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yard, coke Uranus foot paused, looked up to see the next four, we must move forward! Just listen to a dark corner light drink sounded loudly: 'Old Coke, stop!'Since the dark corner where a figure swept out in straight sets before the body, is a lanky middle-aged black man, his eyes a condensate, but did not speak.Coke Uranus already pre-empt said: 'Explorer Explorer it ever saw, and I have?Thing. 'That lanky black guy and said: 'Do you have any hurry so mysterious?'Coke Uranus: 'The non-renowned explorer can not say that I find Explorer go!' Move away! That sounded behind Huasheng lanky black guy: 'Explorer mostly in the backyard!'Coke Uranus should be a cry, and went straight in there.He walked the path, over the gallery, to the backyard door, no way to stop, the door to the backyard, where he immediately went to break without stopping!When he first entered the backyard a few steps, only heard Chen He called out: 'What is man?'Coke rushed busy day stop should be: 'I, coke Uranus!'Lengheng, a medium build, without flour, Yin Zhi pressing the purple man swept over, at the very start sidewalk: 'Hello great courage, dare trespass backyard!'Coke Uranus busy: 'I have something urgent to report it explorer!'That purple man said: 'Do you have any urgent?'Coke Uranus and said: 'I would not say gone Explorer!'That purple guy said: 'Then you have to bang on the door of the intrinsic, since someone will give you a briefing, dare trespass backyard, you do not order it?'Coke Uranus: 'The trouble is that you are informed about it!!.'Purple man grunted: 'retreated to the door waiting to go!'Coke Uranus should cry, but raising his hand one pointing out, purple means a man should fall. He reached copy live purple guy, and flew into a dark corner sideways, and from the instant he walked out of a dark corner, where flutter straight sideways!After he successfully bypassed hall, in front suddenly, backyard both deep and wide, seen in the night, kiosks, Taiwan, pavilion, floor, everything.This time reveals only two lights, one a they are able to penetrate obstacles, arrived in front of Zhen Fang. But it is what people do to have this matter? 'The sun real fire?' Zhen Fang perused Dinghai beads are dying lilies, several feet long, shining golden light, blazing white flame throughput meantime, the issue of terror calories, barbecue all this around, but unfortunately, No matter how the other messengers of lilies, but it did not penetrate the defense Dinghai beads. Zhen Fang raw interesting shot, I saw a faint purple, Zhao Xiang slowly that lilies, lilies like that found in the general danger, trembling incessantly, as if struggling to escape Dinghai beads attract general, but unfortunately, That innate Sanko Shenshui very mysterious, where is, as can escape, it took quite a while before they feel enormous pressure of the giant purple hands, suddenly Baoxiang, surprised to find that golden lilies exude numerous road will Zhen Fang enveloped them. Zhen Fang just felt faint purple, as if surprised to find himself in the primitive stars stand in general, there are numerous stars slowly turning around, staggered out of the void and only the stars, but could not see any signs of human habitation haunt them. 'Zhou stars big fuss?' Zhen Fang mouth hint of mysterious smile. As Lord Zhou, Zhen Fang also had the good fortune Yudie, above Yudie, countless magical, do not know where Zhou stars a big fuss, but do not know the essence of someone actually can get by Zhou stars, the sun really fire refined into a treasure, actually can into Sunday's count, planted a big fuss. Unfortunately, the other side has been able to count Sunday, the selected object is the essence of the stars of the Zhou, Zhou stars a big fuss but a blessing as you can simply planted a large array of non-big perseverance, great wisdom, it is impossible calculate the change of Zhou stars, not to mention today's Zhou stars far not broken before then prehistoric Zhou stars, a large array of cloth under this person is scarce incomplete, resulting in the blessing that year Zixiaogong