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awarded Dan.'Yan Mufei 'Oh!' Sound: 'The four of them in possession of Dan iron coupon book?'Silk humanity: 'Yes, tertiary king, his four high power ......'Yanmu Fei laughed: 'I have not received the Dan iron coupon book, they even have this thing from death, it would really out of my expectation.'Silk humanity: 'You are the 'king of Nanking' nine thousand years, under one person, people on.'Yan Mufei shook his head and said: 'I'm just an ordinary commoner now, I tell you, I do not care what Dan iron coupon book is still alive Dynasty also can not stop I will kill them!'Silk humanity: 'The nephew know, but his nephew did not dare to dare ...... ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'how dare you?'Silk humanity: 'My nephew did not dare to tell their lies!' said: 'Why just because they have Dan iron coupon book??'Silk man nodded and said: 'Yes, tertiary king.'Yanmu Fei said: 'You can do so in awe big Zugao Huang Emperor?'Silk man blushed and said: 'The fact that, revolted by allowing stew, it is a last resort.'Yanmu Fei said:So to say that you are not willing to say? 'Silk humanity: 'Uncle Wang Ming-jian, nephew non refused, real dare!' said: '! Even if you can not ignore it, I can not teach you Emperor's will, I do not force you, but I want to tell you that one day I will find the words you wish to tell them that they ........'Silk man did not speak.Yanmu Fei stood up, followed by silk busy people stood up, and said: 'Uncle Wang, you want ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'I'm going, I'm gone you withdraw troops decreed it!'Silk humanity:. 'Yes, t-king, you are assured a little nephew dare not violate'Yanmu Fei said: 'There, entrepreneurship Weijian, Shouchengbuyi large Ming lifeline hold in your hand, the people's well-being hinges on whether or not your body, you have to look out for themselves, MO microscopic Dynasty, unworthy of the people of the world!'Silk humanity: 'Thank tert king teachings, his nephew did not dare to forget for a moment.'Yanmu Fei said: 'That's good.'Turned out to go.Jinyi people behind, said: 'My nephew sent t into the body after they are not able to get absorbed, but in the heart of the precipitation. Three had just been crazy fight, finally inspired knife marrow strength to strength at the moment they have been enough to match the seven-star ancient weapons, but they are more seven-star ancient weapons that are not things. Fight! Fight like crazy, death-defying fight! Liu butterfly waved days you want to force to break the wall, after thinking for a while, or go along with its natural ground behind them. Ningbo long period of darkness, a light diffuse into their vision. Luan Zhao could not help but cry and said: '! Heaven' Eyes turned out to be a hurdle as the wicket general, Liu days butterfly finally caught the opportunity go ahead with their own cards to brush off the wicket. Looking ahead, in less than a few meters apart this wicket everywhere, the less there are tens of thousands of heavy vehicles and the steady stream of people coming and going, it looks ten times more than the number of bustling New York City on the ground also. Liu butterfly early days they had expected to react, ahead of introduction and said:. 'The New York underground city, to and from the underground city, are people who have a special status, you do not know is not surprising.' Du cold wind tunnel: 'No, such a big city, however subtle, are unlikely to be a secret.' Liu days Butterfly bite: 'deceive you, this city is just completed.' Du wind caressing hand side of the railing, Ruoyouruowu infuriating infiltrated inside the railing, railings seemingly unexciting even scream loudly, shrink in fear twisted up into a ball. Liu butterfly mind a cold day, and make her extremely Xian Qi Huang prototype emerged as Du wind this strange infuriating, all objects can be restored to its true colors. Du wind finally indifference: 'The city is built in less than three months, and is built up overnight.' Xu Tan Bulong big mouth open, the saying goes, can not be built overnight the city of Rome, it is to denounce those who are quick success,