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monk surprised and said:.'? You're Lv Siniang disciples ' will make during his lifetime Lv Siniang Nabing Shuanghua sword , Jan empty flash, denounced: 'Tulv, my master's name, is what you call the? Two Jianguang flash point. A move 'Lady pinning', dating back to the destroy method on the monk's throat. Cao Kinji time being out of breath, listening to this speech Gu Zhihua, was exceedingly difficult, should be allowed to her, why not admit this but she sent his disciples, and is Lv Siniang inheritor? If you do not allow it to be, who went off France Didi monk? Yizhong Mu whispered:. 'Senior sister apprentice rare Gu Zhihua volunteered to let her try it.' Cao Kinji thought for a moment, raised his voice and said:. ' you look out for themselves, repulsed my own district office.' This point is very vague, but nothing more has admitted that she was a disciple of the school. Cao Kinji This sentence has not yet finished, Gu Zhihua and destroy method already monks fight, Ming Jin Tiejiao waves of sound, the sound of Cao Kinji masked up. Gu Zhihua knew less skill itself off method monks, one up will take the offensive, but see she holds jianjue, East beat the West, guides hit the North, Bringing the front, then behind fingers. Sophie as catkins, Pina, if fleeting, Jian Shi indeed no party fantasy, dazzled the crowd to see. French monk off crutches whirl round, splashing Nothing, of a sword, though approaching the extreme, Mei Yijian he is still open grid, but off the French monk in Jianguang shrouded beneath her, a sudden, but not easy to counterattack. But to hear the sound of jingling, endless, instant, the two sides have exchanged a dozen twenty strokes. Participate in this gathering a public hero, but one Jin Shiyi, other people are all surprised! High destroy method of martial arts monks, see, when early out, who do not worry for her? Be aware that Yizhong Mu and other sophisticated sword Xuannv this door Cao Kinji also fail to do so ten strokes off the French monk, and she was actually blocked twenty strokes, shouted:.. 'You can actually learned Pindao mention Pindao He killed a dove Mount, is to kill ten, also fail to get you to your lesson Pindao resistance I Ru Kunlun, resulting in the tragic disaster Daughter Kunlun down, water is the huge sea of ​​blood of the Kunlun Mountains flooded clean, all this will count in your truth to the head, the original concept in Qingyang, the right way of the General Assembly, all sects formed an alliance, you are among Buddhist, today is your art forsworn earlier, that He dove Mount Pindao kill, do not Pindao let homicide. truth, you are too outrageous. Today the poor Road not only kill the dove Mount He is today the industry Haier escape death. 'That truth monk heard this old head red, shame and anger, but a bad back, a time only double Yandeng boss, anxious to Zhen Fang swallowed like belly. Zhen Fang is no matter, just sitting in the car, Kowloon, gold-filled, hands to stick hibiscus, Dinghai beads, red gourd have to sacrifice in the air, or hit, or hack, have to make out a variety of styles, a variety of meansSpecies diversity, bizarre, air scene scene, bright colors, although very beautiful, but always revealing the beholder. Fuso stick on real fire blazing sun into the sky, or hit on the truth of the whip, or the numerous road ignite the flame, overwhelming it toward the crowd burned up. Bright red gourd masterpiece, fiery red, planted red variety of gases, a knot in one, and covered the entire sky, a little attention, it was contaminated on it, even the soul can not protect, do not know how many casualties. Dinghai beads haoguang flashing stunning eyes, between the shadowy, long smashed in, all killed on the spot, the mighty Titanic. 'Bang!' Extravagant than the dead elders suddenly issued a scream, all the monks shocked, and have looked in the past, was surprised to find an empty white hair old man, one armed with a whip in one hand and holding a young priest, eyes in exposed coldness, cold stare all the monks. Do not know what the origins, do not know when to family and irreverent world of spirits, it is impossible to allow those saints Once upon a witch family reunification. Wu family so desirable; the rest is a vein of doors and good luck. ' 'Although the door three clear looks strong, but in the end the three door three clear saint. Although the same God of Pan Gu Yuan, also with three saints are not destined to come together, so the door can not be selected. Because I Maronite although weak, but in the end is the universal gas transport representatives, once a member of any party door three clear, equal to offend the other two parties. So the only choice is the good fortune of a pulse. four brothers, you do not forget, Red Cloud until now are not saints, saints are under ants, how will he be able to protect my Dragon? 'Ao Guang asked, curious. 'Brother, you would think Hongjun Taoist wrong person? A person has not been sanctified, how to capture the Gods, who mastered the Gods and the other saints have no objection, that in itself is an incredible thing that only one answer, and that is already a saint Red Cloud ancestors strength, and even has a sermon also unknown, but I do not know it and so on. What's more, when two JieShan a war with a non-Red Cloud ancestors sage footer beat Nvwaniangniang, it is irrefutable evidence. Hongyun saints have supernatural powers, there may even have been the sermon. 'Ao Shun sweep of the three older brothers faint one. 'So, it seems to embark on a knife was in the Tianzhu Mountain.' Ao Ao leap widely watched a faint. Ao leap but laugh, full of laughter among the desolation and pathos, his son was killed by the other side, at the end still want to each other in order to survive the ups and downs, but this and how, under the amulet coming, but how . Under the saints are all ants, universal dragon though honorable, but nothing like that in the eyes of those saints. Ao leap will know the truth, although the hearts of anger, but also to the Dragon things, but also helpless. Since going audience ancestral dragon blood, universal