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Qi trace of nostalgia on his face, waved and said:. 'Consistent twinkling heart pneumatic knife stream, unfortunately, you have not seen a clean break or else you will reach a higher realm of' Kamiya comb body bones were silent rang across this strange metal manipulator does not rely on strength to win, but the way to ancient weapons to break her sword meaning. Sword handle from her third hit, and in the ocean after the split into the metal, blade spread numerous bone chips, just like a dream fireworks bloom in general. Katori Shinto-day pass authentic ancient stream fencing - disintegration! The fourth sword handle H to insert a central vortex. Like fireworks bloom again like disintegration, increased strength doubled. Kamiya silent bone comb hidden under the mask's eyes gazed general, this is not handed tactics in the world, Katori Shinto stunt branch forest stream flows abnormal dreams - dreams marvelous sword. Lengle Leng generals, no flow in his dream world, there is no dream sword such a move. But he was driven mad swirl of rotation, and soon, even the power of the sword is also the dream of the metal vortex swallowed. Du wind stay to blast Roughs, itself part of the study and understanding of the Katori Shinto stream fencing in which all Bianzhao, can not escape the blast Roughs within expectations, even with out of the hands of the generals, the power is still considerable . Kamiya silent comb while Liang Bingjian pulled out, bent metal into the sea. As long as the generals are willing and ready to put her into a seal in an agate miles bug, but the generals did not mobilize forces, he wanted to read the ten sword, the world has created a dream sword this earth moves, since Liangbing Sword of the mode of operation of view, should be traditionally Musashi two knives flow, but he wanted to see what the next four sword handle also issued. Dangdang twice, Gen. Liang Bingjian hit him Duanzhe. There are four handles. Bump, sword stabbed from behind the generals, the generals did not even find out Xiong screams, whole palm was cut off Siegen invisible force. Luo Feile urged him frowned and said:. 'Quickly picked up the hand, leaving Tien Bagua Zhen' Xiong Wei was taken aback and said: 'This is the Bagua Zhen Tien?' In ancient Chinese mythology, there is a negative figure pack Ma Lo's book is now legendary Yellow, Genki. Ancient human ancestor Fuxi in getting these two treasures, the creation of such a fetish out of the gossip. The earliest gossip, not just seen as the modern mix of black and white pattern of two mutually so simple, but covered with dense mysterious lines. On the palm of a Bagua map, at least five hundred thousand full of different lengths, different direction of rotation, the naked eye can not see the line! It is said that there is a mysterious line mysterious figure, to study those mysterious lines of people, the slightest mistake, it may take the fork infuriating tendons do die off. As the world's top ancient weapons, Du wind naturally know where the secret lies. Even did not expect, Du wind is not only unique in the world of ancient weapons, a talented mechanic. Tried gun in the clutch after clutch Du wind cannon will transform yourself into standard gossip furnace shape, use a lot of electricity was create a linear magnetic field distribution. Each magnetic field linesAre in accordance with the line on the graph to gossip carefully arranged. There are well-known in physics principle of the magnetic field, when the magnetic field of the magnetic field lines by the longitudinal cut, it will generate a strong current. Gossip furnace magnetic field lines is not only simple, but also in accordance with the principles of feng shui life science, cloth became a gossip battle. When the body to move in a magnetic field, the magnetic field lines when touched, gossip than the clutch when the furnace will produce greater force gun salvo, attacks on people who dared to interfere with the battle. Xiong Wei was only three meters away affects the magnetic field lines, a powerful magnetic