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face barely visible trace of ruddy skin. He never thought of the year but now it has become so good old razor, paying lip service to the effort so agile. Zhen Fang went into Wonderland, he felt Zhen Fang body has a magic of its own magic to an identical, but this thing is his hands seized from Zhaogong Dinghai beads, and later turned it into a 24 heavens. Originally wanted to take the opportunity to say, Ye Zhen Fang from the hands of the opportunity to get out, but not the first to have thought Zhen Fang actually said it, all of a sudden let yourself have nothing to say. 'Monk is also very strange, probably with my fellow West destined, see a monk on a kind of familiar feeling.' Enlightening Buddha looked on a slight movement, the whole body of the Buddha-filled, over Ni Wan, shot numerousRelic element of light, shining throughout the Jade Pool, between vaguely, as if Zen sound came from nine days. Town Motoko face changed suddenly Huanliaoyisheng immeasurable revere, a Biguang sky, a tree was surprised to find out now, Glory graceful, bright colors on the leaves, numerous road silver hanging down and down, Chen and his party shine in them. Enlightening Taoist Buddha, although powerful, but not shine Zhen Fang. 'Senior immeasurable!' Zhen Fang face of a dynamic, little star on the Ni Wan shot, but it is a direct red clouds sky, red clouds among the stars little bit, there are countless stars, being around the track at the orbiting near Heaven where, while around Red Cloud but shiny cents, is there twelve Poseidon bead embellishment on it, are scattered with colorful haoguang, according breathtaking. 'Dinghai Pearl?' Myrtle sky behind the Great Fairy shocked the call out. The immortal mind is taken aback, for the West to Dinghai beads into 24 heavens treasure is fresh. 'When the Buddha was also cut into teaching, but it is Pindao recall that when Baoyan points when sub treasure, but this Dinghai beads Taoist sages teach bestowed cut things, but now how into the hands of the Buddha . 'Zhen Fang sneered. wolf '? He shocked and laughed, and said: 'The original two is the 'Golden Gate' human.'Two yellow face changed man, yellow man round fat face and said: 'Good eye, you are ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'I'm looking for your main door, do not want to cock, so I hit on it!'Round fat face yellow man said: 'I ask you one, who are you?'Yanmu Fei said: 'Wulin nobody, fear of dirt respect ears, do not say.'Round fat face man in yellow eyes opened, said:. 'Big Brother, do not give him a little color to see, we do not know much.'Nongmeidayan yellow man said: 'Do not be rude, knows is 'Golden Gate', not a martial arts nobodies ......'Wang Yan Mufei turn and said: 'You'd better Baoge Ming number, description of the door to find the main door to do?'Yanmu Fei shook his head and said: 'I did not name, as for the latter, whether the two main door to call the shots on your behalf?'Nongmeidayan yellow man said: 'That depends on what happened!'Yanmu Fei said: 'event, I'm afraid two Zuobulezhu.'Nongmeidayan yellow man said: 'It also depends on to what extent!'Yanmu Fei indifferent smile, said: '? Second place belongs to 'six tiger', still belongs to the 'second wolf''Nongmeidayan yellow eyebrows a man Xuan said: 'It seems that you 'Golden Gate' know was quite clear, and I belong to two 'six tiger', I was the boss, he is the second child, and four in other places. 'Yanmu Fei said: 'The original is the 'six tiger' eldest with her second child, sorry, sorry.'Slightly meal, then said'Two is take me to your main door, I took two or see your main door?'Nongmeidayan Weie yellow man said: 'how to say these words?' said:. 'Is very simple, the two took me to see your main door to each other if no amicable refused to take me to see two of your main door, I had to force two amicable tell your main door is located, and then forcing the two to go! 'Round head shot man in yellow fat face fierce Mountain, shocked smiles: '? Do you want to force me to two'Yanmu Fei said: 'If the two do not want to take me to, I do not do give it a try!'Round fat face ... ' Adonis warble, said: 'Shut up, Mei Jun ......' Red man child HUO Di stood up, staring eyes on loudly scold:?? 'Shut it would not let me promise you jealous miserable I come you unhappy, your heart and remembered Guoyu Shuang old, I have to endure ? Why, just because you are a man ...... ' Beautiful boy quaver said: 'Mei Jun, I beg you, do not say ......' 'I have chosen to say.' Yiduo pretty red boots children who shouted: 'I love you, love you, and let you reap the cheap, it almost did not put one over to you, and your heart all day long still remembered Guoyu Shuang crazy! She has what is good, what is so amazing, is not a woman like me, to be honest, she does not necessarily comparable to me, to tell you that you do not dream, people can find this, find That is disparaged you disparaged you die ...... ' US teenager two violent red, violent trembling body, said: 'Mei Jun, I beg you ......' 'Do not ask me, I do not deserve.' Red man child said: 'What am I to die, which is comparable to people door lady, delicate young lady Yeah, tell you that we two knife, Since you ask her to go! ' Twister turned to go. US teenager HUO Di stood up, pulled her. 'Let me go.' Red man child turned away, a Jiaoye pale, Haowan You could not get rid of a beautiful young master, whereas unstable Adachi, a person will be poured into a beautiful boy arms. She wanted to hide, to earn, faster than her beautiful boy, on the other hand around the waist of her snake, Wen Hong nephrite in my arms, red man child born stunner, Jiaoqu both body fragrance attractive, Shashi, beautiful boy softened, he was excited authentic: 'Mei Jun, I want you ......' 'You just me?' The red man child warble shouted: 'What you want is my body, not my heart, I was born to make people such as Jianming, you are really not the individual with ......' Seemed suddenly to grief, head a low, sweet shoulder provocative, she cried, crying and moving, like a pear rain. 'You, for me this is what sin, what sin by it, do not say previous life I owe you, so martial arts are all in decline.' This sentence is full of regret mean, even Tan Xu's father. Tan legs became head of the World Association of people of ancient weapons. In the era of ancient weapons, there may be more than enough to burst threshold disciples, clamoring to learn tan legs, but in the immortal gas era. In more easily be able to get three stars under the power of temptation, all of them have become immortal gas to slaves. Perhaps guilty mind. Zhao Luan whispered: 'I'm sorry.' Sorry to sentence Tan thread but exceedingly suited his teeth and said: 'I will ...... I will ......' 'Will' after the next one will be no lines, the presence of all to understand his feelings. Gracie jujitsu king Zhao Luan matter much closer relationship with, after all, not blood, but it is TAN Sheng Xu Tan's biological father, asking him to abandon family and his own father fighting, probably the greatest place on earth to torture. Du cold wind tunnel: 'You quit it.' This sentence seems to be aroused threaded TanChi, he directed Du wind roared: 'I will be shot, never quit.' Du wind did not ignore his complaint, grabbed the Tan Xu, Xu Tan no way to escape, only to find the front of flash, Du wind has fastened his fingers to air sea cave, from Du wind fingertips revealing gas, in His body of a tight lock, as long as the gas is locked with Tan Xu airlock, Tan hand thread that impossible. Xu Tan forehead veins are burst from, shouted: '! And so I have something to say.' Du wind's hand a little more relaxed, authentic Yiziyidun Xu Tan: 'As far as I know, those who are qualified to become president of the association of people around the ancient weapons, without exception, has been the transformation of the body to Xian Qi.' Tears in his eyes and said: 'I can understand their thinking, they would like to confirm through a combination of Xian Qi and the ancient martial art, to create a more superior skills, which have fallen revival of Grace Tan jujitsu and legs.' His teeth and said: 'But they are wrong, like you apparently cut Shendao Independence Day has pulled out. Universe as vast as an air overflow from Du wind who will cover the entire ring is in them. 'Boo' to cry, Du wind right from the cable tie break out of the circle, it looks like Independence Day cut Shendao Senleng light, shocking his right hand. Du enemy only to feel the wind in his own right in general seems remote. While superficial staggering pace up, complete with gestures to move with the wind Du. Du wind gently waving fingers, fast speed, but the action was like a gentle coaxing hold the baby. That is what Yang Ying to stunt, a coat could no longer get rid of the super ancient martial art. Abandoned child catch hand! Zhou evil spirits can pubic body cloth in ancient weapons, thus reducing transmission time and the strength of the force, the universe is a further day of evil spirits. The pubic force field diversion to the ancient weapons in vitro, within days of the universe where evil spirits acting range. Just inside the body DU wind control. If gas is the universe says. Du is the stellar wind, was enveloped chou day evil spirits live enemy. That is only under the stars with the star running planets gravity. Enemy to every move, has been completely abandoned child catch hand like the remote control in general under control. Du cold wind tunnel: 'You just whip claiming God, written on the registration card is whip of God, precisely because of this that I sell to you.' The enemy can not get rid of abandoned children catch the hand control. Cold sweat oozes off and said: 'What do you want?' Du wind light: 'I was also once met a man claiming to whip god, so be it, if you can resist leaving his whip, this duel will let you win.' His right hand to show. Invisible universe days evil spirits gradually unite, forming an indistinct whip, holding the whip in the wind Du moment, abandoned child catch hand control automatically disappear. Enemy hands holding the whip again, seemed to restore some of the selfLetter, sneered: '? You know how to use