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mining Battle Royal Women qi solid element technique to keep fit, I deeply violation Tao, Tantra all Friends of the hated, but then the helpless, although clear dirt humble of heart, but no magic power swing, came before the three blue Meng, a chance to humble thought ...... 'Speaking of busy and he explained: 'Do not misunderstand me brother use to you, whenever you see a brother Duron saints, you know this person be humble can kill, not me deliberately Tiaoba ......'Yuwen Qiong Yao smiled and said: 'That would not be necessary, since the Holy Duron and blue Meng collaborating together, letter of non-good class, but also by a trial skills, but also know that His Holiness Zhaixin goodness, His Holiness, although I would like to take the power to clear the portal, but also afraid of our lack of ability to die in vain, that this deliberately, we do not misunderstand His Holiness, the enemy is not only anger wait another enemy, swing evil act, still hope to give more aid Venerable ! 'Tianchi Venerable busy: 'No problem, not only will fully humble, I can also find a few complain congenial with the door along with Ji for driven, for a total swing Mountain snow dirty dirt!' Yuan smiled and said: '? His Holiness is not in addition to a test.'Tianchi Venerable laughed: 'Another test is the test of anyone representing you, and judging from the brother of the brave, it is not necessary, and Kangsi Han said that although already told decrepit brother was a Hercules, decrepit see gentle brother, Sven school look, can not imagine how my boy Nukiyama carry the tripod body with divine! 'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'What is the strength and the courage of your convictions to do with it?'Tianchi Venerable laughed: 'At first glance it seems that the wind horse cow irrelevant, in fact, it has much in Yan, concentration, intelligence, a force force force are interlinked, complementary help!'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'Cattle force is greater than the human person several times and served in this force is not as good as Tomoya!'Tianchi Holiness brother has heard this year has been a big witch repression Ying Zheng, Ying Zheng after turning around, will actually throwing it behind, and now for Xiandi income, although its main function is not used Xiandi, but so is enough to get a lot of the benefits. 'Zhen Fang shook his head, if not then own whim, too impossible to know those tattered thing, the whole body of P. Jiuding guy actually is Divine, can be obtained by arcane treasure Three Realms universe tripod. 'So, little brother went to the north were all Luzhou took a look may have found.' Now that we know can not escape causality, Zhen Fang natural duty to sanctify, and bid farewell to the town Motoko went north all Luzhou from. Houtu Goddess face suddenly changed, and can not help but said: 'Sister, take sanctification but Red Cloud Road Zuqin be, can not be changed.' Meaning it is now afraid Nvwaniangniang momentary anger, frustrate Zhen Fang sanctification. Within Wa Palace, demon division Kunpeng uneasy mind, thanks to the hall on the above Nvwaniangniang face cold, light, said:. 'Kunpeng, the seat view of your intentions recently assisted a small nine, my heart even comfort trick before you today come, is toFormer seat achieve this promise land. ' Kunpeng heard joyful hearts, although initially they are being oppressed again follow Nvwaniangniang land pressure. But which is also a hint misses Nvwaniangniang had said the words, now Zhen Fang Daoxing increasing. Golden Tiger swallow sharp day and generation can be considered a demon dog day holy, though not as Kunpeng than himself, but he is confident there is no Zhen Fang, fireworks will not move the two play in the hands at the moment, Zhen Fang on Like a mountain like. Pressure in the apex Kunpeng, if not gloomy personality, probably already shown. Nvwaniangniang words heard today, joyful hearts, quickly worship: 'The Goddess of Mercy, Goddess of Mercy.' This moment seems to breeze blowing. People Choutet incomparable. 'You Yaozu but the division, who also millions of years of existence, weakness cast this big mistake, apologetic Promise. Fortunately, Shun China Jirentianxiang, not only saved the day, anti-achievement a happy marriage, from Jinwucangjiao, should men have to celebrate, congratulations. Following is described himself stumble forward, difficult Mifeng. Other abnormal rebuke, sooner or later there must be ominous fear, family Huangji, disturbed sleep eating. Iron veteran before your visit, I discovered that not only does the female concubine door, the heroine, but also with Tonggui valuables. Iron veteran to this treasure, looking for many years; recently I discovered the whereabouts of known Liu, Yu Shi Qi Laoqin two, especially Ken told his letter, willing Chongchou transfer. Knowing that guilt as a mountain, then there should not be presumptuous request, but unfortunately the crisis has forced the whole family, young and old, non-ferrous veteran can not save. Moreover, such a fetish of the most coveted Master rivers and lakes, curios than Kim, I kind of people you can non-tenure, adequate stay strong into trouble. Although Takeo concubine, eventually also save live. So sooner or later, its victims, how about transfer out, both eligible Chongchou, but also security and peace. Forcing yourself thing hung upside down, Left, for letter Bong Su, Service liberal Qian Qian Wang. Shi Qi read in many years of love, Teci Shuyun, this treasure is about to come personally, uh deep recycling. Iron veteran, now the paladin, Kunlun, Yaya-class character, had taken such exploration capsule to know Dement philanthropist, unwilling to take strong, so make the letter interface Ken, to pray for detailed consideration, careful Kaiyun. You really want something, do not you will be able to escape the timid, it would say so good, save as people Hucai. 'Shun China also followed questioning. The young girl said: 'Like I said, all is not due to his wife, although sensible, not like vulgar Women Current, we boudoir dependents, the end is Wenxiu, I did not realize the political arena ferocious savage acts