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five in the lethal, this after a big storm at sea, all exhausted, such as serious illness, such as an injury, the body's resistance weakened, would feel hurt Department , aching, Kunlun people scattered around the wound, and has begun to fester. Meng Shentong actually no antidote, he just knew from Jia secret perilous lethal fragments have such kind of. Because the devil in order to avoid that several backward-sided Jin Shiyi, only compelled to deceive them, that is also his antidote. Meng Shentong desperate livelihoods, Shuangshouyitan, said:. '? I have the antidote to the waves rushed to a storm as big as yesterday, escape matter, it also appears to preserve the antidote,' the three devil dubious, cloud spiritual son said: 'So you do not sit with us Laomeng die, your deep internal strength, temporarily help us heal, even if not from disability, at least it can save lives?.' Meng Shentong indeed there is such a skill, but he I thought, if their own power consumption to buy them heal, hit Jin Shiyi, however, took the opportunity to launch an attack Jin Shiyi, a monk who could not withstand subtraction, certainly give him all thrown into the sea to go. Rocker is the domain, the two came to find that gold Li, Meng Shentong fork soil a meter, haha ​​laughed: 'the trouble should end it, Li girl, let's say a good boat, do not remember the old hatred, you use five lethal hurt them, or you will be the antidoteCome, this ten martial arts is not weak, but still blocking her Ji Gong, she was around the core, can not punch in the previous step.End of row ten calm chaos, changjon bursts, Yu Shi-yuan, and four blocked.Lack of progress difficult to move, but because of the leg Qiong Yao Yuwen curare attack, air force is not followed, the longbow was a guy hit the waist and fell to the ground! There are four or five branches Longbow attack that she wanted to shoot at the bow, element of urgency to see, copper hammer throw out, swift as lightning, such as the potential ponley!Because there is a ring on his copper hammer sneak into refining the results the next day Dufeng Li moment to smell the gun remains in the clutch in the sense of the girl fragrance, simply let three consuls turn nightwatchman Fangzei guard like her. Du wind angrily looked pretty nose Zhou Zhao Yang zero, lightly: 'You're starting today, school ......' Young zero look happy, I did not expect the wind followed Du said:. 'A good school with laundry cooking' Yang, a blood erupted almost zero, 'Wow,' exclaimed:. 'I'm going to learn how to cook.' Du cold wind tunnel: 'Do not want to cook immediately went to the kitchen where freeload, give me five minutes with seven cups apple juice ice up?.' Young zero desperately angry small breasts and downs, but still nice to listen to leave. Du wind at her back, thinking, and was twenty years ago that same graceful Xiuting back. Yang Ying year if not ancient weapons, or is not the kind of strong strength super ancient weapons, now grown up, she should still cooking in the kitchen, smiling husband Bong godson, but not wiped out in three poles Chuansong Zhen. This little girl is indeed extremely talented, but Du wind up his mind not teach her anything, if it is her physique can not be destroyed by Terry Du wind already put her destroyed the ancient . Luo Feile scream interrupted Du wind thoughts: 'to, to, oh!' Du wind lightly: 'end of the training, Luo Feile, target cities far away from us.' Luo Feile desert dressed as a hunter looking at the distant city skyline appeared, confident authentic: 'right there!' -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------- today recommended that the starting point for the history of the great God of cutting-edge works Silver Arrows' new romantic song, 'we saw this title, which names should beOn hormones accelerate it, do not go to see Du vent the target cities, is the capital of the Republic of Libya - Tripoli. Deformation across the city more than half desert 'day wall', energy has been depleted, the urgent need to concerned, two modest retreat politely refused by Cai, Takahiro spent two masters, to go with the Lord of the dependable if patron Yaoseng diabolism same judge who in the middle of the theme, so I did not go to the main stage. Initially all the rivers and lakes in the older hero itself, as usual, without even opening the players, you see each other appearances are never seen unheard unknown junior, is the hand to that victory, not glamorous. First there are two factions in the Bank's human side to compete with it, underestimate the enemy arrogant, do-side. Both sides see the heir to the big three are not weak, but also said that with the support of the winning monster serpent, not very real skill. Until Zou Hong, Van significantly, Bian Jiang Ming Moye and progenitor Cunzhou two children, has spot victory, this aspect of these nameless see Xing party has an amazing ability whole younger generation, it is a worth one, they played their own nor must prevail, much Haiyi. Cai party already connectedDefeated three times, led by owner Hugh said, they own the surface does not look good outside the off phase, you see everyone grief party Cai Cai tortoise skinned livid with anger, his eyes seem to be Mao Chuhuo come, do not go out. People like conceited, that their years of Wal teleseismic, skills, high strength, very few rivals met, according to the enemy situation, although difficult period of their win, not to make a big result at most, will not defeat reason. This gang of robbers Greenwood, rivers and lakes old thief, still do not know Cai tortoise old eyes no flowers, from the second game will be seen by a pair Fang Taijiang, unless the Lord will feijian main stage magic magician played, the old gang back Dongtai this figure up , the same as it is difficult to seek justice, in order to spare the reputation of the group for many years, once in danger of losing their fear of the unknown hands of the younger generation, he has also eager to take revenge, hate someone immediately release feijian will cut completely