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which people would like to ask back soon. You and me friend, brother Hugh said in no injuries, both for the brothers, is the same flesh and blood, with a total fortune. Brother just say it all to do so. 'Qiu Yi worse than angry at first, did not hear the two tenor nodded, quiet replied:' Long story, this time no such leisure. All in all, I pay benefits lossless brother. Really not Xiangman, previously I pay gift list, though it is to come to come forward, did not use my real name. I say you are the son of a family of Zhejiang, Wu good childhood, thanks in Mr. Qian Lao sects, Yinmu Mo old name, coincided difficult to master because of illness, specifically to discuss this errand, prepare a short ceremony to wish a few miles. I said it was brought together with your martial arts servant, who came in front of the former, the more you deliberately sent me to do things better. I have an existing emergency, non-Mo old one word can not rescue. I had seen mo old, but twenty years ago, my father and he had a little holiday, the old man to do a small amount of fear in case he was evasive, would not drop the ball? Rare you see a friend, I just take the hide. Love to meet people, and he liked me an hour, he said, to just go and look at his big, responsive, to try any give. Remember my father more than any of his old holiday, only to see immediate success. There are things to Yuxiong some reward for my boy, really best of both worlds, even the best thing to do. All the details would not be enough, knowing the future, you do not fine to ask. ' MA Kun and Chen industry with the Thai flag is the name of the money should come birthday celebration, Chen industry first, Penn will not know I do not know, did not listen to mention, several times wanted to ask, and fear everything he knows cunning Chen Ye, said is not true. Qiu Shi righteousness repeatedly told this to Mo, if you want less. After moving water bamboo hall, who wanted to inquire down, because the man and the store excuse messenger, sent away Chen Lu, ask inconvenient. wind tunnel: 'King, I have been immersed in the realm of, as we have about you give me strength.' King Xiang Yu mad laughed: 'After you how to live, each had a re-state power must be increased, and why I did not see any growth in your power.' Du cold wind tunnel: 'Because the state is not indifferent so will not increase the power!.' Du wind lightly: 'Do not believe?' Yang Zhou Zhao nose zero almost crying, Du wind silent, suddenly hugged her, revealing a warm embrace unusual, Yang finally zero nose acid Wadiyisheng cried out. Du wind indifference: 'The state simply does not exist What drunkenly, Yang zero, I ask you, are you willing to go with the King will fly or what?' Young zero shook his head, Du wind continued: 'Do you remember Wei husband or son Yuji thing yet? Du Yang zero wind was holding a lot of good mood, fully attend to the wound on his face in a proper way, through tears and said:. 'Seen the book' Xiang Yu seems to have had a premonition that something. Shouted: 'You're trying to say in the end.' King thundered: '? You say this even though King Concubine wrong ashes, The King is not wrong, but also to the Concubine' Xiang Yu roar loudly, hands trembling slightly Sword, homemade body armor constantly peeling. Du wind that drink, awakened King. Du wind eyes, the emotion-laden realm really remain unaffected. Drunkenly is not a state, but the Emperor had confused the first generation of the princess of heaven, to set a bound. Liu days and strength, self-deception and others from their obsession. Liu days and one generation to obsession, became a force is applied to the willow impose zero-day body. Generation to discover that he is the reincarnation of Liu days and people kind of celestial realm of self-deception Princess strength, but also to impose a zero-day reincarnation of Liu body. Self-deception and being worshiped. Has always been one of humanity's most powerful spiritual force. King sword to the sky howling. Angrily: 'Heaven!' Roar, a huge flock to lightning from heaven down hand, Yizhong Mu tugging again, call and said: 'Where is she, quickly took me to see!' Yizhong Mu sophisticated, then the Jin Shiyi Ishida has never malicious, heart of a dynamic, sidewalk: 'Come with me right, yeah, she is now only under the breath of the transcript! 'Jin Shiyi walked into the room, saw Mangshan school female students are being installed for Gu Zhihua experience, could not help trembling, eyes black, a soft knee, then kneel down and shouted: '! all my sins, I come up to the' Wings distressed Mou think of Bingchuantiannv also thought, busy: 'World Heritage, you be quiet, yet breathe Hua sister too! We have to give her a dose of the Tianshan snow lotus, but she did not decree blood running! 'Jin Shiyi jumped up and gave the suspect men and women, they volts to chest, listening to her heartbeat was faint sound, after a long while, He stood up, and his eyes light emitted a ray of hope for Yizhong Mu said: 'Give me prepare a quiet room, the Chinese will move in.' Yizhong Mu overjoyed, immediately follow. Jin Shiyi into the quiet room, then shut the door, solemnly told, and not to disturb people. Mangshan faction standing Lu Road phosphorus better disciples are surmise asthma uneasy around Yizhong Mu asked: '?? This is some thing wrong with it that the devil do you trust' to know now is Mangshan send The head of the identity Yizhong Mu Needing with them in a room, if Jin Shiyi can save Gu Zhihua, they still nothing; if that is not, Mang sent a heavy stigma on more and more, I'm afraid Gu Zhihua death, also cast BuBaiZhiYuan wing distressed congregation listened Mu Young, and although the heart of a chestnut can not help, but then they look as usual, nodded resolutely said: 'No matter what others say to him, I believe him!' Wings Mou sad Mangshan school status after the former head of the Cao Kinji, prestige and even still on the Cao Kinji. He said that, Mang sent disciples naturally would not say. Jin Shiyi shut the door, he settled down God, and mix thoroughly breath, silentSilent prayer: 'God