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go to the meter ''? Could Jin Shiyi, must unite against me and Frankenstein,' I thought so far, shudder, then also in late-night hours, and subtraction monk, Kunlun scattered people, quietly slipped away. Their experiences are very rich in rivers and lakes, took off his shoes, wrapped in a thick cloth on the feet, but also specifically to pick a place to stay lush grass, dodge unfold, even did not leave a footprint. Lisheng Nan listened to the words of his uncle, a cold heart, said: 'This is indeed a cunning old devil very juniper: After this cut to arouse his suspicions, he must be more careful in the future beware we round this island beasts force, he . determined to elude us, it touches Ji Yi is not easy to do, 'Jin Shiyi laughed:' They have great power vertical, and we always go to escape the island Ji martial arts secrets, and slowly pick up their ' one. think, in addition to driving the vessel Meng Shentong understand a little, the other two fundamental barrier water, but also to the subtraction monk boat destroyed, Hugh said they do not understand the repair, repair know, take at least half the time, if they dare to come out repair, then of course it can not cover up the trail. Put down the heart, and said: '! Yes, the most important thing is to Ji martial arts secrets, do not give Meng Shentong pre-empted' Li hope´╗┐Frowning, said: 'My father and I Ji decades, still did not find signs; you just come, just as Ji martial arts secrets?' said:. 'World Heritage, the photograph of the strange day out' Li hope return and said: 'What a strange day?' said: 'Joe North sea in a day when the hands are drawing, painting can be said to remain unaffected from his collection of secret but we all understand the meaning of which, uncle, you're here. lived on the island for decades, plants and trees, all familiar with, or can be seen to make sense. 'Jin Shiyi launched a photograph of a strange day, when one of the early , exposing disappointed look, shook his head and said: 'What do you mean, I did not know!' but soon won