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 Sister thought: 'What, Xi Yu duo knowing that they live in the house, did not discuss in advance, but on behalf of their own export treat. That means seven Thief, his mother had previously said that he and his late father also a little holiday. Fushi mother's knowledge, only this one, I do not know what things fork over his lifetime, the result did not say how. The only known on his right thumb two more branches mean, martial arts absolutely round, in addition to his late father, but rarely with a par. Kisarazu point Xue and backhoes excel with that palm method, ten steps can catch air and injuring people's point. Naturally delicious wine, funny cynical, like stealing rich to the poor, often with friends to steal bet to play, the ability of high-strength, cantankerous. Each of the likes and dislikes with joy, anger, heart capricious, sloppy. Hand end is dark and quasi heaviest preconceptions, the heart that is never changed. Slightest barely cold mix, which he saw through, turn it does not recognize people; they gifted a pair of spiritual ear, even between sleep, the slightest movement will be heard out. More and more enemies, who also do not want to get close to him. Because of his powerful mother, also said details of his appearance look, especially pay attention to the future when life outside the event. He Yi close friends with his late father, there will know what material the holidays, such as saying that a statutory intention. 'Drunks said second fear is awoke themselves, can not do then spoke, with the interface, said:' Little Samurai young woman my mother, learned a few rough delicacies Yeshu, but a small token of respect, what is old and what Shishu home Jinmei kitchen? Heimo Le original did not know, He Yi, people still eat him, did not listen to it, not to hear the sentence, suddenly Frolic: 'This is what home-made wine, and I heard you say, very delicious! ? Whatever Master always want to take with me, and you are a guest, I helped eat; thief, I stole to help you see how ' laughed:' Bah, shameless Yu dog lie, the hands gown a dance, make a Dapeng wings of the stops, will throw off banditry hidden weapon, on the potential use of force sank his life really, become an Eagle potential catch rabbits , ramp down and down, holding long clothing, sighting Jinting Yu fight to take the lead. This is an effort on the ups and downs, and even change the three stops, end Jiyu falcon, very quickly. Where can Jinting Yu is an adversary? Began to take half a scoop from the potential, it seems to fall on the northwest side, others stood in the west, just off the list, he tried to rush over to kill, in the hands of a dart just issued, but half volley Wan unexpectedly changed recruit potential change, suddenly the west Xie Fei face down, putting a glimpse of the shadows fly, tears and my heart is too busy to go when a knife chop half scoop hand clothes has since imminent, micro a hand shake, put a knife wrapped Jinting Yu, out flick, Jinting Yu tiger's mouth immediately shattered, first by half in the hands of a knife to scoop shake, thrown on the floor, the heart just Dating, underground passage 'bad.' Scoop half agility how rapidly, along with the flat horizontal left, the right by Jinting YuBetween diagonally up a gear, the first he closed his arms, lost utility, and then followed by the pages left wrist, finger parallel stretch, as he points to the ribs eyelets. Gouzi knife just to get rid of the enemy's hand went to, when the left arm between the two touched, felt it as hard as steel, bone splitting strength is surprisingly large, a foothold instability, the body was left Micro a backwards jump even thought none escape negative acute pain panic panic, the mouth just shout a 'Look', which has been half-point in the waist scoop Xue, breath immediately fell to the ground. Both sides skill agile, very quickly. See all the banditry a half scoop down to Gouzi head, knowing he was ill, Gouzi Shence nobody, certainly not its enemy. Startled help busy chanting that surpass: '! Hugh was hurt the old Soviet Union,' a