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acupuncture, Jin Shiyi was forced again and again back, where also able to pull out all the distraction ability to speak Jin Shiyi, desperate to resist, mind:? 'So this exotic woman but its mother, it can be concluded that he was not more granduncle up. I do not know how is the mother of their two came to this island? 'And as strange is the son of skillMother is much higher, if the well-known martial arts, it is reasonable should not be so. Ability to Jin Shiyi, that weirdo if unarmed attacks, with a sword against him, some can fight to the more than one hundred strokes, now against his one-man bronze, less than Wu Shizhao already find it difficult to deal with. After a while, took place in a strange phenomenon, Jin Shiyi sword gradually become its cold as ice, but that kind of chill of the air is already dead, the grave in the forest, is his. 'Jin Shiyi good tune breath, to see them have to recognize nephew, he came to the ceremony to meet pending and Lipan Gui, Lipan Gui suddenly wide open from one pair Guaiyan, said:' He is ten thousand people What? ' said:' No, he, he --- 'at the end, then finished, has since shouted:' Why did you bring in an outsider? 'Screaming like a strip extending Pushan big hands, but also with Jin Shiyi arrested, Lisheng Nan hurriedly stopped in the middle of them, but how fast Lipan Gui way, although she a bar, still around the corner the Jin Shiyi in torn clothes, but also lucky to have so little resistance him a barrier, or else Jin Shiyi cold off guard, I'm afraid to have him arrested cracked ribs Lisheng Nan shouted:! 'Uncle, he is my best friend! 'Lipan Gui angrily:' best friend does not work, you forget what fathers testament? Joe North sea powers can never be outsiders coveted secrets, the island is also not allowed to step into the family names of the people: he and ten thousand since no family, I can not let him get out alive! 'This emergency is no trivial matter Lisheng Nan, blurted:' Uncle, he's your nephew son ah! 'Lipan Gui startled hesitated and stammered and said:' move.' The speaker was Qingxudong real, even though there is Xianjia Road style, but unfortunately. People need to grow is face beard, looked like a butcher. Breeze laughed dismissively: 'Momen more deceit, which is expected to do so-called positive there is evil, there is magic there is the Buddha, which is an unalterable fact no matter how hard I wait, there will be magic. exist. Ding gods had blood lead in the right way, but I have excellent comprehension for the Wizards, then what can they do. Momen is not into being. success or failure, both in Heaven among the students the right way, of course, is derived Magic Heaven, but Magic students, are Daoyan Do not count the days? I'll wait for the right way martial has been declining for many years, human demons occur, Masamichi contained hundreds of disciples shut the gate, although a part of the secular world but this aura to reason, but also because of the theory that the rise and fall That year the Kunlun post master in my hands of it, and told me these things. For hundreds of years. I do not blame you always Shushan contend with, that I weak and incompetent. For centuries have never embarked on this Yu Xugong within a worse. I am afraid that unless there today with Dr. Bell, I'm afraid you will not come! ' Qing Xu, who heard his face flushed, the so-called big school onThere is a large faction to dignity, since illustrates teach Twelve cents, or away, or will simply betrayed after the door division, Kunlun will decline down to the last few hundred years, the wind took over the charge of teaching after, especially, almost in the comprehension sector unknown, seems to have forgotten the Kunlun same. Qing Xu, who is know how many doors stuff, but not have imagined that his brother palm teachers simply start a coward, closed the Kunlun Mountain Gate, let Shushan out furious, stubborn become the leader of the right way. Did not think it was because of this reason. Mind could not help greatly ashamed. Young breeze swept the congregation look, light laughs: ' : 'Your mouth did not say, did not indicate on the form, color, too, but definitely thought your heart, if you really do not have, you can not only kill me, but please gouge out my eyes, punish me senseless , identify unknown thing! 'Yuwen Qiong Yao's sword has held up, but put down and said: 'Okay, I admit!'Wu Yunshan said: 'That's right, that's nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, the world besides, there is no second person will let you see touched upon it!'Qiong Yao Yuwen exclaimed: 'But I do not want him, he is your ......'Wu Yunshan said: 'I admire his intelligence, also admire your martial arts, but he was cautious man, know me first, you do not dare to keep the heart of Ho-kau, in fact, his heart is like you!'Yuwen Qiong Yao said: 'Do not lie to me, his martial arts taller than me, how will I see!'Wu Yunshan said: 'I do not lie to you, if he did this, and I will not force match for you, and his heart is very proud of gas, as my intellect, he can endure, martial arts better than you, he would not exist climb up the heart, because of his martial arts high you a raise, I was more than this thing! 'Qiong Yao Yuwen bow in silence, Wu Yunshan and said: 'Yao sister, you are willing to give up martial arts supervisor cause is right, the woman is the greatest achievement in life to get a worthy manPoint of course broken ribs fractures million people without physical, he was hit by that Zhang Feng, ranging from disability to become seriously injured, while neifu shall concussion, were spared. Hate is not a vendetta places, Jinu hearts and minds, how under the murderous? Fan side desperate desperately autumn, Heimo Le Jingsi did not care how. Underground passage 'bad', just about displaying hidden weapon, He Yi has been perceived in the next, busy winks stopped. Just at that time, fast! Just sister united in mind and fretting between the twinkling of an eye, fierce listen snapped shouted: '!? Fan dick really do not face it,' but it is also a sound with the people together. This time it was improved to retreat, provincialAssassinate inevitably bear punishment, on the road you can push the thieves. Fortunately, such a charge Yanei hospital assassin character there is, you see the last framed Yao China, the other is like a crystal ball, cope, plus more careful. Change the strategy side, the dark side of life is not to be seen confidant night watching whereabouts. Yao people here left, Min Fu had reported earlier, Li Yong and the whole plan to send two sets, and pass along Greenwood complain human assassin trailing down. Yao, China and the others, because Fujian, Zhejiang junction of many beautiful waters along just handy boarding, asleep in a dream, this day Tainan Yanping passing away. Yanping Ancient Sword states, to occupy the upper reaches of Minjiang River, is Min. Zhejiang two amphibious transport hub, the official station of the classics, river raft merchant transactions, such as weaving, the city very Yan Fu Chan, Yao people on the road because I heard that the bank has a Riverside House, dish look refreshments are prestigious, suddenly moving revelry , want to swig meal, rest on a day at the local, small alkyl Zheng Chen, and then further Pucheng rush. Yoshio Xinmin nor discouraged. Fortunately, the road along the way are the Official Road, make the area more prosperous, row boat car used horses, in order to avoid the eyes and ears, are relative to the degree of the situation, every county hired zero. Was the first to find a middle inn stay, develop public opinion husband, ordered Zhang housekeeping, free store to eat. The two sides held three people together to ask the way, went to Riverside House pub. To see, that the river floor built into downtown proper, two storeys, total is three facade, equipment is very gorgeous. High Noon lunch time, the lounge has been selling full. Waiter still a little vision, tolerance is not like ordinary people to see three, new light, try to stairs that small lounge, two to go not to go to get it out evenly cooked patrons. Three into the seated, have to floss a dish, a dish