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giant python personal head, foot two black dragon, blue constrictor wrapped around the hand black body scales, shining dark light, the same as the ink stained the ground. 'Oh.' Mysterious Grand Master seeing, her face changed hands golden flash, a red flag immediately fire out now, do not know what things are made, but mysterious anomaly, the gas lines in black and white spiral on, all of a sudden it will be to cover the entire Shanhaiguan, that the flood hit the Shanhaiguan, a Tai Chi kung-sized graphics made slowly, quietly floods lead to the side, where they could harm the appearance of Shanhaiguan half points. That co-worker natural understanding Shanhaiguan banner hanging on the flag of the column is the world of the five parties from the ground Yanguang flag, hearts, although hate, but yet do nothing. Xiongshou army had driven again Shanhaiguan ban the consumption of energy. Although the immortal magical wand, but the magic of the whole body is sometimes best to time, some down, but also helpless. Mysterious Grand Master shook his head and said:. 'Although there are ground Yanguang protecting flag, but it is not a permanent solution, once the twelve ancestral witch shot together, this ground Yanguang flag though baby, but in the end is not yet supported for too long need to be prepared well.Immortals also nodded. Wide as the child face a stiff, the group is not fighting each other in the opponent, fighting will probably not be the other side of the opponent, the strength of twelve ancestral witch put in there. I remember when twelve ancestral witch primitive aspect, no one can stop. Rule the earth, who dared to stop its edge. Pangu three clear that even just secretly calculating about it, let Lich fight, good to reap profits. 'Humming!' While rumbling sound, the immortal boss eyes wide open, surprised to find the front Shanhaiguan, black gas soaring, a white extremely hot, a height of about Baizhang brawny, being bow Nock, are pointing to hang Ground Yanguang flag on the wall. 'Hou!' Wide as the Be careful, avoid her, do it yourself'However, since Tu Yu Shi Yuan Chiu Zhizhuang over, dodge to avoid hit a full, had waved his hand, she was allocated to the side! Qiong Yao Yuwen has abducted up their sleeves, blew the whistle on a scorpion as big as coins, two pairs of thin wings on back, crawling underground squirming, her foot was trampled to death! yuan also blew the whistle on a sleeve, Wu Yunshan cried: '! Do not kill, let me see.'Best grown in south Guangdong Biao, a variety of worm is very familiar with the way the insect is also very clear, gently hold the Heliconia, it will be sent to the front body! Tu Moon laughed and said: 'This is the Great Wall of dissimilar called scorpion fly, can not see the sky, only at night, you do not have to be afraid, slowlyFetters. Jin Shiyi took out a pill brought before him. Huai true monk slaps a push, Jin Shiyi laughed: 'You greedy here, it is comfortable to eat dog meat, to solve boredom out yo Ye ah?!' Stretched his left hand, holding his chin, mouth really help pregnant Zhang himself open, Jin Shiyi will plug into the antidote, pregnant true monk strikes an hot Zhitou pubic region, say comfortable, moment, energy recovery, stared looking Jin Shiyi, can not say anything. Jin Shiyi laughed: 'Do you believe it?' Huai-chen together even donor said: '? Pinseng wronged donor, and ask the donor high name please, respect for teachers who' Jin Shiyi laughed: 'I martial arts is not mediocre nobody, do not say 'He took out a bottle that filled the antidote, the first one down and placed his palm, and then to said:.' This is a very spiritual antidote, you Give each of them serving a ' smiled and said:' Well, the old woman I would hate to see, so you do favor it, 'Lisheng Nan distributed to them exquisite. See Jin Shiyi first one left, he immediately guessed his mind. Kim went to Cao Kinji sent around the world, get to open her handcuffs and leg irons, laughing: '? Cao head, you do not have it I'll you take medicine,' Cao Kinji pair of eyes in the dark luminous Benjamin knife soul, evil spirits, arrogance, Warrior Soul, all overlooking the exhaustive knife in every effort in this. Independence Day ceremony chop God seven third type! Clean break! Roar, the entire sea bed Du wind down the middle cut into two parts, some still plugged into the seabed remnants Pizhen to fly. The Iron Giant rattling body, knees and slowly fell down. A knife in the body Dao Guang Du wind disintegration, despite what the magic weapon, both in Daoshi from the interrupt into two parts. Drop to the ground the whole darker edge, hidden inside a magic knife Daoshi soul has been completely cut off. Millions handle crushed fly like magic, like straw, the body composed of steel giant knife also by disintegration, Miao ancestral knife has not been fully integrated into the collapse of heavy steel knife, black air prevails, a huge black witch shadow Du wind appears behind Juzhua pledge to DU under hood. This is the world's only Independence Day Du wind, perfectly clean break into the [homes] that death is also born of frenzied attack rhythm. Du wind on one's body immediately thrown Gang Body knife, knife blade Zu Miao Gang and a little contact, Miao ancestral knife as soon as the straw like sentries in two parts, witch shadow disappeared. Wong also getting into the steel knife heavy knife, the more golden than the sun blazing flame from the Ming gradually mapped out a knife. However bright golden light shining under sharp knife light, almost as bleak loess. [] Daoqi clean break point Ming gradually knife blade, golden solar corona among numerous sunspots appear immediately shadows. Bang! Du wind man and the knife back out through the steel giant, Daoqi impartial, across from Naruto getting the knife blade in the middle. Legendary ancient human ancestor Shen Dao Ming Birds of [getting] aWoo miserable, into two dim light Suijin evaporation invisible. Independence Day instead cut Shendao as steel giant hub launched Liangbing magic, both destroyed in a clean break under [power]. Du wind proudly