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unusual situation, but - this is for what.'Wei Han Ying said: 'Housing Johnson to near Wudang, and sphere of influence in the Wudang, they want to do in the sphere of influence of Wudang?'Jinyu Qiong said: 'Wudang sword Guanjue buildings or Shaolin martial arts and said the two sects, martial arts who dare to provoke, but guanjia not have any scruples, Wudang has absolutely not dare tube guanjia thing!'Wei Han Ying said: 'They move really is ......'Wei Han Ying said: 'Let go, Yuqiong how to do?' said: 'To the unknown, in this place the best in the future we broke up into two-way, all of the dry, in order to deliver what the message, only to find nearby 'Qiongjia Bang'!'Wei Han Ying nodded and said: 'Yes, this is a good idea ......'Walked past a pair of holding a physique, said: 'Sister, I go with him I was a little reluctant to you, but this is only a small gender, the day after the long-term, you have to take care.!' also full of the situation Parting, nodded and said: '!! Thank you, sister sister that take care and please take care of him for me.'Han Wei Ying shocked and laughed and said: 'Sister assured that if he probably something to eat well, clothed, when the future meet, I am asking that you only!'Jinyu Qiong dropped slightly shy first cicada.Wei Ying Han did not say, and then after a treasure,Yan Mufei skimming away.Chibi, Jiayu close, after a moment, They together into the Jiayu town, at the gate to find a 'Qiongjia Bang' disciples, Yan Mufei show 'Qiongjia Bang' letter symbol, Hanako surprised that we have to salute .Yan Mufei hand stopped him and said: 'Here pedestrians constantly, you do not have much ceremony asking me to you one thing, I heard frequently mobilize military forces along the Hudson house, and there is a large number of experts rushed to the Guard, I wonder if this could have. ? 'Yanmu Fei said: 'This is why we can see it?'Yan Mufei heart startled, and Wei Han Ying Wen change quickly glance, then turn hope that 'Qiongjia Bang' char Fenduo disciples, and said: '? Guibang Johnson in such a case, the carnage toward the day ** to land, but the immortal but helpless. 'Your Majesty, please close the South Gate, to stop the carnage continues to spread.' Large hall filled with a chill in the atmosphere, which now seems to numerous prehistoric Xiongshou, but which in the end do not see the immortal strange where Huang Feihu As a general commanding troops, under the helpless, and quickly the class said. 'No.' A fairy from the crowd, but it is Yanli Highness. Just listen Yanli, said: 'Your Majesty, this carnage to the strange, I am afraid that the minister had no alternative Nantianmen closed while carefully thought preparedness, while the invitation of the big people can, just in case. 'Taibaijinxing, you think?' Zhang Zi Ran know this place at this time it is not good when the big revere, and then in the Tianzhu Mountain, and the well-chen countWarriors, after Kongxuan strong, good fortune were down, powerful, slightly superior wisdom by many, Zhang Ran purple or a sightseeing tour, or ponder the Xuangong, did not worry about the future, how will the guy, to the moment, How can work independently. 'Your Majesty, I am afraid only be the case now.' Taibaijinxing is a tumbler, whoever ruled the day **, he is loved by the people in power, because he was very sensible. 'Sa real, you think?' Zhang Zi Ran Although this Sa quite real mistrust, but at the moment but also helpless, Who does most of his strength. 'Your Majesty, the matter can be resolved ** not my day, which shares the carnage in full of prehistoric breath, afraid extraordinary history. His Majesty still wait for good, when necessary, or to do the defense to prepare.' Sa real thought for a moment, pointed star moon. Immortals heard heart surprised, not only because real Sa said that sentence is more important is that person on the lunar satellite, that which is home to the most beautiful woman in the Three Realms, Chang E fairy. 'Your Majesty, the minister should do from the moment that the army, to expel demons. That is my day