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a little old man is poor Zhu Sanli, although you that we have met the enemy, but your father's death has nothing to do with the origin of our name my mother and temporarily difficult to say so, Your history and the trouble in Huanggang trick, I heard about that year you die it is the father of blame, not wack Mo old straight complain, Bute will release you and also a request to the car and then three generations San Ye, you just Remains of a life, then I do not know if overrate themselves, hard to say. I have no complaints Wu Chou and her daughter and you will never kill you, but to be wronged in this temporary stay one night, an error-free I do, two ... ... ' Is indeed puzzling. Heard party since wondered hesitation, Suddenly the shadow of Jiaochi said: '!.? Let him not to put this guy, too, such as how today so tomorrow afternoon Niang effect' follow the candle shadow shook, the Ating from behind population Zongluo. Home to spend the afternoon to attend the meeting scheduled for the next day. The next morning, everyone fragmentary arose, and went marching Jinhua Kitayama. XING Fu Xing flying squirrel, whose real name was originally Jiaxing Fu farmers, because childhood love martial, naturally Hirsch, favorite beggar alms. To the fourteen-year-old Mandrax strange disease, skinny, do not eat, do not drinkXingjia two rooms only this only son, naturally anxious worry. Hundreds doctor, can not find the source of the disease to the whole, seeing the dying. Being held howler room, call heaven pray on the occasion, suddenly an elderly annihilator door to introduce ourselves to say: 'Pre-existence of evil child weight, are not invested in this and other wealthy you. Fortunately, he still has good roots, I have met before. Though life may be saved, but to be with me wandering, when a decade ago beggars before Canceller sin. 'Xing family first when annihilator nonsense, heir to see people will breathe, helpless, annihilator has not only nagging loudly at the door, I thought: hopeless anyway, dead horse as living ordinary soup yuan practice, but nothing that fillings are smaller with black sesame, Guatiao, walnuts, peanuts. Gui Yuan meat were ground, first with suet belly fat hen raw honey wine, then come and get together with a mortar smashed into the mud, plus homemade nectar mix with soy molded into pellets , the skin is a good rice Qi Cheng, fragrant rice ground into a powder three percent, reentry small mill regrinding, once sifted, plus HYDRAT otherwise uniform spare pair of wooden mold, total is three: one is the bottom, There are one hundred and eight large semicircle of small wooden trough; middle side of the hundred and eight and stuffing balls as big, wet powder on the tank, wooden balls on a pressure tank, just became a nest stuffing, the stuffing on the inside; the top one, have the same wooden trough, but shallow, wet powder also put pressure off; on both sides of a, pour out on the sieve, slightly dry point on a roll, they are round collections, as one of size. Northern brings good soup dates, washed, peeled steamed up, add sugar to boil in cold water, simmer soup, to date do not, then fine silk filtration, etc. Yumoto cooked picked up, placed within KM , will be successful. The other two fillings, one bean paste, lotus mud First, do not bother. After the park to spend more, at home no matter, any of its opening defeat Unfortunately, whenever blooming, I took servant at dawn before sunrise, then choose the half-open bud cold picked off, remove the need to pedicle, and honey sealed tightly fitted porcelain, some steam, some with stew, made of leaves and flowers remain Yuan Lu, former altar sealing possession , take a half a teaspoon when used, there will be a very rich flavor. ' The young girl said: 'Xianjun in Japan, and my mother, like love to eat sweet, wide river had used several young chefs that time the young girl, I remember delicacies are also a lot of style points, how this and other fluid. fine? a soup yuan will be a lot of elegant, not to mention the other. This is certainly capable sister, we