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growing. Du wind waved, four gas avatar while launching, the battle purgatory opposition party members over oppression. Almost equal to eight star power of ancient weapons infuriating high pressure drop in purgatory squad member who, they suddenly could not move even a finger. Du wind slowly go towards today's battle has complete control in his hands, he coldly authentic:. 'I need some ancient weapons intelligence Association, first said to live.' One of the players shouted: 'You bastard dare defy the World Martial Arts Association ancient!' Du wind in the other shoulder, hand press, bang bang, the other promise big body wide open at once in the hands of the power of the monument apart. The other three scared pale, another man shouted: 'We accept the grace of Xian Qi, you dare defy Once upon a time ......' Du Feng a voice hardly ever pointing at his forehead, that name Purgatory squad member only hear your body emit very teeth are bones rubbing sound, followed by musculoskeletal nerves are soaring up, brush pull the broken body count them out, the He strung together a flourishing tree. Purgatory squad member twitch of the two, only the eyes protruding off the gas. Du wind eyes intended to kill thicker. Use Xian Qi ancient weapons has made his taboo, then mention Once upon a time in front of him, which is simply what pot does not open the pot. The two surviving members desperately teeth chattering, one of them cried and shouted: 'mercy ......' Daoguang flash, that players head from the body, the body shake a few shake down on the ground. Du looking terrible wind tunnel: 'I do not want to hear crap.' Finally, a player has Haide pants are wet, crazy shouted: '! Thor Lee Han is just a puppet, the World Association of ancient martial true leader, is the logistics officer horsepower tie adults' Bang, heavy broadsword insert players around dust in the wind surface such as ice Du said:. 'The little intelligence value, continuing to speak.' Finally, a squad member purgatory relieved, quickly said: 'In pounds of pork, and what you wish for.' Du wind lightly: 'My desire is to make you completely unemployed.' Yang Ying Yang Qi face flirtatious hint of blush, Stern said: 'Thank you.' Only wind and Du minds, she knew this seemingly ridiculous desire, how heavy weight. 2018, mankind on Earth has spawned thousands of years, due to human wanton exploitation of mineral resources, cut down trees indiscriminately, oil on earth, forests, minerals and other metals, both to theMake the edges. In the extreme shortage of resources and population expansion of the dual crisis of madness, between countries small-scale armed conflict continue to occur more gradually upgraded to a local war. Third World War, has been to the brink of explosive. At the time of this ever-changing group of different purposes for their own human elite come together, set up a secret organization - [will] end extradition. Which has the world's largest consortium - Luo Le consortium family head, the king of the vampire world from the mysterious castle, three Nobel prize winner Dr. Yang Zhengdao more. Yang Yang Ying Zheng Tao's daughter Elsie wind and Independence Day, fifth and sixth, respectively, as a member to join. Yang Ying join the aim is to take advantage of the power of Luo Le consortium to raise funds for her charity UNICEF, so that war-orphaned children who suffer from back and forth between. Du wind adding only one purpose, to continue to strengthen its reach throughout soaring. Two purposes distinct people, but for the sake of the task, often go together. Luo Le rival consortium, the legendary control the world financial crisis, the Rothschild family, in the arms trafficking was a great benefit. In order to stop the war against opponents, Du Yang Ying wind and this can be the end of the mechanized forces soldier super ancient weapons, tend to be assigned the same battlefield, stop the war. Even when Feizong in smoke and bullets, and Yang Ying did not forget to helpless children in need. But, when she could find only temporary deal with this a little more than enough data flow, data flow suddenly being pulled into the air and disappeared, only to feel the wind Du Meanwhile a cold heart. Since twenty years ago after the death of Yang Ying, has nothing make the fearless Warrior chilling, chilling feeling intrusive means something close to the heart of Du wind. Radial reproduction ferocious eyes, his hands tightly into Du wind chest muscles, upper and lower body are covered with Du wind invisible Pirates hatched. Jin Tiejiao song sounded strong, blue scalpel in Du wind chest looming, constantly struggling to disassemble the Radial wound over the Pirates hatched. Radial grinning: 'Du wind, I want to steal your heart.' Du cold wind tunnel: 'Forget it, I do not like the man.' His body violently sank down, a record Tan kicking leg hook on the chin Radial, with Four or five meters away, temporarily out of trouble. Radial who has floated Huangji Xian Qi, was issued proud of laughter, Liu days butterfly is his only way of body, Zongda data stream has been consumed Du wind, the wind took him more now Du there is no other way. Du wind eyed and said: 'You are too timid Radial, you just should chase to kill me.' After all, nine ancient starsWho Radial immediately found a strange, distant body's qi is weak Du wind was almost negligible, but was raised behind his rise to numerous small purple spot, before Radial react, purple the same spot as meteor hit the Radial. Radial suddenly feel top-heavy, as if caught in a vast universe galaxy being. Suddenly encountered strong rotational state of weightlessness and how? Radial do not know, he just knew this wonderful spot to quickly spin up, his body thrown around, the body seems to rise to the moment they sink into the galaxy of the universe, after a burst of fireworks dizziness, Radial only feel physically The center has a huge gravitational pull to his memory and body pumping separated. Pirates of the magic completely caught up in the power of evil spirits among the universe of days! And