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secretly crying, as Shushan's next charge of education, is not a Mangfu will know the situation at hand, Shushan have to compromise on quality, Shushan Millennium Foundation would otherwise perish in today's spotless, even if they can attain the soaring future, I am afraid there is no Zhang Mei, such as face to see Shushan predecessors. 'Twelve Jin?' Yingsong Lueyisisuo, suddenly face became pale and could not help but exclaimed. But then after twelve Jin Ying Zheng dominate, gather the gold, cast Jin twelve to twelve ancestral witch's appearance to suppress the Wu family air transport. Wu family did not know this on the lack of air transport, Ying Zheng Wu family bloodline can dominate, but also because the required Heaven, balanced community, just let the Wu family have a chance. Although twelve Jin emperor contaminated air transport, but where the people of the world the faith, but still do not suppress air transport treasures, but this is the case, but at this time because twelve Jin Ying Zheng of China in order to force the casting, the material far more than the first hill when prehistoric Akagane year, the casting of twelve Jin Qi is generally comparable to magic. Not only can all day planted Shensha large array, and can form all day mythical, powerful incomparable. 'Ying Zheng, Hugh was furious to see my son to be your sky.' Jianguang suddenly forced air from, Ying Zheng direct rays of the skull that pearls, red fire Shu Zhang Jian Qi aspect, when the air force, the band Since bursts Lee Xiao, Zhou evil spirits are also living their ripped a hole. 'Chun-yang concept? Daoxing angel?' Ying Zheng could not face changed. Ying Zheng Daoxing not only for the child but the sky was surprised, since World War Gods, human aura in the rapid reduction among the world Daoxing monks and mana enhancing speed is very slow, can Sendo fruit all day long who is One out of ten, not to mention the years, Ying Zheng though trapped in the underground palace among themselves but because there are regal, it is very sensitive that it is a big secret about the martial arts. 'Jin Shiyi said:' That is the spirit of the Master reveal hidden out. 'Gu Zhihua Qi said:' Tibetan spiritual Master will you tell him in possession of this painting? 'Jin Shiyi said:' He did not mention this piece of day, he just invited me to discover martial Tome Joe North sea left behind on the island, saying the world besides him, no one knows the secret, after he died, Jiangnan found him this painting, you also do not want to know, but told him to turn gave me. I suspect that this island was visited my master's. 'Gu Zhihua said:' Well, you know, you tell me first. 'Master Jin Shiyi ordered Tibetan spiritual conversations with his details, as well as hours Hou Qinglong Thera volcano on the island warned him not to that thing, Gu Zhihua have to say, but without the knowledge of the most crucial one thing that fans life experience. Joe North Ming Li great disciple of anti-day descendants, a world of traceability fromYears, only one person is Lisheng Nan and Joe related the North sea. This is not mean to hide Gu Zhihua Jin Shiyi, but because he promised Lisheng Nan, she never drain the mystery of life. Since there is the odd remarks had been will somehow think of her every Jin Shiyi, deep down always seems to hide an inexplicable fear, so he always restrained myself not to think of her. Now, however, he filed a with Joe martial North sea mystery, shadow will emerge spontaneously from his mind. Gu Zhihua quietly listening, he said, suddenly found that he looked a little strange, Gu Zhihua rather surprised, at this moment, Jin Shiyi Initials, Finals stop on. said: 'You want to go to the island to find Joe martial North sea mystery, but a little afraid of it?' Jin Shiyi said:. 'Yes, I want to be on that island will certainly be some strange kind, or else I do not master will tell me. 'In fact, he was not afraid of the mysterious island, but because the thought of , Lisheng Nan seemed attached to his shadow, he feared that the invisible, only felt in the heart of sky, the wind is undoubtedly told Du enemy headquarters. But Du wind to detect whether they have does not matter, from the monitor screen in the restaurant came the moment, middle-aged man has made a choice. Middle-aged man hand took four spades inlaid chest plate, it would be thrown into the vast night sky. When he could not help but be turned hack a hop, Du Feng a pedestrian has been behind him, the piece of leather seats occupied. Room chandelier was destroyed human bomb, but the darkness, Du wind that bright eyes even more sharp, middle-aged man holding palm threw just four badges night in spades. After the middle-aged man took a step back, almost fell out of the window, though well prepared for the scene before, he did not expect to come so fast even the opponents. He took a deep breath and said:. 'There is no doubt that you are the Independence Day Du Feng' Du wind did not even bat an eyelid, whichAi is the central hub of the DS Ness City Municipal Building, in front of the middle-aged man under a disadvantage, but also to maintain grace grace, in addition to the mayor of the city of Ai DS Nuys, never again have others. Middle-aged man again breath calm emotions, opening: 'First of all let me introduce myself, I Ke Leizha now lives mayor Ai DS Nuys City post code spades [4], under the world's ancient weapons Association of Lee Han adults. ' He spread his hands calmly said:. 'As you can see, I'm not ancient weapons, and no ability to fight.' Du wind means it is a sign of weakness for this little sympathy has always been disgusted, immediately frowned: '?. Do not kill civilians legendary Independence Day, if you have, then it is surely a misrepresentation.' Ke Leizha mayor waved hurriedly explained: 'No, no, I just wanted to explain that this city stationed just me and five of spades, five of spades is dead now ......' Du cold wind tunnel: 'You're trying to say it's your turn to do next?' Ke Leizha screams and said: 'No, no, I mean, you just have to see, I'll sign now I have decided to abandon tolerate much higher now friends outside guiyou on the grass, take the podium there visiting. Canton, Zhejiang two to help a friend, Yidongyixi front stupid brothers lead the way to the stage, went seated, when my mother with a few old-timers since early judge will come out. I heard that you pay over the southeast, the self Sword paladin, mouse down to steal a dog theft, many have contacts, category missing. Lord is rich, big spenders, there is a high first-class figures friendship Needless to say, those who know that their people can not see, in order to repay your kindness sake, Paul does not play point fancy, to you please. You are invited high friends, is all in here? AllOpenly, thus entered. Another case of a group, do not go Sheque pedestrian boulevard, but it is a low vertical climb, furtive, learning that the thief acts, please inform them loudly: Spacious village more rude tube is a ghost that come along with you with , is off ceremony. Best walked openly, lest wrong when the thief, there are amicable. ' Xing flying squirrel see other exports hurt, too has been arrogant, can not help but hit the gas up, sneer should also be King, Cliff Suddenly there is a cloud, your accent shouted:! 'Shameless bastard, put less shit to listen to the old man people say, Lao Qipo about a fight between two groups of annihilator, amused look burn downtown. See Lao Qipo panic last night still Jingjing, late at night just to add a two year has not been finished killing of three British Emei Mountain remnants, they do do Zhang Chi, bumbling, the dog pile dozen children removed; ask the people, Yamaguchi did not even have their own rude lead the way, but also to sell generous, big shame nauseating looked funny to me.!. Since you do not love to go on this road Beggar with surname Xing's never met, what coherence? You mostly, they both should be about door, how come all the same since the ghost mind. Unless someone like me, come here, too below dirty across the high-step, or fly into it too cumbersome to walk down the