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eight stars, at most, and their own equivalent. If they can knock the wind Du, then it will became the first man to break the myth unbeaten Independence Day. Liu butterfly field day under heavily from the nose snorted. Who like that kind of wind Du vastness of the universe in general gas, of which she is experienced the powerful. Even can continue to nurture life. Of inorganic to organic matter to the 'imperial extremely Xian Qi' in the days after the encounter evil spirits universe, it seems to have become helpless floating nebula universe in general, completely wrapped in the universe where evil spirits days. Which might not play. Xian Qi ground advantage is swallowed, devouring each other if lost infuriating character, Xian Qi to use the same level of opponents, there is no hope knockdown Du wind. She looked impatiently beside ring timer. Du quick knockouts wait wind, inadvertently, she found time LCD digital timer display further and further slow, as if the battery runs out of the general, after a few seconds, the LCD digital only beat it. Liu butterfly day gasped shocked, speechless said: 'Beware the foot!' She cries a step slow in many places the audience screams to the center of the land around the ring like a major earthquake occurred in eight general all split! Numerous cables buried in the ground wire in Whiplash refersUnder dragged out by the current shock was Bengzhi to wire four flying, at least hundreds of people were being split steel cut wire, or strong currents are out of control lightning death. More than ten arm thick cable from the wind behind Du erected, and still closely tied Du wind cut back Shendao Independence Day. Enemy ecstasy: 'The Du wind, you did not think I had this trick it Independence Day, you too old for that buried, and now is the era of God whip me!.' His wishful thinking really played well, even if the current can not impact the Du wind, lost Shendao cut Independence Day, Du breakage strength of the wind at least half. He would whip tiger style dance was in full