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you a test match! 'He sat presided seat, distance, is all out to fight, Xing Meng Shentong also pour a few people, sudden, I hear there is a hoarse voice, said:' Xiao Meng, the wife in this, you can not so presumptuous! 'Meng Shentong someone hit from the side, crowded, under his fury, less scrutinized, as soon shouted:' What, posing as my elders? 'Huixiu Yifu, display their' stick table eighth down 'superior internal strength, suddenly felt the man's impulsive surprisingly large,' laugh 'is heard, he was the man of the sleeves torn off part of it, Meng Shentong wrist doubled, nor let the man grabbed, Meng Shentong palm up a board, immediately issued a heavy Shura ninth Zhang Li hidden evil power. This one is the elder Wu Pei cavity tannoy threatened, he had eight years ten days, the training effort somewhere between good and evil factions, relies on the old favorite show off, the factions Mangshan Assembly, did not choose to come out the main tower situation, he has in mind some dissatisfaction, so grab in front of golden master, want The Meng Shentong stopped, which was obvious his effort, his age intervals, Meng Shentong call out 'Meng', this is not an exaggeration, that know Meng Shentong not scrutinize, criticize opening it, he Qiqiaoshengyan angry! He had seventy In more than skill, but also excel at martial arts secrets of several unique offerings, of course unusual, therefore Meng Shentong round pick, but gave him the sleeves torn off, but until a full Meng Shentong, cast the first Nine of the Shura hidden evil power, he would ban under overwhelmed, but also fortunate that he has and 'Heaven Luo step' similar to the 'leopard tortoise hiding stealth Law', did not give Meng Shentong palm hit, but that kind of a mountain down row Zhang Li Ma, buttressed by the biting cold skin corrosion tendon, yet he takes with the cabin pushed back Zhitui gun! yang symbol with the brothers behind the red, just bumped him, Ukraine tannoy a cavity anger, all hair on him, one shoulder, Sheng: 'Go away! 'Yang red symbol of' sixty-five. All of a sudden the whole Tianzhushan are hidden in them. 'Zhou stars a big fuss!' Phi Hong Haotian hall looking at the projections Tianzhushan clouds, suddenly exclaimed. In the end is who within Zixiaogong heard enlightened person, do not know how this is the year the famous Zhou stars a big fuss. He also never thought Zhen Fang actually so smart. If you want a big fuss refining Zhou stars, it must be refining Zhou stars streamers, which requires Zhou stars to refining the essence. Just think Zhen Fang Once upon arrival from the human world, where there is time to take the essence Zhou stars. But it can lead to this Zhou Zhou stars stars robes of light, and Tianzhu around $ 36.5 faint peaks coincide, Zhou stars cloth into a big fuss. Although successful, however hasty, if the case of those mighty, but also be able to break it between readily. But if this kind of encounter Snake Tao Jun guy. But also the power of infinity. 'Real good luck, this is what you intended?' Far no quantum have never thought myself but want to watch, when both sides will suffer the wait, look likely to pick up cheap points, never thought, Zhen Fang actually so powerful. Blink of an eye so that the means. Will own and others trapped in them. Appearance looked around, apparently planted a very clever battle. 'Tao Jun, this is what the battle, but still so powerful?' Long sub uneasy around to sweep the star field, his face filled with a hint of fear, although he Daoxing not high, but the natural surroundings and the sense of a kind of crisis Once found the surroundings not immediately withdraw left, facing the beautiful sky, countless planets revolving meantime, or destroy or born, live, and still saw a few little knowledge wind water and fire spewing compete, much endless hearts bad feeling more powerful, and finally I had to ask again. Jin Yi Tao Jun in the end is when the prehistoric heritage of the colorful snake's blood, through blood each other, they do have a bit of knowledge, frowning thought for a moment, suddenly