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contain thousands, when the Wu family supernatural powers also included. As Zhen Fang Dragon disciples, all Theurgy method described in obscurity luck Yudie have passed and subglottic disciples. Dragon is the consummate refining. Haotian although powerful, but unassailable Dragon body defense. 'Ah!' I heard the sound of the Dragons, the faint sound of a hint Canhu fleet air Ipomoea Hua flash, also emerged in the Dragon stature, on white clothes, although not the slightest traces of blood, but Fenlian pale, apparently just blow though the Queen Mother did not break open the Interfax defense, but it is not a small chewy, slightly injured playing Dragon. Originally longevity Haotian Jade Emperor received good corpse, but in order to hit Haotian longevity, but also blew a couple little evil dead ,, barely can be prevailed up. Unfortunately, although these two talented, but in the end the lack of experience, and almost let the opportunity Haotian and the Queen Mother had to come back. 'Humph!' Haotian Jade Emperor, the Queen Mother looked cold, he also knows that has now lost the opportunity to win the universe tripod, and longevity blood Mans beads in hand, their magic is almostEndless existence, that is, consumption is also able to consume dead man; and though Dragon was also injured, but it is nothing but a small injury, there is not much impact. While he has lost two incarnation, deity himself was also injured, while the Queen Mother apparently faint other calculations, nor with the same ease as before. That Haotian Emperor carefully figured, worth helpless sigh, the odds are not in his side. 'This is regarded as you win, the next may not have that chance, longevity, you and I have a die endlessly, next time you're looking forward to you have a good chance!' Haotian Emperor still do not ignore Kongxuan abounds with a large array of Dubbo Tathagata, nor ignore the side of the Queen Mother, but cold grunted, went into the three realms of the gap, and the Queen Mother also cold swept a two longevity, but also within sight of two shadows, followed by a rustling sound different pass over.Not present - a not sharp eyes of the players, all at a glance that was both Liang Qi, one after the other like Chi is also over.Troops not to, a Huasheng first pass over: 'When the difference in Zhili Viceroy Tan Compass it here?'Ren one toMan this tone, immediately understood the third, a smile and said:. 'Tan Compass, someone came looking for you, be careful to meet, do not control me.'A loose Tan Compass, the same stature as the electric Teng shot into the sky, facing those two good horse swept past.Four residues to recover, Tan Compass hand stopped them.Pass over in front of Chen He heard awesome people mind: 'What people stop?.'With Mr. allowed chuckle: 'two nervous, I do not tan Compass, Compass Tan was there.'He told two horse staggered over, it would not be a flash in the night into the vast.At that time, two horses horse had a blast with a burst of Chi Tan Compass to stand at the horse soon Changsi, who set the sky hoof kick, after a stop swirling together, with stops in the ground like a good Chun riding. Two horses are all kinds of Mongolia Rider, the same color of black, shiny black, head shaking mane, Horse exception, a silver saddle stirrup style brocade yellow silk reins, not only expensive, but people see that this duo two riding a great background.Ride are two middle-aged brawny are quality silk trousers coat, the impression is strong, powerful, neat, but also with a bit of chic. That ride in front of two brawny Ruju eyes swept away, said: 'That one is Tan Compass?'Who Compass Tan, one would immediately see two brawny character from the capital, welcome step forward, Bao Quan said:'I was Tan Compass, ask?'That brawny whip back - fingers, said: 'Just who was that?'Tan Compass hesitated and said:. 'Thief Futian Hao'That brawny hesitated and said: 'Desert Dragon?'Compass Tan said: 'It is.'That brawny very depressed, waved his whip, said: 'Unfortunately, I heard Jun takes a bitch like children, I knew that what he said