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!'Yanmu Fei said: 'Not necessarily, maybe someone will find you!'Mongolian side and said: 'I hope so, the more the better!'Yan Mufei laughed shaking his head: 'You pride as ever.'Mongolian side look to focus days NingmuSaid: 'This is ......'Meng Jiao Uranus is seen edge of a cold, busy looked down! Yanmu Fei said: 'Kim family's third-care hospital, coke Master, he helped me a lot!'Coke Uranus looked up and said: '! Yantai Xia, you make coke Uranus to shame, shame evil.'Mongolian side and said: 'You are 'little Sangmen'?'Coke Uranus busy: 'The main fact laughed at the edge, it is the arena friend barking.'Mongolian side: 'The Mongolian side to pay you this friend, ready to welcome 'Qiongjia Bang' Zongduo!'Coke Uranus flattered, greatly excited, but for Yan Mufei - words, he is then repair a lifetime, but also think about the main fact to hear the side of this sentence.He quaver said: 'Yantai Xia, while the main fact, I, I ashamed evil!'Suddenly lowered his head again.At night, lively throughout Wanping county will break, this street than any one place so still early, the streets empty land, it is difficult to see a few pedestrians.This is a big house, courtyard deep, wall ten feet high, while the rich two giant lamp pair pairs of lions, stone steps, a few levels! A figure hastily ran into the street, quickly to the front of the big house, Qiangbu boarded the stairs, banging the door a few times and then buckle ring.Knocker sound just starting, just listen to someone inside to drink and asked: '?! Who knock knock such a law.'That humanity: 'I, Open the door!'The door opened on the door of a small hole, there are faces outward look:! 'Turned out to be the focus Lord'Then latch ring, two red-lacquered doors open! The door was a black man, he said: '!? What Lord Coke in such a hurry.'Coke Uranus did not answer, sideways and ran inside!Black guy whispered, shaking his head and said: 'quasi-ass is on fire ......'Also closed two while the rich.Coke day stormed the door, very familiar to the front yard, a big front in the political arena, but is also a trace of children turn Waner do not turn Zhixing Zi! ' 'I ask ......' Li Kewei slight chuckle: '? Prop your trip dart security bureau, is what price.' Chen Zhendong slightly hesitated, immediately laughed: 'So is the band getting calls Lixiong, since when my brothers ...... Welcome, welcome, welcome to my brothers on behalf of the spacious office, Li Xiong is an acquaintance, a friend is Chen Zhendong, saying Shen Zhendong also sell this face ...... ' Kewei Li said: 'I would like to thank you, how the price?'  said: 'Upon my honor Li Xiong said, it depends on what dart Lixiong care insured.' Kewei Li said: 'a wood, a jade!' Chen Zhendong like did not understand, ask the sentence: '? Piece of wood, a piece of jade' 'Yes!' Li Kewei nodded his head and said; 'It's two things to say of their own value, the value can not be said a few text, but it's backing, which was very expensive, Liancheng Bi does not change.' Chen Zhendong '! 'To cry and said:' That must have been Antiquities, who no longer is too famous carving or collection ...... ' Li Kewei light, said: 'so to speak.' Chen Zhendong silent a moment, soon accompany embarrassed smiles: 'Li Xiong, according to say, the price is difficult to determine, you must first take a look at the goods for the job, in short, Li Xiong, please be assured that I will always sell this face anyway. ' Kewei Li said: 'Thank you sir, to say look at the goods can not be a non?' Chen Zhendong nervously laughed: 'This is the rule, Li Xiong to forgive.' Exploration hand groping arms up and said: 'Please take a look at your piece of wood carving.' Then down, hand out from the arms, hands one to send to the front , then spread open, the palm, holding a piece missing Yaopai corner. Shenzhen Dong Yi Zheng, shocked, and looked fierce shock, his face becomes prosperous, he will go foot up, Li Kewei waved his left hand, press on his shoulders, cold smile and said: 'You know what's a big expert, but it must Precious was not so scary, if