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has magic, magic strength, of unknown origin, this talent is a big worry for me Buddhism, kill this person, I certainly want to damage some Buddhist air transport, but from a long-term perspective, kill this person, I Buddhism will thrive. Brother, the temporary loss of air transport, air transport I can get, why not do it! Moreover, just dove Mount Zhen Fang Yan He reached true brothers in Wonderland world, just a few brothers Although Ocean Road already have fruit, but also a large array of help, probably do nothing Zhen Fang, Pinni think, or to please the brothers shot. To know the Buddha riding two doors Taoist Trinity was confined thirty-three days outside, cover a secret, but after only a moment shelter, or how long the Trinity will know, by that time, they let go of the Zhen Fang, I am afraid is not conducive to the plans of the two Buddha. ' Monk sigh truth quite a while, suddenly sighed: 'So, there is a large array of labor in charge of the junior sister apprentice, was a monk went to embark on, I'll wait for good luck blocking real, causal Closed, not as taking place at the moment good. 'Then give birth to a single step clouds, also flew past the hill. 'To the good!' Zhen Fang looked at clouds blossoming in front, it is impossible to know the truth about the monk withdrew large array, although I do not know the Buddhist demons and witch prize in the end what the agreement was reached, but also know that the eyes want Zhen Fang To save the Kunlun Mountains, is to break open the eyes of a large array, at least they would have to cook a way, as to the Once upon a time in the future, this door can not destroy human taught himself to charges fell. 'Truth monk, since you live or die regardless of the Divine right way, then do not blame the Pindao.' Zhen Fang cold smile. Good man is hard to have anger, is not like the others forged rancor, but a good man once to initiate anger, not ordinary people can accept. Zhen Fang just so good to others left side, one hand is his nature dictates, but thereIs because elegant. Wang Wei will meet supreme Lonely first sit down, then he led the congregation in the royal childrenAccompany its next prime minister, but Shushan disciple sit down on the other side. After people offer Principal of Big Red, Wang Wei had just asked cautiously: 'predecessors for centuries never resume the Red, I do not know why today, driving under the humble house.' The reason why Wang Wei carefully, not only because the other powerful, more importantly, that he saw a hint of mystery from Shushan disciples eyes. Shushan powerful is the fact that is also true disciple of Shushan rampant, but knowledge of the transaction is also true disciple of Shushan. Although royal personage but martial arts and different constituencies, but powerful forces in the world but, comprehension sector in decline, dependence on the secular world, more and more, down to every disciple therefore Wang Shushan, are cautious, afraid Royal offend down, give it away to every degree of artificial royal tragedy Shushan, no allowed. Wang Wei also deeply can, therefore just in the square of the Lonely worship, it was just a matter of courtesy. But this time, he had to face, the purpose of this came the Lonely. Shushan disciples also furious because of it, but in the main the royal family before him furious. Although there is no express language, but the eyes of contempt is revealed beyond doubt. Comprehension sector is probably a big news. Quickly asked: 'What a big event I dare predecessors, actually take the trouble down the older person??' Well a Wang Wei, indeed mastered the family for many years, and his experience do not know how much wind and rain, an opening, they put aside the awkward topic, directed critical. But Wang Wei, although shrewd, but do not know the magic Lonely Road for hundreds of years have seen the slightest progress, already the practice on the side, is more important is how the decline of comprehension, the dominant sector Divine comprehension. Once you have a plan Taoist Zhang Mei, Shushan, by the time Tan Compass This man is a very wise man, not his itch to do, he is not the tube. 'Futian Hao raised his eyebrows and said: 'So there is such a big head here conspiracy, I do not know if they stop, if we know that, how can matter ......''Who you tube, my Lord.' Feng Niuer glanced at him and said: 'You have mind control someone else's thing, clay Buddha Hong itself is no guarantee that your own business or tube! 'Futian Hao want to say something, but he suddenly put one pair of eyes in Feng Niuer goes Ningzhu blowing shells Yupo glamorous Jiaoye Shang, said: 'girl, you will tell me how these two.'Feng Niuer indifferent a chuckle: 'What matters, to tell you who you can put how, I think you are a dying man, and that makes you fall into that, is not it?'Futian Hao said: 'You see I am a dying person?' said: 'Is not it Zhao Six-fingered children, Tan Compass, exhibition Xiong Fei three brothers are here, which they can spare you got it??'Futian Hao said: 'how, exhibition Xiong Fei three brothers are here too!' said: 'They own no way you Sunlao three out of a good idea, the three brothers to Xujiahui to resort to Zhao Six-fingered children, ostensibly refers Zhao six children are sold Sunlao thirty-one face, in fact, Third, for six Sunlao Zhao refers children to their brothers brought gate of hell. 'Futian Hao silent, and he still has much to say, but also how, sport is immune moving about, a life wholly in the hands of others, he did not speak, did not blame the speak, has been seeing him take , waited a long time, or Futian Hao opening: 'Girl, you are ......'Fengniu Er said: 'say something nice, I mean six children of Zhao daughter, saying something nasty, mean Zhao six children mistress is his win over people who control tool, 'tarantula' Mrs Johnson was my step sister with meThe Buddha said that this genus void, saints simply self-respect, but also something more practical, why imaginary deities care of it? 'Duron saint smiled and said: 'No wonder you do not succeed in the Central Plains, because you did not