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Luan pushed Zhao said: 'There are more than seven stars near ancient weapons, quickly sold out show ...... oh do not sell water, I will instruct you in the headphones should be how to make. ' Zhao Luan after the launch of the submarine force, submarine immediately disappeared in the river, not even a shadow of a small whirlpool did not leave. Raising dust in the distance, and soon five members of his blurred figure appeared in the vision of Zhao Luan, Luan Zhao angrily holding a lot of mineral water, I do not know what to do, Luo Feile an indication of sound aptly pass to: 'Put water bottles spread out on the ground. The greeting guests pull. ' Zhao Luan leaned bottle water bottle placed on the ground, while impatiently listening Luo Feile instructions: 'Note, visitors in the house, and the spirit of the point, put your chest starched show up, do not look long-suffering to look like. ' Motorcycle Jicha reverberation curl came, followed by a pair of polished\u003e Zhao Luan also bent over in front of, as expected, someone gasped suggested: 'The water is too hot to buy it first. ' Parked in front of Zhao Luan black boots paused, then kicked kicked bottles, bottle immediately kicked in, along with water mixed with sand hit the ground Zhao Luan's face. Zhao Huo Luan rise voice immediately rushed her eardrums: 'Do not make impulse as I speak to them a claim!!' Zhao Luan is planning so that she habitually exposed grinning. This expression before finally repressed, grinned and said:. 'You're breaking my water up' Someone among peers laughed out loud:. 'Header is not necessary for such a little girl.' Visitors wearing heavy motorcycle helmet, Zhao Luan totally see each other look. I saw a hand picked to be played half the visitors crushed bottle, suddenly grabbed Zhao Luan's neck, the mix is ​​full of dust to mud coming down her mouth, cold tunnel: 'You look at the first sip. There is no problem. ' Zhao Luan curse: 'Too late!' Cold black motorcycle helmet moved over, Zhao Luan helmet could feel a pair tower town' three golden characters, for a time his face congestion, the fiercely shining eyes, I did not expect myself actually in the other side of the empty city. A strike without success is pretty okay, but he actually was deceived by the other's showy, no reason lost a big dough. Wu Zhiqi windy Three Realms countless years, and even then the Dayu also do nothing, did not think today was deceived by a younger generation, how willing to let him. 'Ah!' Wu Zhiqi roar, grievous three realms, nine days straight hole. White whole body surge Long's first puff of air flow above is a three-color, condensed into a column, it is towards Zao fought over, while whistling the surrounding air. Riverside pagoda actually staggered, apparently can not help each other blow. Zao face became pale and did not think it would go so much violent ape. See it in ponley billowing column, which actually has an infinite visible changes will give all sealed their escape route between vaguely. Suddenly face was the color of a trace of ashes. 'Senior immeasurable!' Sound cool and bright sound of slowly came, then emerged in front of a red light, a fragrance. Zao opened his eyes, before meeting countless lotus, red one, is clearly the industry of fire red lotus. That column opposite color had disappeared without a trace, know Zhen Fang has felt. Joyful hearts. Worship quickly said: 'Thank Krishna air where Chen is to ignore each other's throats, but slowly fell on top of the pagoda, a sweep of Zao, above his head vaguely reflected in its soul reflect on it, into a red Jiao look, but far in Luzhou city, there are also a white Jiao pavilions, heart sighed, and said: 'You are the great credit, and now can be considered perfect virtue. You and your uncle can guide these victims into jambudvipa, you naturally have to benefit. 'Then hand took Kongtong printed on towards Zao Ni Wan touch, a golden flash fleetToo, where there are red Jiao, tightly hint Hongyun charge thereon. Zhen Fang Zao know where that place some hands and feet, but also is to be starker. 'Shall not be taken, even took, it was nothing more than a defensive magic. And what is the future of the human world crisis. It falls on your head cause and effect here. Kongxuan, you say you want to take it ? You know, in the future to a crisis which is not a small human world, 'Zhen Fang sweep Kongxuan at, sneered:.' Only Haotian like guys do not know the secret change, actually want do not want to take the Jiuding think if Jiuding as easily take place, would have to Pindao the hands, where it was his turn. Dayu year to own gold as firewood, merit for the fire. he just turned it into Jiuding tripod universe. to suppress Terran air transport. Hongjun Taoist have acquiesced. In other words, it is used to suppress Jiuding natural gas transported Terran. ' Kongxuan heard surprised a moment. Only to hear Fang Chen also said: 'It was just a pawn Haotian fills guy behind him is difficult to deal with and I have some causal by Haotian, just let Haotian shot, Haotian know Pindao afterward. will break his Lidaitaojiang surgery, will take the universe tripod to protect themselves. Let your longevity with the Dragon with the past, it was the opportunity to see if there is an opportunity for him and the Queen Mother of two causal. enabled like, if not, the future of nature there is a way to settle. 'Kongxuan heart Antan heard the teacher's own calculations Warriors, though framed by others, to the later, but an occasion to passing the other person to cover the inside. Called to fill the gap, any thing, a huge loophole on the surface, but do not know that this loophole is to let others set to attack. 'The teacher, if the door appeared human, when the disciples do?' Kongxuan suddenly asked. 'Ruzikejiao, you can think of here, we can see that the future will be National Cheng Kung University.' Zhen Fang appreciated smiled and said: 'I have the good fortune of interest is a good reason to pay between a vein and the door just three clear You naturally intelligent, self-assertion it wants to do. 'Kongxuan