul. But Yam to the evil things, that Blood gods to guide human blood again, no doubt among some impurities on the increase, while Zhen Fang pregnant immeasurable down to my head, I was involved in this, but also to the old Ho. 'He Yi looked at the old man, had just Guaiyan doubled, He Yi has been robbed before salute:' Ge brother Jiuyang name, today it was thanks to the knowledge, Nice to meet you very. 'The old man also turn into a smile, salute and said:' What brother tell you the truth, at first I heard people say that you shot Shuangjue skills, and you imagine a long fight on a fight, the old have no chance. And then I heard that you have into the mountains and live in it when. Meet today's drunk, I discovered that you will brew a good wine, put my addiction brought back. If you do not come, sooner or later, the wine is not available between non steal you this, I have a bad backThinking of. ' Xi wake laughed: 'How old you listen, I say greedy bones will find out the door, you will want to lead a thief comes in, it is not self-trick that?' He Yi listen to two jokes, but also half the village semi harmonic answer said: 'Ge brother Thief known nickname, the amount of alcohol and food intake is so unique Brother Fucai, a rough-known diet food, home possession of aged wine also has a lot of Ge brother For a food and wine over the addiction, you can pay their visit today. between staying homes, as poly- Plains, chat to make a mere host. For too steal addiction, please early thanks to the light down, brother certainly thick solid-wall characters, led home congregation Rixi careful vigilance, so Xiongtai cast Thief wonderful technique , stretched out an eye-opener. However, a long time favorite, both in stolen or off to, all hope for good as soon as possible. ' Haha old man laughed: 'Jen brother heard so much about what it really is true, then just pass you a glass of wine, did not eat, saying the plain ten days together, a little too stingy..' Xi wake up and said:! 'Listen to what he said he wished he could and you bet ten drink wine, not drunk daily round, how to say ten days? This is his last decade dyed fake gentle habits, frequently throwing paper cited Code, the faint the southwest corner of the sound seems to kill Sri Lanka, which is about six or seven miles away. Kim Se also can not help but suspicions big play, mind:. '? Katsuo dodge than to have a couple higher than a chip noticing until now did not get rid of them,' originally by Don will distract after a couple of days, constantly Bingchuantiannv Bingpo God plagued her with bombs, Lisheng Nan though fear, but inevitably slightly blocked feet away, would she still be able to use the bomb shelter Bingchuantiannv marriage mist to the eyes, and then immediately cast extremely dodge fled, but she was Bingchuantiannv bursts Bing Tan, cold her skin from millet, sometimes angry, even trying to Bingchuantiannv it also wins over! It is: do not know the heavens and the earth thick, wishing to collect swords together. Chuan-day woman sword. The three of them are the number one dodge, footsteps open, like an arrow, like they run so fast is certainly difficult, but more difficult is receiving heart, between the moment they immediately castration ' Shazhu, 'Tang after a couple of days it has not yet reached such a' quiet as at the child, Bo if off free 'realm. Bingchuantiannv she did not expect a sudden income potential, straight past, Lisheng Nan just the right time, right, anti Shouyi Zhao, fingers have to catch her hilt, Bingchuantiannv Danjue gust of strong adhesive power, coupled with her this dynamic balance, the focus is once instability, tired body forward, barely fall! Lisheng Nan's 'brush cloud hands' with the United States and just, but empty-handed into the knives of the most powerful kung fu, martial arts that is considered the same person, to catch her fingers, but also have to immediately dispose of the weapons can not! But Bingchuantiannv sword was not the same with any weapon, but the ice made among years Hanyu, the blade hilt, muddy one, is simply not an ordinary sword with sharp reflexes, she The hilt and blade in general, are odd years Hanyu biting cold! Lisheng Nan's '' has the eighth heavy heat, which shares