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cold tightly covering the girls, their body continues to move to save the tower under the effect of springs became a drained swimming larvae, one begins to fall. If someone can break through hyperspectral edges. Comprehend the upper field called 'city manager' of. And Madeleine fought himself can destroy the opponent, you can now own only the enemy alone. He pushed around black woman, asked:. 'Small antelope, take care of her.' Him to answer sounded childish voice: 'I know, Dad.' Squatting beside him actually also one of only seven or eight small girl, a long pair of beautiful phoenix eye, this innocent little girl seems to be the most calm but is a group of people, swear loudly, really like the eagle's protection Chicks like to pull off a black woman. Black woman uttered a cry of horror and said:. '. Do not follow her lei' The little girl in a pair of small hands after touching her body, revealing a black woman's eyes even more frightening than seeing the look bloody puppet, issued a shrill cry: 'Happening!' He is a fighter. The strongest fighter in the world, one of three. Long group attached to the Special Investigation Agency, responsible for the strong minded protoss and ordinary people to communicate coordination. Few people know that this nameless traveler is the dominant control of the world's top countries - China's economic and military Guomai Yang clan patriarch, and his name is called Yang Happening. Yang left Happening also sank in the river, a steady stream of the river turns out to be his strength into numerous pieces and puppet like silk, silk water for bloodshot eyes, the puppet of the wire in the middle of all inclusive. This type of power, enough to cut through the entire sky.Dome - Twins! Twins power to guide the ever-changing river, one will become a two-edged huge matchless Trident, a whole body will also become crystal guns, and even became a flowing body armor draped Young Happening, Each becomes like weapons, weapons river produces a streamer, and finally, those weapons Purple, is such a person, at the end magic or large Luo Jin Sin late, thousands of years also can not enter the quasi-holy Daoxing, to the Saints era, was Hongjun given obscurity Purple few people have permits Road fruit that never seem to progress like Red Cloud, simply can not break through the large Luo Jin Sin this threshold, so that the three realms mighty figure people joke. It can be said Red Cloud meteorite body, one hand is set Hongjun Heaven, but on the other hand is concerned with his own qualifications. 'Even if there is a good qualification and how? I am a religious person, etc., not only to the superior qualifications, the more important thing is to know the days of so-called Yi Shun who, Guards who labor, that is, the truth of the case. As for how my qualifications Xiandi future its own conclusions, but the Medicine Buddha, although superior qualifications, but according to Pindao opinion, but do not know the day. rise and fall of its own conclusion, Sheng will decline, it is undeniable, Buddhism is indeed meritorious, but thousands of years, although unparalleled prosperity, but it also varies greatly, a blessing or a curse, and now will play amulet, when it is the decline of Buddhism, fellow pharmacists boundless beneficence. Why not find another path, my brother good luck palm Road, cases must be able to get into good fortune get aLine life. Medicine Buddha is better than perish. 'Motoko town suddenly smiling, jade stag fluorescent little leisure incomparable. Did not feel like myself are still among the saints in the field today. 'Sin, please!' Above the East pharmacists glass Buddha Ni Wan golden flash. Gilded wears emerged to, but it is left sticking doser (also priceless pearl), the right hand knot three realms India, dressed in robes. Knot Jiafu Zuo Lotus Taiwan, the audience had twelve God. Very mighty. Are: Palace Vastu, cutting off Luo, Luo fans enterprises, Andi Luo, you Luo, Luo Shan end, Yin Daluo, Boyi Luo, Luo Tiger Mount, really Darrow, recruit Douro, border Sankara. . 'I longevity collected beads incarnation, emerged original appearance, Motoko Jishou road toward town. 'Longevity, though at the moment you have to understand the old identity, but today is today, the name of the kings of the East no longer exists. You can know.' Motoko town sighed. 'East Duke lived and, but the former is going to be a causal settled.' LongHealth faint. 'Yes, indeed Pindao disciples.' Voices reciting, fleet air Guanghua flash, fleet Zhen Fang Ta come, smiled and said: 'very good brother came, so younger brother also went to the ground with your Fuchu . ' 'Well, I'm afraid you do not feel at home disciple married matchmaker it! I do not come today, you have to be Fuchu Pindao pull over. So, Pindao not as honest a little rushed over.' Said town Motoko cold haha. And Zhen Fang is awkward smile, move over longevity, will stick in the hands of hibiscus handed over, said: 'You Past East Princes, for Fuso Great, Zhigang Tai, but the world at the beginning of the trace Yang open gas generation, thanks to you today as a teacher and then stick Fuso also be returned to their owners. 'longevity not neglect, quickly hand took over. While the rest of the disciples some ideas in mind, but more worried Zhen Fang hands of no other weapon, how can the future enemy. Even the town Motoko is also frowned. Zhen Fang did not understand how the immortal mind, his brow wrinkled, and said: 'magic is good, but the most important thing is self-cultivation, self-repair is not high, that there is another powerful magic is useless things Excessive reliance magic, but in reducing its Daoxing, so he would never miss the road. Road to Jane, where the need for so much magic. when the beginning of the world, by virtue of an ax, but is it, then, Hong Meng Among generated countless magic, but only that the Great God Pan Gu chose Pangu ax, so that is the best for their own. Although not yet certified Pindao supreme Road fruit, but these treasures are now redundant. The truth, after studying Haier Avenue, naturally understand