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wander, two SG outside shot is crystal clear, is not easy and was convinced. Explained to a few words, asked what he wanted, not the Hung family enemy, was actually seeking Qi, two dragons come. 'I have three people on board had before passing near the origin miles, up and down the cliff towpath Intersection place, Heng Qi suddenly going to urinate. Because towpath was too tired, but with me, then alone vertical cliff next to the woods . urinate clever passing values ​​of the two nuns are there, one has first in front of an inner urgency into the forest but also because it solution; New Bong division command, down only a few days before, I do not know outside things through, young and beautiful, I do not know vulgar feeling ugly, even provoke a better way to have trouble, abhorrence of evil. Listen Master said because of this trip have yet to break into the cloud, expensive, and more by the Hermit Market sets, such as the road to see the Department of dense jungle grass inserted Daomao like standard , including Hermit is fine. This is custom dictates, not jump into the alarmed, since the dispute caused hurt the innocent. When the Lin see terraced cliffs near the cloth out there, fear of people who mistakenly hit came in, I do not know No detailed description Naishi such standard is the Hermit grass outdoor stage when the mark, according to the master actually said this kind, with a grass knot, hanging branches outside the forest. This also gentle personality, people have come to see, only the gas in the heart, the companion to go for a while to catch up, hear the sound of laughter pedestrian cliff, the positiveCatch Qi, Long duo suffer shoulder line along the former towpath, like exploration, said before the incident; grew more and more gas, he said to her companion. That compared with a violent temper, then they have to attack under the cliff, she Quanzhu eat, anyway go the same way, the desire to trailing, to the edge of further care. When I found her, had just made up his mind, not far away, and I