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for me, all this treasure, who refuses to accept?' Who is the gold bi wind, he quietly watched the immortal reaction in the void, though these guys despise man, but also laments Once upon a time, supernatural This countless pick on a grid that he is not a rival, of course, is to get rid of rivals firmly in the hands of Tu Sword only. Although he does not know who is who in the end the mysterious master, but also feel that mysterious master certainly not mortal, can be seen from the sword in his hand, is definitely a powerful role. 'You be what? Actually in this presumptuous?' The speaker was Zhang Mei behind the crowd, I saw a handsome young Taoist disdain pointing gold bi-cooled laughed. Jin Choi, the wind does not see that the men, and suddenly his eyes looked red, teeth, said:. 'I know you, then you kill my brothers would meet today over the door, to see how I'll kill you over the door,' the voice faded, to see the mountain stream filled with a monstrous wave of evil spirits, as if, like countless prehistoric monster together, chilly wind wreak havoc, destruction of an enormous wave of atmosphere enveloped the mountain stream. Tathagata finally own relic of Harmonia expelled, although some face unbearable, but at the moment it seems that imposing a lot, and the two men looked at EEP Buddha, both seen a trace of dignified, but it did not get involved just brings up the relic element of light, with the 24 heavens, the cries of the Buddha sound filled, Foguangpuzhao, shrouded mountain wave flow, want to fill all empty expel evil spirits, but unfortunately, these evil cloud seems to be rooted Like, do not move, if it is being constantly absorbing the surrounding Buddha in general, although the slow absorption, but the two Buddha is how the people, but it can be clearly felt. Just at the moment but can not, is not the last. By not under. On you can not win, but the fix is ​​still life-threatening, it Dubbo Tathagata can clearly feel, if not the thousands of Lingbao just blew themselves so that they fled, show fresh. Quickly say, be careful, I eat you.' The speaker was a difficult path, Hu Mu full fiercely. Yaozu in respect strength, but the strength of weak fox family, but happens to occupy a high level, how can people be convinced. 'Nine demon, you went on to say.' Lion faint. 'Haha, do not want to learn these pivotal Chi Hong net vegetarian those demon Nigeria, designated human emperor not?' A shrillSon suddenly in the hall laughed. Everyone looked, but it is the black wolf Garnett. But the wolf demon clan forces more powerful family, there are five major Garnett were named by color, white, black, yellow, red, green, four single family strength, though not strong, but wins in many people, some even when the Lion did not dare to look down upon. '! This is a good thing ah' Shan laughed: 'Dragon aggregation, earth rebirth, Reiki gather, I will accelerate the speed of practice, etc., not to mention the Divine Dragon reproduce, take off just around the corner, though I waited for the demon, the demon is, There truly proud of. serve two purposes, not Miya! ' 'I want to come there for Yaozu downside of it!' Black Garnett glanced a nine demon, overcast Gee said. Nine fox demon heard shocked, dark thought and said:. 'Wolf cunning, today met a really extraordinary, the Fox family in the future, but I have to be careful of the' moment quickly said: 'Garnett is justified if the recovery that Dragon will. day-dimensional reproduction of the door. Those who have a family tragedy will befall comprehension. do not have to worry about the problem of soaring. 'Qunyao heard outcry, hundreds of years ago Terran comprehension aspect of the Divine, demon clan who was killed the demon take Dan's countless, finally comprehension sector is about to decline, but there is such a thing happens, what to do? Talking in the hall for a time. 'Okay.' Cong teacher frowned, Leng Heng said. Carter, the silence in the hall, the royal prestige really extraordinary. Cong division frowning, said: 'There is one thing that I feel the recent not take long, night stands in front of a mountain.Yan Mufei immediately said: 'So your main door in the 'Mangshan' over ......'Nongmeidayan yellow man did not speak, still go forward with Yanmu Fei, yes, he is straight to the south of Mang.Chinese emperors mausoleum of great importance to the construction of the Ming and Qing Tombs, Tanglin Xiling, its size, though not as the pyramids of Egypt, but all his best luxury of sensationalism, all lavishly.Mangshan desolate deserted this time, too faint cold person.Of course, the front side of the two is not going to be afraid of, under the eye to see the south, yellow man proudly Nongmeidayan have to mountaineering.Yan Mufei finger left palm out, he points a finger down on the ground, a man threw two fell to the ground, put his two Yan Mufei unruly bushes to a place, and then taking steps to fill the gap, free and easy way south of Mount Mangshan .Considerably small, panoramic view of the mountains and plains can be said, but he did not find a figure, or where there is a hint of trouble.He can not help but wonder secretly surprised, do not say 'Golden Gate' is not the main door who Mangshan, but another elsewhere?No, if she's not here, why the 'six tiger' in the boss who took him to the Mangshan, and proudly want tannan foot? He thought for a while Mei Feng Wei Zhou, suddenly show eyebrow turn his face, put the foot of the gas plume voiceless pierced the silence of the night Mangshan, straight Cang Ming.'East Sea water, had no fixed wave smell, why the world is becoming a North Mangshan, never stay idle land, life and self-Shu Mei. Ai Cheng bully me babble ancients ancients Cheng bully me ......'Him this soon, shockBlock Mangshan, Owl moaning, Suniao flush, really busy for a while to bring this dead North Mang.However, the excitement is over, is still in the doldrums! He can not help but frowned, he was secretly regret material wrong, rushed, silent for a moment, he would try to be coming soon, suddenly, he heads EXTRAORDINARY SPLENDOUR Feishan, then shook his head Adonis said: 'the main door.'Huang Yiren children Li He said: 'Dragon, Ling Yu dare you defy me?'Silk bow beautiful boy startled, said: 'The disciples did not dare!'Then stepped back, in retreat, he looked up and look Yanmu Fei.Yan Mufei clearly appreciate, which contains binary head too many hints, asking him to go, he'll want to leave! However, he pretended not seen, smiling, said: 'the main door, a poison operation, I know a lot, applied once 'golden poison Dafa', the next 15 years will certainly not be the main door hands with people, and to sacrifice themselves true Yuan in compensation insanity mother, good people all add poison careful, please main door ...... 'Huang Yiren Lengran children, said: 'Are you ready, I want to cast a.'Yanmu Fei said: 'The door Lord, if I use the 'big quiet magic' extract insanity mother ......'Huang Yiren child said: 'I am willing to suffer, let insanity mother backfire, but you give it a try!'Yang Yan Mufei eyebrows, but also to be say.Huang Yiren children there have been flat lift his arms, heard her cry different tsunami, saw her Shuicong like pointy tip shot ten fingers fine red thread, prosperous and several feet away from the body into a network, slow to Slow cover in the past.Yan Mufei immediately look dignified, staring eyes that there seems to be no red mesh a blink, do not speak nor move.Suddenly the red mesh fly near, but it arrived front foot at the time, was standing in the way something like a general, a sudden stop.Here a stop, Huang Yiren children there Jiaoqu startled by the sudden sound of different tsunami relief turn anxious, but this time the Red Net thrown forward, approaching Yan Mufei two three inches.Silk beautiful boy suddenly startled, and looked really anxious.Yan Mufei look the same, no movement, I saw him a Yang Yang brow child.After his pair of brow child Yang, red mesh suddenly Baotui foot, over more than a foot off the ground.Huang Yiren children Jiaoqu fierce earthquake, tsunami vary more acute exposure here, like mountain Guiku ears, can cause