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the waterfall complex, so although the pond water, grass it is withered. Fang statement surprised people here, no reason or another? Xinmin Lianhan 'where people', no crashed. Three going to find the way to go, to find the pond weeds ring, the first thought that snakes and the like, a closer, 'Look, Xinmin eye, first shouting:' People in the pond, Zhang quickly pull him up! 'Zhang grass with umbrellas leaned aside to look, the fruit is a middle-aged man of short stature, body immersed in cement inside, like a mouth shout not, know someone to save him, frequently tamper with hand, foot, yet his death. Originally dirty lake, deep down there at the grass buildup, only half of his face was live blisters, high upper terrain, never water, so there is no drown call twice refused, Yao Min ordered him off his long coat and socks down, pull up and saw that the eyes and ears closed, the whole body wet muddy dirt, profiling and dress at first glance looked like a scholar Ancun: Before the rain, long time ago, people did not see Yaqian along the line material is subject to summer made anxious fever, thirst hearts, mind dizzy, saw the pond, that there is water, the desire to drink, a foothold live, fall dead pond, rain was a shock, have a chance of survival. See his breath only genera move can not be made, then move side hidden, Mangming Zhang will remove body with drugs summer, and he smelled on; I'm afraid of rain after drought in the mountains of toxic, not abusing, and stuffed in his mouth better spent. for a while, actually played two sneeze, Yao people know there is help, life will unravel before the heart, and seeking money to make him scratch stasis. Xinmin things before he finished, in turn removed the letter and look good husband. Yoshio saw that all envelopes, letterheads and even Ya-chun, writing two good, too, although the flooding, because XinminIs the name of the curtain, exposing such practices are being posted Wabu Long Tan, plus sunny for a while, the paper has gradually dry out, in addition to the