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, sky ban although powerful, but their strength is not, how can we maximize its effect, sage into them, is a helpless thing. But this time it is different, not a saint one guy actually being quietly into the Jade Pool, the two still do not know. More importantly is that this person is still quite familiar, it is in the current wave of the mountain will the couple refused gold bi wind bell chaos outside. A blood-red light flashed. Stern void a figure stepped out, not the gold bi wind is who. That Haotian seeing, mind relieved. Although came in, but in the end only by virtue of simply cut off the hands of the magic of space, in order to break through the sky ban. For Nabing Tu Legend, Haotian but remember, even Dubbo Tathagata are afraid to stop the cutting edge guy, showing not a common congenital Lingbao. This world, there is no reason to love. Do not missHate for no reason. Is at interest to the premise. Or joint, or confrontation. Although Choi Jin Emperor Haotian wind endless fear. Gold bi wind is just angry words, but at the moment, but it is smiling, said:? 'Daoxiong come, I do not know why things are said that if some shocking, or other, into Wonderland, I am afraid there is no way brother of seats. ' Jin Choi, the wind laughed, but did not bother Haotian, just a stone bench on his own side of the Jade Pool, sitting cross-legged. Slowly said: 'Red Cloud calculations already begun, poor you people still in confusion among Haotian Majesty is ridiculous, actually bullied Red Cloud did not sanctify calculating his disciples, not think about it, then. Red Cloud to what it is today, a tolerance that is millions of years, to the time aspect of today, with ease. original reason frankly with you forged causality, I am afraid that today's willing to let you make a big revere ground position. And he was able to monopolize the world who Sovereigns air transport, a repair for the rapid growth of the two saints are not even their Western rivals. Now the big revere death, lest his disciples to the host will This is the soaring bases made out of things.' Young illusory shadow silently playing the piano gold, gold-colored notes constantly circling the sky from the gold piano, like a shield generally Li Tuo howling full block in the loop, with different flute, piano unfolded The ability to also have the effect of physical defense Don feeling dazed eyes that suddenly sweet, she let go of the hand to cover your ears, leaned over to pick up Magic Flute, playing, flute and piano rhythm gradually converged in one place, play a calm and peaceful music. Flute and piano player's eyes, it seems to have completely forgotten the living battlefield, but only the beginning of a sweet ensemble. Liu Ji Yiliaoyisheng day and said: 'Mozart's Requiem ...... kind of thing, there will be ...... power?'  white at her and said:. 'You do not understand the charm of savage music, of course, do not know the power of music.' Yoo Ji-day hum: 'Mozart is the princess of the younger generation, you know a little of what Mao Haizi free the princess and music theory than about how, what would you, old Joseph, flute, saxophone whatever you choose!?.' Small but really know nothing about musical instruments fox, bite the bullet and said:. '. When you ...... of course what will casually' Both one to one to argue with, field gas rage and Xuexing Qi gradually weaken the role of music in, Xu Yuan was surprised to find that he actually is also the role of the body to ban music under eliminated. Can gold and silver white notes into the bloody whirlpool,Lee Billiton and slowly wrapped the body of the wind Du Li Billiton quivering forefinger, there is not a knife at your fingertips, but an extension of the bloodstain slowly. He speechless: 'Once upon a law!' Yoo Ji-day muttered: 'They can build a power law ......' She is no stranger to the law, the second heaven, world, Once upon a time, there are rules to limit outsiders. Even the world, there are also specialized law upon a time limit of visitors, and as such, came to earth to immortal power are indifferent smile, said: 'Nothing, I assure you that I will not hurt you.'Looked up and look Wei Han Ying, said: 'Han Ying, let's go!'Wei Han Ying Yan Mufei knew already come up with medication, she nodded her head, did not speak.Yan Mufei raising his hand to provoke the man, the wine will be posted, looking coke Uranus said: '! Coke Master, let's go together.'Coke Uranus white face and said: '! Yantai Xia, I say that to say'Yanmu Fei said: 'I know, but I know I can not let DUANMU parties come.'Coke Uranus busy: 'Yantai Xia, you worry, I will not go to the messenger, I vowed not to!'Yanmu Fei shook his head slightly, and said: 'Forgive me, at this time you can not be with them ......'Coke Uranus his hands to catch the table, mouth will have to be called, will have to flee out.But he was too late, Yan Mufei already a hand to catch his shoulder, and said: 'Coke Master, as long as you honestly I would never hurt you!'Coke Uranus quick-witted shocked, no longer daring to move, had obediently stood up and followed Yan Mufei out of the tavern.Out of the tavern had not gone far, Yan Mufei Lang Yanxia suddenly walked toward the roadside.Wei Han Ying see clearly, there are several begging Hanako. to the front of several Hanako, the piece 'Qiongjia Bang 'supreme authority to the ground-breaking bowl letter symbol of a lost, and said:' Come with me one! 'Turned away.No one will, with Wei Han Ying Jiao took out the north gate day Wanping County, near and far away from the gates of a former forest baizhang stop.A middle-aged Hanako hurriedly to, near to one knee landing, hands held high over the top character letter, said: '! Hope you please commanded'Yanmu Fei said: 'I do not deserve, please speak up!'That middle-aged Hanako should be a cry, stand up and stand in front of reverent. said: 'I need to master in order to assist Guibang, please send your Fenduo hold this letter symbol to Guibang Zongduo go together, side appear before the main fact, asked him to deploy hundreds of experts, arrived here before sunset, the I'm the Ukrainian uttered Guaixiao, wings and fly, gold mouth spray to a flame, tightly wrap a snake head, burned up. Although eight Qi yo can give birth to a head at the moment, but after King's body was not living flesh Ukrainian how the fire may stop and scream sound, suddenly it is a little head out to go directly The sun was really burned to ashes. Where there is no residual. 'Ow!' There was a scream, and a long head out. With eight Qi soul does not know how many years, normally people are full of hibiscus as gods to worship, offer the finest raw soul and blood food, where the thought of actually have today. Although they can automatically generate the head, but it is not endless grow. Its magic when there are always exhausted. 'Chen snapped a blood spray out, the whole body of the golden rocking, kind of like a horse turned out that it is eight huge tail, Chen said the parties do not pay attention. Pumping over, hit the top of the Body of light. Although red gourd most of the power to resist, but the total is still a trace of force infiltrated, watch repair vestiges of power, nor want Zhen Fang ancestral witch body, extremely powerful. in the end is an unpaired mystical figure. smashed it, it hurt neifu. 'Haha. Good luck Daoxiong, such a good thing, how not to look Pindao?' A hearty voice from far away came over, Zhen Fang looked in the past, was surprised to find several Jianguang far from. But it is a few silver-haired. Blue robes of the priests of the drive over. It is headed by a person with the Greek reality Qingcheng xiyi however real, and they followed behind several young priests, apparently the two disciples door person. 'Real good luck. These merit not let how weak Pindao?', They come away with a few Jianguang, but it is reality Lung Fu Shan Zhang palm to teach, Zhongnanshan Chun-yang concept to Heaven live, live days of cloud, Maoshan's no wind, who live, Divine three palm teach martial and elders have to drive over. 'Haha, these little things, it touches you for Daoxiong bother.' Zhen Fang see shouted:Heaven as me. 'I saw an imposing occult, from Zhen Fang who is now out to look like a tai chi circle slowly greeted. Dubbo Tathagata boss eyes wide open, though not yet Zhen Fang sermon, but was able to borrow at the moment the power of Heaven, sage invincible, not only because of his magic is almost endless, more importantly, his enemy, the means has been out of operation and state law, has reached a state road, and readily visible saw Heaven trajectory. They are able to watch the Saints enemy, basically a few years worth of penance. Just a battle between those saints, moving the Armageddon, all the stars scattered. Since when Gods, Tongtianjiaozhu to Zhu Xian Jian Zhen destroyed after three realms three realms, these saints fighting, usually conducted into the endless void than fighting, so much treasure, who though a saint disciples, but also and will be able to see for have to see fighting between saints. This use of force fighting drama saint Heaven, mostly as antelope hanging corner, although rules can be found, but it is not the ordinary people can see clearly. But now it is different, although they would use force Zhen Fang Heaven, but in the end not a saint, the use of force from Heaven, but it is traceable. This would even take Dubbo Daoxing profound, naturally glimpse into one of the two. 'Bang!' When the fist collide with Tai Chi, everyone was surprised to find, but not the slightest strange happened, as if the two really superfluous in general, but the momentum of the powerful, but in itself is not the same as simply contain a little bit of power. Everyone is awaiting alarmed when, Dubbo Tathagata suddenly thundered loudly: 'Oh.' Then on the Ni Wan Yuan relic out light, a pearls lotus feet now, and countless cover your lotus around a drawing look like magic, but the evil spirits of countless shining, diffuse around the wearer will Dubbo Tathagata care in the middle. That nine-feng, who rushed, bewildered hearts burst, awaiting to make preparedness, where they come from and, just felt a