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world of zero extinctionCommodities warm it? ' said: 'This is very trivial side single drug Venerable listed rarely heard, but I can guarantee the performance is not inferior to Sydney, but also exceed it, otherwise I can not take so many people, reckless charging into Duron officer! 'Venerable Tianchi more surprised: 'So, Miss Wu has been on the case of intrauterine Duron know?'Wu Yunshan smiles: 'Yes Duron Holy raging Miller pool, Tantric fellow, on the offensive by more than a few of you, I naturally have a way to get the message!!' Yuan asked: 'Do you have a plan to deal with it then?'Wu Yunshan laughed: 'too big to grasp, but resourceful, you can probably deal with, after you meet with, naturally more no problem!' Yuan said: 'His Holiness the Palace of Duron quite familiar, you can study with His Holiness look!' said: 'Temporary No, if the preconceptions I judge things objectively but will lose, and so I would prefer seeing the before making a decision!'Tianchi Venerable sigh and said: 'Look manpower Ng brought, you know her confidence, I think we must first do not discuss, lest affect her judgment, because I know the side also understand that may not be right!'Yu Shi Yuan looked at who she brought, in addition to the South Yu Zhong Biao two warriors, but there is only one light Yu child is male, the rest are woman.Beggars, she just took a seat Jinxia, ​​then know really deep understanding of Duron Palace, Palace Duron actually still joyous because men and women! She took both men understand style, are young and beautiful woman, but also deliberately after some ornaments, all dripping brilliant light, presumably to prepare their way and rule. yuan candid mind, for in this way is very opposed to it, and therefore a frown, not yet open, been the first, said:!! 'Dear husband I assure you I will naturally have a sense of proportion, Xue sister group of people there, and I never We have not called unsightly behavior! ' yuan to see her already highlighted, then smiles: '!! So much the better I'm sure you Shanhaiguan, but could not see a little angry. But seemed very chill. Grand Master Yuen Ren face, hands holding Tiexuedanxin ruler, purple sparkle, shines in the sky; cloud neutron big sleevesFluttering behind a golden light. Look elegant, significant figure who trained end appearance; Taiyizhenren face bitter, golden light shines behind merit heaven, hell jiu connection; wide as the child face resolute, above Ni Wan, green shiny, like a mountain; Nanjixianweng silver to be flying, Lingbao Archmage face chill. Qingxudong moral zhenjun smiling and holding a sword, ignoring the immense; Yu Ding live deadpan face jade light flow, light and water; Yin Yangjing red sperm armed, black Bai Shuangguang criss-cross; Daoxing revere hands bling, but do not know what that is, behind a merit gold, diamond surface signs; Nanhua real face calm. Stature wind, extremely vast. Then in the ground behind them, such as Dongbin, who taught his disciples, Yang Jian, Han Duron, Xue Wuhu, etc. illustrates teach three generations of disciples also followed. Cloud neutron stubborn prayer flag, ordered planted a big fuss, Temujin, who came specially Destroys waiting. Shortly after, 'rumble' of the sounds. While the earth shake, Wu family was surprised to find countless swarms of soldiers, surrounded by Temujin other twelve ancestral witch, momentum like a tiger, an enormous chill filled the air under the entire Shanhaiguan. Temujin sweep in front of a large array of one, that all the witch said:. 'On the subject alone, afraid and only within the three realms of the saint is my opponent and so on, at the moment I'm afraid they want to cover your Shanhaiguan, perhaps the only So the. ' 'Brutal heartless witch family, how can the White Three Realms, bit emperor's aspirations.' Neutron cloud casually laughed: 'You just said that I teach two experts who explain better than this, I refused to accept that Shi Zhi and wanted some advice . ' 'Please!' Yang Jian hands pointing imaginary Temujin. Yuqing cents transported from light to gossip evil power up to three palm Yingjie, to the The fourth charge, there is no certainty of defense, to the fifth metacarpal is bound to suffer serious injuries to his status as only the ability to fight and die, must not bow to concede to Meng Shentong, and therefore the second metacarpal in his Yingjie Meng Shentong the time, he gave his life skill are transported to Palm, he worked hard xiu sixty years too pure qigong, is no trivial matter, Meng Shentong Danjue each other's palms give birth to an extremely strong attraction between the eager, even to get rid of Meng Shentong not open a cold heart, but light, said: 'The Master too serious, is a master compelled to ask you Mengmou sake!' martial arts called ask them to 'fulfill' is the meaning of life delivered to the other party, but Meng Mitac two words but irony, meaning that he wants golden master compelled to life juxtaposition, so in the end only the weak and strong deposit death, if he loses, die without resentment, if he wins, nor Rao golden master's life. Factions of martial arts masters smell remark, are tempted to heart earthquake, I saw white smoke hot air on the golden master's head, Meng Shentong face gradually changed from green to purple, from purple to black, it was his The have to play to the power of the strongest signs! Pain Zen Master, Sim hidden farming, Don was out after days of waiting, white gas golden master's head more and more concentrated, that is to say he Chunyang of gas in the body, and even more and consume more, see this case, gold Masters has been exposed as real is defeated, the original too pure gold qigong masters have been picked up in the world, although unparalleled proportions, and if so only to fight the internal forces, Meng Shentong than its rivals, but Meng Shentong Shura power is the most vicious Xiepai effort, through the ages, in addition to two hundred years ago, a man out Joe North sea, there is no second person got ninth heavy, overcast evil gas stream of golden master invade the body, the golden master about